main image MAN-SPIDER

Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-1298) human mutate

Occupation: Adventurer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Matt Murdock, the Six (Bloodstorm/Ororo Munroe, Brute/Hank McCoy, Havok/Alex Summers of Earth-616, Ice Man/Bob Drake), Gwen Stacy

Enemies: Beyonder, Bullseye, Goblin Queen (masquerading as the Beyonder), Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), the Hand

Known Relatives: May Parker (aunt, deceased), Man-Spider (clone, deceased)

Aliases: Spider-Man

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Mutant X I#6 (March, 1999)

Powers/Abilities: Man-Spider was the real Peter Parker of his dimension. After being bitten by the radioactive spider, Parker developed four extra arms. He could also scale walls, shoot webs and had a "spider-sense."

Height: 5'10"
Weight:167 lbs. (presumably heavier due to four extra arms)
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown

History: (Mutant X#12/2 (fb)) - Man-Spider tried to save the life of a young girl named Gwen Stacy who was kidnapped by his enemy the Green Goblin. During their confrontation, the Goblin fell from a bridge. Parker tried to save him by catching him with a web line. The sudden, sheer force of the impact snapped the Goblin's neck. Gwen Stacy would go on to be a familiar face on CNN while Man-Spider would go on to be a hero.

(Mutant X Annual 2001 (fb) - BTS) - When the Beyonder first came into contact with Earth's heroes, Man-Spider was one of the heroes that opposed him. The event became known as the Secret Wars.

(Mutant X I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Man-Spider was cloned, and when his clone wanted to take over his superhero career he allowed it, deciding to take a backseat himself. The general public was unaware of this feat. Matt Murdock was presumably one of a select few who knew.

(Mutant X I#5 - BTS) - Man-Spider's clone was killed by Madelyne Pryor while defending the Green Goblin. The Brute was blamed for both their deaths.

(Mutant X I#6) - The trial of the Brute was labeled as the trial of the century with the Six and Osborn's family present. All present were in for a shock when the Brute's lawyer Matt Murdock called the real Man-Spider to the stand. It was then revealed the dead Man-Spider was a clone. Before the case could continue, the court came under attack from Bullseye and the ninjas of the Hand, who targeted the Brute. Man-Spider fought alongside Iceman and Bloodstorm to defeat the villains.

(Mutant X#12/2) - When Alex Summers was rebuilding his hero team the Six, he looked into Man-Spider's past to see if he would be a good fit. Summers however, didn't see the hero as a team player.

(Mutant X Annual 2001) - When the Beyonder (actually a disguised Goblin Queen) returned to Earth, he used his powers to let Man-Spider and others who had previously opposed him know he returned.

(Mutant X Annual 2001) - Man-Spider rescued Father Blake (the former host of Thor) from an angry mob who believed the Beyonder to be their savior. From a safe distance Man-Spider witnessed the Beyonder killing the super hero team the Lethal Legion.

(Mutants X#32 - BTS) - Man-Spider was killed alongside other heroes fighting the "Beyonder."

(Mutants X#32) - Doctor Strange showed Alex Summers the corpses of Man-Spider and other heroes corpses after their defeat.

Comments: Created by Howard Mackie (writer), Tom Raney (pencils) and Andrew Pepoy (inks).

The writers had trouble keeping track of Parker's hero name, initially calling him the Man-Spider in issue 5 & 6 but in Mutant X#12 and 2001 Annual, he was called Spider-Man. In Mutant X#12 it was actually Havok who called him Spider-Man like he did in issue 5, though that might be because Alex was more familiar with calling him Spider-Man since that's what he's called on Earth-616. In the Annual, it was the "Beyonder" who called him Spider-Man.

Unless otherwise specified, all locations and beings related in this profile relate to Earth/Reality-1298.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Man-Spider has no known connections to

Gwen Stacy

    After being saved by Man-Spider from the Green Goblin, Gwen went on to become a reporter for CNN. As a reporter, she covered the trial of the century when the famous hero the Brute was standing trial for supposedly killing Man-Spider and Norman Osborn. As part of her coverage, she interviewed Havok, the team leader of the Six.


--Mutant X I#6 (#12,

May Parker

    May Parker was in New York City while the Goblin Queen was masquerading as the Beyonder. While searching for Alex Summers, the "Beyonder" probed most minds in New York City including that of May Parker. The "Beyonder" then used his powers to lift May and thousands of others into the air and let them drop to their deaths.


--Mutant X Annual 2001

images: (without ads)
Mutant X I#6, p12, pan5 (main image)
Mutant X#12, p33 (saves Gwen Stacy)
Mutant X I#6, p19&20 (fighting alongside Bloodstorm and Ice Man)
Mutant X I#6, p5, pan2 (Gwen Stacy)
Mutant X Annual 2001, p22, pan5 (May Parker)

Mutant X I#6 (March, 1999) - Howard Mackie (writer), Cary Nord (pencils), Andrew Pepoy (inks), Frank Pittarese (editor)
Mutant X I#12 (September, 1999) - Howard Mackie (writer), John Romita (pencils), Jason Liebig, Lysa Kraiger (editors)
Mutant X Annual 2001 (May, 2001) - Howard Mackie (writer), James Fry (pencils), Andrew Pepoy, Sandu Florea (inkers), Lysa Hawkins (editor)
Mutant X I#32 (June, 2001) - Howard Mackie (writer), Ron Lim (pencils), Andrew Pepoy (inks), Lysa Hawkins (editor)

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