(of Earth-21923)

Real Name: Grant (full name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (Earth-21923) human mutate

Occupation: Adventurer;
    former soldier

Group Membership: Avengers (Ant-Man/Dwight Barrett, the Avenger/Vivian Vision, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Jr., Thor/Dani Cage);
    formerly Lieutenants of Latveria

Affiliations: Avengers;
    formerly Lord Doom (Victor von Doom)

Enemies: Absorbing Man, Baron Blood, Doom Elite, Doombots, Enchantress, Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), Lord Doom (Victor von Doom), M.O.D.O.K., Port, Shocker, Wild Child

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout Earth-21923;
    formerly New Latveria

First Appearance: Avengers of the Wastelands#1 (March, 2020)

Powers/Abilities: Captain America was given the Super-Soldier Serum, which enhanced his physical attributes such as strength, agility, endurance and durability to peak human levels. As a result of the Super-Soldier Serum, however, he was prone to occasional fits of berserker rage-like excessive violence, but he could usually be talked down from these fits.

    During his time as a Lieutenant of Latveria, Grant wielded a baton and a replica of the original Captain America's shield.

    As Captain America, Grant originally carried a repainted Capain America shield replica he had usedas a Lieutenant of Latveria, but he eventually used Captain America (Steve Rogers)' actual shield.

Height: 5'11" (by approximation)
Weight: 225 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

History: (Avengers of the Wastelands#2 (fb)) - After Lord Doom reassumed control of New Latveria for the second time, he became determined to prove himself superior to his past enemies and decided to create an army using the last remaining vials of the Super-Soldier Serum. A man named Grant, having no money or job, volunteered for Lord Doom's experiments. One of the 400 who passed the initial screenings, Grant was also part of the 99 who made it into the second round, where he was given the Super-Soldier Serum. Surviving the injection along with one other recipient, Grant was dubbed one of the two Lieutenants of Latveria.

(Avengers of the Wastelands#5 (fb)) - Lord Doom met with the Lieutenants of Latveria and proclaimed Grant and his partner to now be right and left hands in combat.

(Avengers of the Wastelands#2 (fb)) - Grant became a soldier serving Lord Doom, trying to convince himself that he was doing the right thing and that Doom was the best chance people had at surviving in the world.

(Avengers of the Wastelands#5 (fb)) - Secretly dying of cancer and only having less than six months to live, Lord Doom began pushing Grant harder, purposely showing him the horrors Doom was capable of in an effort to have Grant turn against him and become the new Captain America as part of Doom's plan to die with honor in battle, fighting new incarnations of his past enemies.

(Avengers of the Wastelands#2 (fb)) - During one battle, Grant witnessed the other Lieutanant of Latveria about to kill a mother and child and quickly realized he could no longer be a part of Lord Doom's service. Attacking the other Lieutenant to protect the family, Grant witnessed the other Lieutenant die in battle due to a combination of Grant's own assault and the Lieutenant's body rejecting the Super-Soldier Serum. Unsure of what made him so special that he was the only true survivor of the Super-Soldier Serum, Grant felt he had been given a gift and decided to fight Doom rather than help spread his terror. Going AWOL, Grant felt a kinship between himself and the original heroic Captain America, painting his Lieutenant's shield to match Captain America's shield and taking on the identity of Captain America. Grant then dedicated himself to tracking Lord Doom's armies across the wastelands, trying to stop them where he could.

(Avengers of the Wastelands#5 (fb)) - Having hoped a broken Grant would come after him as the new Captain America, Lord Doom instead witnessed Grant flee New Latveria.

(Avengers of the Wastelands#2 (fb)) - Learning that Lord Doom was heading towards Isleton, California after the fact, Captain America made his way towards Isleton, arriving as the attack was winding down.

(Avengers of the Wastelands#1) - As the heroic Ant-Man, Thor and Hulk defeated Lord Doom's Doom Elite and crushed the Doombot sent there posing as Lord Doom himself, Captain America appeared, assisting against the Doom Elite, and suggested the trio come with him if they wanted to find the true Lord Doom.

(Avengers of the Wastelands#2) - Captain America accompanied Ant-Man, Thor and Hulk out of Isleton and along the way, Ant-Man complained that their trip would be easier if they flew. Thor responded, insisting they drive unless Ant-Man wanted to carry Hulk, and asked if Captain America could fly. When Cap insisted they call him Grant, Ant-Man asked where he came from and despite Captain America commenting that they didn't really want to know, Ant-Man continued pressing the matter, eventually convincing Cap to tell his story. Upon hearing his story, Ant-Man questioned whether Captain America was actually some sort of secret contigency plan by Lord Doom, but Grant replied that Ant-Man had arrived just before the attack and that he could have led Lord Doom there in the first place. 

