preecit-major-shadowline-merchants-kick.jpgpreecit-major-shadowline-merchants-face-noglasses.jpgMAJOR PREECIT

Real Name: Preecit (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (Earth-88194) human, conventional weapons user

Occupation: Covert military 

Group Membership: Military Response and Covert Techniques Squadron ("Merchants")

Affiliations: Donald Gaffney, General Franklin Retler

Enemies: Doctor Zero, others unspecified

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly numerous, including:
        Mount Ranier (presumably Washington, USA);
Mount Weather, aka the "Special Facility"; presumably Virginia, USA);
        US Naval SSBN Leviathan;
        an unspecified military aircraft, sometimes based in unspecified desert;

First AppearanceDoctor Zero#5 (December, 1988)preecit-major-shadowline-merchants-face-glasses.jpg

Powers/Abilities: Preecit was an accomplished military strategist and combatant. She was experienced with handguns, piloting jet planes, and was relatively knowledgeable about medicine and technology.

    She was a stringest supporter of rules and regulations.

    Preecit was extremely organized; she meticulously lined up the edges of paper on her ever-present clipboard, and always checked her boxes without ever touching the squares.

    She was a harsh and deadly operative, willing to assault a powerful superhuman if necessary.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'10")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 140 lbs.)
Eyes: Blue (she almost exclusively wore sunglasses, and when she wasn't wearing sunglasses her eyes were dark...they looked blue the one time I could see them clearly)
Hair: Blonde (more of a reddish-orange in her first appearance, but blonde thereafter; perhaps she dyed it...)


(Doctor Zero#5 (fb) - BTS) - Major Preecit was a member of the Military Response and Covert Techniques Squadron ("Merchants"), a covert military group operating under the US Department of Defense, with the key goal being "to protect the United States of America from any threat, by any means."

(Doctor Zero#5 (fb) - BTS) - The Merchants established a base in an unspecified desert aboard a large military aircraft, using five or more industrial fans to blow up a seeming sandstorm to hide their location: The silicon particles acted as a screen against heat tracking, radar, and especially satellite surveillance.

(Doctor Zero#5 (fb) - BTS) - General Franklin Retler arranged for Major Preecit to recruit DSI (see comments) agent Donald Gaffney (borrowing him from US Naval Intelligence) to the Merchants to better understand Shadows (see comments), especially Doctor Zero.

(Doctor Zero#5) - Preecit met with Gaffney in the desert near the seeming sandstorm; she wore goggles over her eyes and a bandana over her mouth and nose, but did not offer anything to Gaffney. Preecit asked if Donald was with the DSI when the Virginia facility burned down, and Donald noted that that was after his assignment there. Preecit, identifying the Merchants by its real name and nickname, called for the fans to shut down so she could bring Gaffney in. They then entered the aircraft base, after which the fans restarted. After explaining the fans' purpose, Preecit remarked that only US satellites were good enough to require this level of blockage, and Preecit explained that they couldn't be too careful.

    Preecit then brought Gaffney to a room where General Retler was discussing the nature of the Powerline shadows. Preecit elaborated that Gaffney's experience with the DSI's extra-normal abilities could help them answer some questions.

    She presumably remained present as Retler related their mission statement and noting Dr. Zero to be their primary target.

preecit-major-shadowline-merchants-shoots_zero.jpg(Doctor Zero#6) - Preecit informed General Retler that they were secure and they were ready to continue the briefing; she also informed him that the commercial flight crew -- that had wandered into restricted airspace -- had been slated for sanction by their ground units. Retler then shared that he had received new information on Doctor Zero, and Preecit offered to check the source, but Retler assured her that Father Abbott (an old ally of Retler's and the leader of the Order of St. George) always did right. Preecit continued, advising that religious convictions could be a security risk, but Retler sternly repeated that that wouldn't be necessary.

    Subsequently, Preecit was present as Retler soon reported at the briefing that Zero was perhaps weaker than previously estimated. They then discussed the means by which they would take possession of Zero's power; they considered how Zero attempted to stabilize worldwide tension points and ecological issues. After discussing a variety of eco-threats to lure him in, Preecit advised that they needed to have a localized and contained environment they could control: Taking over a boomer (submarine).

(Doctor Zero#6 (fb) - BTS) - The Merchants took over US Naval SSBN Leviathan (a nuclear-powered submarine) and then sent out a mayday that their reactor was down and that they were dead in the water.

    Doctor Zero heard the report and -- despite the cost of energy to him -- traveled to the submarine to avert further ecological damage

(Doctor Zero#6) - After Doctor Zero arrived, XO Tony Milano led him down into the submarine, and Preecit advised Gunner and Bruno to be ready at thier stations, after which they sealed and dove. 

    After Zero detected an ambush and slew his attackers, another Merchant reported loss of contact with engineering, and Preecit sent the second team after them. As Zero began to manipulate the submarine's sonar, Gaffney detected and warned of the system's activation, but Preecit told him he was there only to analyze Zero; after Zero used the sonar to release painful sound, Preecit covered her ears and kicked out the speaker, then sent Gunner and Bruno into action.preecit-major-shadowline-merchants-stabs_zero.jpg

    Zero slew both men, but only by using up significant energies, and when Preecit checked her handgun, Gaffney warned her of the risk of putting a hole in the hull at their depth; she told Gaffney she didn't care, as there was nothing easy about killing a monster.

