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Type: Alternate Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Humans, mutants

Significant Inhabitants: May Parker, Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson-Parker

First Appearance: What If? II#7 (December, 1989)

History:  (What If? II#7/2) - Peter and Mary Jane Parker visited May Parker, who cooked a great meal for them. The couple soon announced that they were going to see a show in town and said that they might stop back by later. May unsheathed her claws and explained that she'd be so disappointed if they didn't stay for dessert. Given the proper motivation, Peter and MJ decided to stay around a bit longer.

Comments: Created by John Rozum, Jim Valentino, and Robert Campanella.

This reality has no real divergence point, as it is an alternate Earth where May Parker was a mutant.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-Aunt May Was a Mutant With Claws has no known connections to

May Parker

May Parker was a mutant, born with metallic claws that could extend from her knuckles. Other than that, she was an elderly woman who loved to care for her nephew Peter and his wife, Mary Jane. During one of their visits, May tried to coax them into staying for dessert but they opted to see a show in town. Before they could leave, May unsheathed her claws and announced that she'd be so disappointed if they didn't stay to eat some pie. Newly motivated, Peter and MJ decided to stay.

 May had metallic claws that could spring from her knuckles.

--What If? II#7/2

Peter Parker

Peter Parker was essentially the same as his Earth-616 counterpart, though it was not revealed if he had any type of superpowers. Presumably, he did have the same spider-like abilities that his Earth-616 possessed.

--What If? II#7/2

Mary Jane Watson-Parker

Mary Jane was the same as her Earth-616 counterpart and was married to Peter Parker.

--What If? II#7/2

What If? II#7, p27, pan1 (Peter Parker)
 p27, pan4 (Mary Jane)
 p27, pan5 (Aunt May Threatening Peter & MJ, main pic)
 p27, pan6 (Aunt May)

Other Appearances:
What If? II#7 (December, 1989) - "What If...Aunt May Was a Mutant With Claws" story - John Rozum (writer), Jim Valentino (pencils), Robert Campanella (inks)

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