Real Name: Quinn Pullman

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Criminal terrorist

Group membership: None

Affiliations: Chess Set (Brass Bishop, Dark Tower, Killer Queen, King Coal, Overknight)

Enemies: Alpha Flight (Aurora, Puck, Sasquatch, Talisman (Elizabeth Twoyoungmen) ), Delphine Courtney (posing as Guardian (James Hudson) )

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

First Appearance: Alpha Flight I#23 (June 1985)

: As a normal human, Caliber possessed no superhuman powers. However, his armored suit possesses enhanced strength and speed. The suit also contains the mechanisms to turn the glove units into barrels that can discharge a strong concussive force.

: (Alpha Flight I#23) - Using his new suit, Caliber assaulted the city of Vancouver, attempting to hold it hostage until his (unspecified) demands were met. He was in the midst of destroying the local police units when Alpha Flight arrived on the scene. Caliber’s firepower succeeded in seriously hurting Sasquatch, but he wasn’t prepared for Aurora’s newly-developed powers, as she blinded him with a massive flash of light. This gave Sasquatch the chance to take out Caliber with one well-placed strike.

(Alpha Flight I#25 - BTS) - An unrevealed accomplice(s) broke Caliber out of prison and returned his suit to him.

(Alpha Flight I#25) - Caliber again attempted to assault Vancouver, but this time was confronted by what appeared to be Guardian (later revealed to be Delphine Courtney). Arriving on the scene, Talisman watched the battle for a short period before getting involved, at which time she used her mystical powers to create a glob of energy that encased Caliber and made his armored suit disappear, leaving him in his underwear. He was most likely arrested again soon thereafter.

(Alpha Flight I#121) - Caliber was in attendance when the Brass Bishop attempted to sell the bodies of the deceased Silver and Auric. When Alpha Flight and Spider-Man arrived on the scene, Caliber most likely escaped with the rest of the customers.

Comments: Created by John Byrne, Bob Wiacek, and Keith Williams

He received a real name in Talisman's entry in OHOTMU A-Z HC#11.

Profile by Madison Carter


CALIBER has no known relation to:

Alpha Flight#23, page 8, panel 2
Alpha Flight#23, page 8, panel 1
Alpha Flight#25, page 9, panel 3

Alpha Flight I#23 (June, 1985) - John Byrne (writer/pencils), Bob Wiacek & Keith Williams (inks), Denny O'Neil (editor)
Alpha Flight I#25 (August, 1985) - John Byrne (writer/pencils), Bob Wiacek & Keith Williams (inks), Denny O'Neil (editor)
Alpha Flight I#121 (June, 1993) - Simon Furman (writer), Craig Blasfield (pencils), Frank Turner (inks), Rob Tokar (editor)

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