    Before an argument could break down, Thor calmed the tensions and was discussing the matter when Grant warned of a man in the road. Thor didn't see the man until it was too late, however, and the man knocked the car aside, revealed as the superhumanly strong Port. When Port joked that his opponents had spunk, the heroes leapt into battle against Port and his enclave, with Captain America plunging his shield into Port's neck, killing him. Mercilessly cutting into Port with his shield multiple times, Captain America was quickly called off by Thor, who sternly reminded Cap that they do not kill when unnecessary and that Port and his crew were only protecting their territory. Announcing that Port and his crew would not be giving them any more trouble, Captain America then ushered everyone back into the car to continue their trek towards Lord Doom as Ant-Man whispered to Thor his suspicions of Cap being unhinged. 

    Once back inside the car, the heroes received a distress call from Cedar City of Champions but by the time they had arrived, Cap and the others found the town massacred by Doombots. Tracing the signal to its point of origin, Cap and the other heroes found an unconscious Viv Vision, who referred to herself in the distress call as the Avenger. Ant-Man assured the others that he could reactivate the Avenger, but Captain America warned that it would have to wait, as they had bigger problems with the arrival of Baron Blood and his army of vampires.

(Avengers of the Wastelands#3) - Cap and his allies defended themselves from Baron Blood's vampires, and Thor soon knocked them all aside with lightning, proclaiming that the heroes needing to start working together or they might as well give up. Putting their backs to one another, the heroes destroyed all of the vampires except Baron Blood himself, whom Thor questioned to learn more about Lord Doom's plans. While hearing that Doom was attacking cities suspected of harboring heroes that might rise up against him, but when Baron Blood taunted them by claiming so many had died in Doom's search for them, Captain America used his shield to sever Baron Blood's head before they could learn where Doom was headed next. Thor angrily berated Cap, but Cap insisted that they had gotten what they wanted from Blood. 

    Later, the heroes rested in an abandoned house, where Ant-Man worked to reactivate the Avenger. While working, Ant-Man discussed with Thor whether or not they could fully trust Captain America, but Thor asked Ant-Man to drop his suspicions, as they had to trust one another to survive. Captain America later helped the reactivated Avenger bury her townspeople and as repayment, the Avenger gifted Grant with the shield of Captain America (Steve Rogers), which she had previously acquired from Lord Doom. Ten minutes later, Captain America accompanied his allies as they continued their trek towards Lord Doom.

(Avengers of the Wastelands#4) - Hulk used a Doombot to apparently track Lord Doom to Osborn City, unaware that Hulk, Captain America and his allies were being led into a trap. Arriving in Osborn City, Thor admitted it felt like a trap, and Captain America agreed with her moments before the group was attacked by a group of supervillains comprised of Green Goblin, Absorbing Man, Enchantress, Wild Child and Shocker. During the battle, Captain America blocked several pumpkin bombs hurled by Green Goblin, who announced that they had been waiting for days for Ant-Man to lead the heroes there. Captain America then asked what Green Goblin was talking about and asked Ant-Man how the Goblin knew his name. Feigning ignorance, Ant-Man claimed he had no idea as Wild Child jumped onto the back of Captain America and proclaimed that Ant-Man's allies would not live long enough to get back at Ant-Man for leading them into a trap. 

    Enchantress soon turned the Hulk against his teammates and while Ant-Man froze with guilt, Captain America assisted him against the Shocker and ordered Ant-Man to do something. Eventually, Ant-Man managed to summon a locust swarm that killed the supervillains. Following the battle, the Avenger questioned Ant-Man, who admitted he had made a deal with Lord Doom to bring him heroes that stood against him in exchange for the freedom of the survivors of Ant-Man's destroyed town. Captain America angrily berated Ant-Man, who had been accusing Cap of being untrustworthy since he began aiding them due to his past connection with Lord Doom. Ant-Man then explained that he had been trying to find a way out of his deal with Lord Doom the entire time he had been allied with the other heroes, and Thor let Ant-Man off the hook, prompting Captain America to ask if they were just going to let Ant-Man's betrayal go and what they planned to do to Ant-Man. Thor calmly explained that Ant-Man had done what he did to save his people and that the Avengers saved people. Thor then organized Captain America and her newly-dubbed Avengers and remarked that the people of New Babylon needed them.