    Preecit confronted Zero at gunpoint, instructing him to enter one of the empty missile tubes; however, Zero had already summoned close to a hundred dolphins who led a dozen or two killer whales to collide into the sub. Gaffney warned her of closing contacts, and when she told him it was the recovery team, he explained that approaching structures were not surface ships, and that they were too small to be other submarines. Preecit demanded answers, but Gaffney could only add that the smaller contacts were followed by two dozen larger contacts. Preecit asked Zero what was going on, and he told her it was friends.

    The force of the killer whales' collision blew the safety tanks, causing the submarine to surface. Getting a stunned Gaffney to safety (as he was needed to learn Zero's nature), Preecit then flooded the negative buoyancy tanks, causing an emergency dive and then shooting the equipment that could reverse the dive.

    As Gaffney exited the top of the submarine and Preecit followed, Zero confronted her and threw her down to the ground, confident in his superiority, having let her get that far so he could see her dumbfounded expression, teach her what manipulation really was, and to hear her bones crack and skin break. However, refusing to give up, Preecit caught Zero unprepared and shot him in the side; she put her gun against his skin and told him, "Doctor, heal theyself" as she tired. As Zero dug the bullet out of his side, Preecit located Gaffney on the surface and met up with a Merchants helicopter.

    Virtually exhausted of energy, Zero wrapped himself in mattresses and entered an unconscious state to recharge his energies as the submarine dove and was crushed.preecit-major-shadowline-merchants-clipboard.jpg

    Aboard the Hughes Glomar Explorerer, Retler and Preecit supervised the recovery of the submarine fragments. Retler praised Preecit and Gaffney, and Preecit noted that their losses had been within acceptable levels. 

(Doctor Zero#7 (fb) - BTS) - Zero was kept in a sensory deprivation tank at Mount Weather. 

(Doctor Zero#7) - Preecit silently stood beside Retler as Gaffney warned of agent Marvins disregarding safety by trying for quick results. 

(Doctor Zero#7) - As the alarms sounded, Retler, Preecit, and Gaffney rushed down to find the corpses of Marvins and his staff, who had been killed by feedback after electrically stimulating Zero.

    Preecit then had Zero roughly taken out of the tank, thrown on a slab, and strapped down; Gaffney protested, but she reminded him her job was security, which meant to keep him secure. Preecit instructed Gaffney to sedate Zero to prevent him from reviving again; when Gaffney noted that Zero's flesh was too tough to get a needle in, Preecit angrily rushed forward and stabbed the needle into a vein in Zero's forearm; she advised Gaffney that he had Zero until he learned how his powers worked, after which Zero was hers.

(Doctor Zero#7 (fb) - BTS) - After Retler had Zero moved to Mount Ranier, the Merchants supervising him became progressively fatigued.

(Doctor Zero#7 (fb) - BTS) - Zero began subconsciously influencing everyone. He fused the connections on various pieces of equipment and re-routed the readings to show the Merchants what they wanted to see. Meanwhile he progressively absorbed the energy he needed to revive.

(Doctor Zero#7) - After Retler collapsed of fatigue Preecit arranged to have Retler flown out to a specialist for treatment and then noted to Gaffney that she was now in charge. Not liking the slow progress of his passive research, she elected to take an active stance, planning to simulate the force of a low yield nuclear weapon with C4 and TNT; she noted that he had survived that kind of blast at the Toy Factory and was curious to see how he would do this time.

    Gaffney noted that Retler dealt in extremes because he believed he had to but that Preecit did it because she liked it. Preecit instead mocked his "Harvard-man psychoanalytic BS," assuring him she conducted herself as she always had, without deviation. As she walked away, telling Bachman to check the blast tonnage against her figures, Gaffney realized that Preecit was not holding the clipboard she had always carried. Considering this further, Gaffney appreciated Zero was manipulating the Merchants.preecit-major-shadowline-merchants-parachute.jpg

    Disregarding Gaffney, Preecit nonetheless conducted the test, but 16.5 milliseconds after the explosion, the blast doors vanished as Zero unleashed his vacuum effect, killing the Merchants at the end of the "N" Tunnel. 

    As Zero took out everyone in his path, Preecit threw another agent in front of her, and she fled as Zero destroyed him. 

    Preecit took off in a RAF harrier, stopping only to smash a "leftenant" against the ship when he noted his surprise that she was "going to ground" and fleeing to South Africa; she assured him that she was merely fortifying her position. When he politely thanked her for explaining her philosophy, she told him to stick it. 

    As Zero caught up to her plane and punched a hole through it's canopy(?), Preecit ejected her seat, hoping to escape via parachute, but he tore through its cords. She only had time to ask, "What are you?" before beginning the long fall, and he replied simply, "I am."

CommentsD.G. Chichester and Margaret Clark, Brett Ewins, and Steve Dillon.

    I don't know what DSI stands for...

    In case you're not familiar with the Shadowline, all the super-powered beings were Shadows...check out the properties of the Shadowline.

Profile by Snood.

Major Preecit
should be distinguished from:

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Doctor Zero#5 (December, 1988) - D.G. Chichester and Margaret Clark (writers), Brett Ewins (penciler), Steve Dillon (inker), Steve Buccellato (associate editor), Archie Goodwin (editor-in-chief)
Doctor Zero#6 (February, 1989) - D.G. Chichester and Margaret Clark (writers), Dan Spiegle (artist), Steve Buccellato (associate editor), Archie Goodwin (editor-in-chief)
Doctor Zero#7 (April, 1989) - D.G. Chichester and Margaret Clark (writers), Dan Spiegle (artist), Steve Buccellato (associate editor), Archie Goodwin (editor-in-chief)

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