Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human magic user (see comments)

Occupation: Professor of Asian philosophy
formerly: unknown job and Rand-Meachum Inc.

Group Membership: None
formerly: Rand-Meachum Inc.

Affiliations: Iron Fist (Daniel Rand), Lillian Hsu, his other students

Enemies: Mr. Landsfield

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Empire State University

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#127/4 (May, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Low telepathic powers. Showed the ability to cast illusions in others minds while they were asleep.
He was a very intelligent person and liked to do research on many different topics.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#127/4 (fb) ) - Years ago Took was working for Daniel Rand in his firm. Took saw the wrong way the firm took and left it to become a Professor at the ESU.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#127/4 - BTS) - For years Took taught interested students his knowledge about Asian philosophy and other topics. He didn't see Daniel Rand in all these years. Not long ago before he met Daniel again he became interested in Lillian Hsu, one of his female students. She became his assistant and he even told her about his past as Peregrin Took.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#127/4) - Took held a lecture about the "Book of Changes" which handled the principle of Yin and Yang and plotted a course for the Superior Man. He told them about his inner demons and how important it was to recognize them now instead of discovering them when it was far too late. He scared one of his lesser interested pupils with terrible illusions in his dreams until he woke up. After the lecture he was surprised to hear someone call him by his unfortunate sixties appellation of Peregrin Took. He saw Daniel Rand and told him that Daniel no longer needed a lecture from him. Daniel told Took that Rand-Meachum Inc. had been infiltrated, but Took already knew this because it made sense that the evil invaded the area of the good. Daniel showed Took the Anomaly and Took told him that he knew many things on many topics by doing research about it. He wanted the info from Daniel's firm on the Anomaly to be able to begin analysis. Took introduced Daniel to his favorite student Lillian Hsu who brought them some herbal tea and then told Daniel that he should take the treachery in his firm as an opportunity to leave the corporate life behind him. Took told Daniel to continue his quest to become what the "Book of Changes" called "Chun-Tsu" or the Superior Man. He said goodbye to Daniel and then watched through the window how Daniel was talking to Lillian. He then saw them leave together.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#132/4 - BTS) - Contemplator told Daniel that Took was mad at him because of the relationship Daniel began with Lillian.

Comments: Created by Joey Cavalieri, Dave Hoover & Jeff Albrecht

Peregrin Took was not his real name. He was surprised to hear this synonym after so many years when Daniel addressed him by that name. Lillian knew this name too which would indicate that they became very familiar with each other, but a guy addressing him by that name was still able to surprise him.

I don't think that Took was a mutant. Sure he had some telepathic abilities, but magic enables people like Dr. Strange to contact others telepathically and there are many magic users who use illusions to their advantage.

The "Book of Changes" or "I Ching" is an ancient Chinese prophecy book.

Peregrine Took is the real name of Pippin the Hobbit from Lord of the Rings. Steve Peregrine Took was a prominent member of the rock band T. Rex, alongside Marc Bolan and others.

Profile by Markus Raymond


Peregrin Took has no known connections to

Mr. Landsfield

He was one of Took's students and wasn't too interested in the teachings of the Professor. He slept and snored while the others listened to Took. Took cast some frightening pictures in his mind. Landsfield saw a Buddha statue with Took's face in his dream and woke up when a dragon tried to burn him with his fire-breath. Landsfield threw his papers from his desk by accident when he waked and Took mocked him. After the lecture was over he left the room slightly humiliated and seemed afraid of his teacher.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#127/4


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Marvel Comics Presents I#127, barcode side, p10, pan2 (main image)

#127, barcode side, p10, pan3 (head shot)
#127, barcode side, p10, pan7 (Mr. Landsfield)

Marvel Comics Presents I#127 (1993) - Joey Cavalieri (writer), Dave Hoover (pencils), Jeff Albrecht (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)
Marvel Comics Presents I#132 (1993) - Joey Cavalieri (writer), Fred Haynes (pencils), Don Hudson (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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