(Avengers of the Wastelands#5) - Arriving in Lord Doom's New Latveria (formerly New Babylon), the Avengers disguised themselves amongst the crowd and Captain America informed the others that Lord Doom was holding a Doom Rally, in which he gave out meager food rations to the townsfolk in exchange for them cheering his "accomplishments" when prompted. When Thor mentioned how emaciated the people were, Captain America admitted New Latveria looked worse off than it did when he originally left and expressed guilt that he should have stayed to protect them. Thor reminded Cap that he was there now, and the Avengers discussed their plan to follow Doom's convoy and take him down when there weren't so many civilians and security around. 

    Before they could enact their plan, however, Lord Doom had his security surround the Avengers, and Lord Doom exposed their presence to the population before accusing them of murdering the former supervillains (Ultron, Doctor Octopus, Count Nefaria, Baron Strucker) whom Doom publicly considered founding fathers of his nation while having secretly been the murderer himself. Publicly denouncing the Avengers in an effort to turn the crowd against them, Lord Doom then ordered his Doombots to kill the Avengers, prompting them to fight back. During the battle, Thor admitted the odds of survival were not good, and Captain America joked that Thor was not very good at motivational speeches before Lord Doom blasted Cap to the ground. Assuring the Avenger that he was fine, Cap told her to worry about Doom. As the other Avengers fought Lord Doom, Doom revealed that he had killed the survivors of Ant-Man's town when Ant-Man did not follow through on his deal quickly enough. 

    Ant-Man nearly killed Doom in retaliation, but the Avenger, noticing Doom coughing throughout the battle, stopped Ant-Man, scanning beyond Doom's armor and revealing that Doom was dying of cancer. Thor refused to give Doom the satisfaction of dying in battle against the new Avengers, but Ant-Man was torn about whether Doom deserved death for killing his townspeople. Captain America tried to goad Ant-Man into killing Lord Doom, remarking that Ant-Man would not just be ending Doom's misery but the misery of everyone in the Wastelands, but Thor tried to be the voice of reason. Captain America suggested the decision to kill Doom should be Ant-Man's call and that the Avengers didn't have a right to stand in Ant-Man's way. Thor countered that Ant-Man would only be giving Doom what he wanted and, by sparing Doom, Ant-Man would show the world that the Avengers were about hope. Ant-Man ultimately decided to let Doom live, and Captain America agreed, telling Thor that the people needed her compassion and further remarking that when compassion was not enough, they would be there. Captain America and Ant-Man then walked away, as Thor, the Avenger and Hulk let the world see Doom as a weak old man, after which they prepared to rebuild.

Comments: Created by Ed Brisson and Jonas Scharf.

This profile was completed 6/09/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-21923's Captain America has no known connections to:

Lieutenants of Latveria

    The Lieutenants of Latveria were a duo of soldiers serving Lord Doom who had been injected with two of the remaining vials of Super-Soldier Serum as part of a plan to create foes that the dying Doom could honorably die fighting. Grant and the other Lieutenant of Latveria then acted to enforce Doom's rule, unaware Doom was grooming one to become the new Captain America, until Grant witnessed the unstable other Lieutenant about to attack a mother and child. Seeing the error of serving Doom, Grant turned on the other Lieutenant, and a combination of Grant's attack and rejection of the Super-Soldier Serum resulted in the other Lieutenant's death. Grant then went AWOL from the Lieutenants of Latveria, taking on the identity of Captain America in an effort to stop Lord Doom's terrorist rule.

--Avengers of the Wastelands#2 (Avengers of the Wastelands#2 (fb), #5 (fb),


    Port was a member of an enclave of survivors living in the wastelands whom Doom had arranged to be present when the heroic Captain America, Ant-Man, Hulk and Thor passed through as a way of testing these new heroes' worth to battle him. When Port and his group saw the car housing the heroes heading their way, Port knocked it aside, only to see the heroes emerge from the vehicle. Laughing that his victims had spunk, Port prepared to attack the heroes, only to have Captain America's shield plunged into his neck multiple times until Thor finally called Captain America off. The heroes then departed, leaving one of Port's group to find him dead.

    Port possessed superhuman strength sufficient to knock a car full of superhuman opponents into the air with a punch.

--Avengers of the Wastelands#2d (Avengers of the Wastelands#5 (fb), #2d,

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Avengers of the Wastelands#3, front cover (Captain America vs. vampires)
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Avengers of the Wastelands#2, p12, pan1 (Port)

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