Real Name:  Paul Patterson

Identity/Class:  Human mutant

Occupation:  Student at Midtown High School

Group Membership:  None

Affiliations:  None

Enemies:  Doctor Doom of Earth-5012 ((Tony Stark, later Iron Maniac), the Hulk, Spider-Man, Wendigo, Wolverine;
    indirectly Black Widow, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, X-23

Known Relatives:  Unidentified father (deceased), unidentified mother

Aliases:  Child, Golden Boy, Golden Child, the Kid

Base of Operations:  New York City, New York

First Appearance:  Marvel Team-Up III#1 (January, 2005)

Powers/Abilities:  Paul Patterson's body constantly absorbed and stored solar energy for various effects including enhancing his own strength and energy blasts. If his absorption of solar energy was disrupted, such as by a puncture wound, the contents of stored energy in his cells would explode outward. The explosion would cause Paul to uncontrollably teleport to another location. After such an explosion of energy, his body would immediately begin absorbing solar energy. full body

History:  (Marvel Team-Up III#1) - During a day at school, Paul Patterson got into a fight where he easily pushed over an entire group of boys his age. Peter Parker broke up the fight and ordered the boys who started the fight to the principal's office. That afternoon, Paul was confronted by Peter as Spider-Man. Paul immediately deduced that Spider-Man was Peter Parker, but Spider-Man denied the deductions. Paul claimed that he wished he didn't have his mutant abilities, as he was always hurting people. As Spider-Man gave Paul a "pep talk," the X-Man known as Wolverine arrived and unsheathed his claws. Paul quickly went on the defensive and blasted Wolverine into a neighboring building. Recovering quickly, Wolverine lunged at Paul, who blasted Wolverine a second time, with Spider-Man questioning Paul's actions the entire time. Paul claimed that Wolverine was trying to attack them and Spider-Man began to believe him when Wolverine lunged at Paul a third time. Spider-Man managed to web Wolverine up between the two buildings and swung off to get Paul to safety. Upon arriving at Paul's home, Spider-Man was asked inside. When Spidey asked where Paul's parents were, Paul explained that his mom had left a while back but his dad was in his bedroom down the hall. Spider-Man was soon shocked to find that Paul's dad was dead and that Paul was keeping his corpse in the bedroom.

 (Marvel Team-Up III#2) - Spider-Man shockingly asked Paul if he had killed his own dad, to which Paul replied with a yes. He then claimed it was an accident caused when he was trying to show his father his manifesting mutant powers. Paul then admitted that even though he had never killed before that day, he enjoyed it. He then attacked Spider-Man by blasting him outside and into Wolverine, who had freed himself from the web and just arrived at Paul's house via the city bus. While Wolverine and Spider-Man decided to team-up against Paul, Paul managed to destroy his way out of his house. He then explained to the superhero duo that the more he used his powers, the stronger he became. As Paul continued his attack on Wolverine and Spider-Man, Wolverine suggested that if he could get close enough to Paul to stab him, that the adamantium in his bones would break the current running through Paul's body and disrupt his power flow. Growing bored with the heroes' lack of action, Paul destroyed his neighbors' home. After saving the people inside the house, Spider-Man jumped and dodged around Paul, drawing his fire enough for Wolverine to get close. Wolverine made his way to Paul and stabbed him in the arm, disrupting Paul's power flow and causing an explosion. With Paul nowhere to be found after the explosion, Wolverine called S. H. I. E. L. D. in to clean up the mess while he and Spider-Man made their way back to their respective homes.

 (Marvel Team-Up III#3) - Following the explosion in New York, Paul Patterson materialized elsewhere, where he was found by the Hulk.

 (Marvel Team-Up III#4) - Running from the Hulk, Paul Patterson escaped into a nearby forest while firing light blasts at the Hulk. The Hulk eventually caught up to Paul, but was saved by an alternate reality Tony Stark wearing a suit of armor resembling that of Doctor Doom. Once the two had made their way to safety, Paul thanked the alternate Tony Stark for saving him, but Stark replied that there was no need for thanks, as Paul would his ticket back to his own reality.

 (Marvel Team-Up III#5) - The alternate Tony Stark captured Paul and fitted him with a collar that prevented him from using his mutant powers while Stark built a device that would allow him to harness Paul's abilities. Stark then explained that Paul's powers came from solar energy and that his body possessed enough stored solar energy to power an entire city for years. Noticing a telephone near him, Paul called Peter Parker's office phone and left a message asking for help. Soon after, Stark hooked Paul up to his newly-built device and turned off the inhibitor collar. An angry Paul immediately tried to escape, generating immense amounts of solar energy. Happy that his device worked, Stark turned the collar back on and bragged to himself that his plan to harness Paul's solar energy to return him to his own reality might actually work. Stark then donned his Doctor Doom armor and told Paul not to worry, that he would be dying for a worthy cause. Just as Stark was speaking with Paul, Spider-Man and X-23 crashed their way into his headquarters, having been fighting each other outside.

 (Marvel Team-Up III#6) - Seeing Paul trapped, Spider-Man told him not to worry as he and X-23 battled the alternate Tony Stark. S. H. I. E. L. D. soon got involved, sending Captain America and the Black Widow in to battle Stark, having been informed about him by Mister Fantastic. After subduing the heroes using a neural scrambler, the alternate Stark activated his device, causing Paul to generate immense amounts of his stored solar energy. As a portal opened to Stark's reality, Paul yelled that Spider-Man sucked. Thinking about how Paul was stopped the last time they battled, Spider-Man hurled X-23 at Paul. X-23 stabbed Paul with her claws, once again disrupting Paul's power flow and causing an explosion that levelled the top floors of Stark's base. The explosion once again caused Paul to materialize elsewhere, this time in Canada, where he found himself face-to-face with Wendigo.

(New Avengers#18 (fb), 16-19 - BTS) - He lost his powers on M-Day and the energies removed from him were combined with a number of other mutant energies to empower the powerful being Michael.

Comments: Created by Robert Kirkman, Scott Kolins, and Studio F.

    The article in Wizard: The Comics Magazine#172 - "Ex-Mutants" listed Paul Patterson as one of the de-powered mutants. There were a few problems. One, some of the mutants on the de-powered list have been proven to still have their abilities and it appears that the list included numerous errors in information. I decided to include mention of him being de-powered because Paul Patterson had not shown up since Marvel Team-Up III#6 and more than likely will not make any further appearances. I see no reason to believe that he had not been de-powered by the events of M-Day. The second problem with the article was that it was not published by Marvel itself, so if Paul Patterson does indeed show back up in the Marvel Universe with mutant powers, I will update this profile with the correct and most up-to-date information.
    I wouldn't count information from the Wizard article, but I believe Patterson was amongst those whose powers were shown to make up the Collective in New Avengers#18.

Paul Patterson is listed under the codename Golden Child.

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images: (not counting ads)
Marvel Team-Up III#1, p10, pan1 (Paul Patterson, fullbody)

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