Membership: Alice, Cody, Isaac, Paulie

Purpose: To entertain the masses

Affiliations: Valkyrie (Barbara Norriss)

Enemies: None

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: Valkyrie#1 (1997)


(Valkyrie#1 (fb) - BTS) - Four friends, Paul (who kept his AIDS contraction a secret from his friends), Alice (who was a drug addict), Isaac, and Cody formed a band called the Junk-Food Junkies.

(Valkyrie#1) - Two of the Junkies befriended Barbara Norriss, who was the super heroine Valkyrie. After a band practice, Alice overdosed on drugs and she and Paulie witnessed Valkyrie's fight with D'Spayre. Later, Alice went to the hospital and Paulie soared away with Valkyrie.

Comments: Created by JM DeMatteis, Len Wein, Pablo Raimondi, and Manny Clark.

Profile by Chadman.

Junk-Food Junkies have no known connections to


(Valkyrie#1 (fb) - BTS) – Paulie worked in the Pierogi Restaurant and was part of a band, the Junk Food Junkies. He befriended local Barbara, who survived a suicide attempt. Barbara began to confide in Paulie about her dreams. Paulie concealed the fact that he’d contracted AIDS from his family and friends.

(Valkyrie#1) – Barbara came in to the restaurant and spaced out, and Paulie talked over her dreams with her. The two took a walk and saw a deceased homeless woman, and Paulie was shocked when Barbara, with a flash of light, claimed to have set the woman’s soul free. They soon arrived at band practice, and Barbara went rushing from the room without explanation. Later, Paulie and Barbara found Alice in a heap, having overdosed on drugs. The demonic D’Spayre taunted Barbara until she stood revealed as Valkyrie and saved Alice’s soul. After taking Alice to the hospital on winged horse, Aragorn, Paulie heard Valkyrie tell of her Asgardian connections, and he confided in her about his AIDS. She took him on an inspiring flight over the city, allowing Paulie to feel that his soul was free.

--Valkyrie#1 (fb (BTS (1









(Valkyrie#1 (fb) - BTS) – Drug addict Alice came from a difficult family background. She joined a band called the Junk Food Junkies alongside her friends Paulie, Isaac, and Cody.

(Valkyrie#1) – While at band practice, their friend Barbara Norris came to visit, and soon fled, while Alice was high the whole time. Still high, Alice visited Barbara at her workplace, the bar ‘The Gates of Hell,’ and Barbara confronted her on her drug use. Alice was initially defensive, but confided in Barbara and admitted that she needed help. Alice soon injected again, though, and collapsed. Barbara revealed herself as Valkyrie and battled the demonic D’Spayre for Alice’s soul, saving her. Alice was rushed to the hospital on Valkyrie’s winged horse, Aragorn.

--Valkyrie#1 (fb (BTS (1






Isaac and Cody

(Valkyrie#1) – Isaac and Cody were two of the four-member band, the Junk Food Junkies, alongside Alice and Paulie.







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Valkyrie#1, p13, pan1 (main)
                        p13, pan5 (Paulie)
                        p13, pan2 (Alice)
                        p13, pan1 (Isaac and Cody)

Valkyrie#1 (1997) - JM DeMatteis & Len Wein (writers), Pablo Raimondi (penciler), Manny Clark (penciler/inker), Joe Rubinstein, Al Milgrom (inkers), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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