Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Revolutionary, arms dealer;
    former manager for the Walt Norman show

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Dr. Frances Bervin, Ivan Tsibliyev, Jimmy Scofield;
    Gonazalez, Petra, Sledge, Vogle  (other Mandroids operators)
    formerly Mrs. Dale, Walt Norman, the World Federalists (field marshal Duvall)

Enemies: Generation X (Chamber, Husk, Jubilee, M, Skin, Synch) Walt Norman, the World Federalists (field marshal Duvall)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Trent McComb, Peg

Base of Operations: Currently unknown;
    formerly Chicago, Illinois
    formerly Genosha

First Appearance: Generation X: Crossroads (November, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: The Expatriate was a master strategist, with some experience in espionage, combat, etc. He had lots of connections with various terrorist groups, including several international organizations, and could acquire large amounts of conventional and unconventional weaponry. He typically carried a knife and a handgun on his person.

    He briefly wore the Peg Mandroid armor.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Six (fb) - BTS) - At some point the man who would become the Expatriate was driven in exile from his homeland, Genosha, due to the actions of the X-Men.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter One (fb) - BTS) - The Expatriate became close associates with Ivan, a former agent of the KGB.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Four (fb) - BTS) - The Expatriate established the identity of Trent McComb, working for years as the manager of talk radio personality Walt Norman on the Walt Norman Show. He used this identity as the front to allow him to clandestinely sell arms and establish connections to promote the downfall of the U.S.A. He also encouraged Norman's anti-mutant diatribe, hoping to fan the hatred of mutants.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter One) - Generation X stopped a group of the World Federalists from an assault on an airport in Seattle.
    Ivan reported their defeat, but also shared the fact that the diversion had successfully allowed "the package" (a set of partially assembled Mandroid armors) to make it on a truck bound for the transfer point. Ivan also revealed the involvement of the mutants, and the Expatriate instructed Ivan to send pictures so they could analyze the threat.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Three) - Ivan tracked Generation X to Seattle, Washington where they met with the chapter of M.O.N.S.T.E.R. at Western Pacific University. Via Ivan's espionage equipment, he learned that the young mutants intended to travel across country, passing through Chicago. Ivan reported this to the Expatriate, who noted that their package was going to Chicago, too, and suspected that this was more than coincidence. Ivan planted trackers on the three vehicles the Gen X kids were using, while the Expatriate made plans to prepare a reception for the mutants when they arrived in Chicago.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Four) - Trent McComb played the straight man in a few gags on the Walt Norman Show.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Five) - Trent McComb had to put out a small fire at work when Walt Norman flew into a rage when his organist, Mrs. Dale (who was also Norman's mother), corrected him on the air. The Expatriate considered that Norman was a liability, and a potentially expendable one, especially since ratings had begun to drop. He contacted Ivan.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Six) - Ivan met with Dr. Frances Bervin, inspecting the Mandroids she was assembling, testing her Electromagnetic Constrictor device , and making it clear the penalties she would face if she did not meet the Expatriate's time table.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Seven) - Trent McComb completed some arms transfers during one the Walt Norman Show, missing a cue when Walt attempted to perform a gag much earlier than expected. Walt berated Trent, and so when Trent received a call from a young mutant, he allowed it to be put through to Walt and prevented Walt from terminating the call. The young mutant was Paige Guthrie (Husk), using the alias of Peg, and Walt managed to use the call to his advantage, making "Peg" question her own rights. Walt attempted to chew Trent out afterwards, but Trent showed him how much interested had been generated by the call, so Walt let the matter drop.
    The Expatriate later sent a recording of Peg's voice to Ivan.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Eight (fb) - BTS) - Ivan followed the Expatriate's instructions, and Hollywood special effects expert Jimmy Scofield was hired to make one of the Mandroids look like a primitive human girl. This girl was intended to pose as "Peg," to be used to heighten anti-mutant tensions.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Eight) - Via tracing the call from "Peg" to Montana, the Expatriate correctly identified "Peg" as one of the mutants Ivan was tracking, and correctly identified her as the young blond. Trent announced that Peg would be calling back, and Paige did return the call, though again Walt dominated the conversation, justifying a anti-mutant assault due to fear of the mutant powers which had been demonstrated. Nonetheless, Walt again went off on Trent, threatening to get him fired.
    The Expatriate soon called Ivan, instructing him to get the plan completed as soon as possible.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Nine) - After Walt again belittled Trent, the Expatriate called his old friend Ivan to share his frustrations. The Expatriate considered how easily he could have Walt killed, but forced himself to focus on the big picture and his true agenda: mutant genocide.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Ten) - Ivan met with Scofield and Bervin, examining the progress on the Mandroid units and Peg in particular, making certain that both workers knew the penalty for failing to satisfy the Expatriate.
    Meanwhile, the Expatriate agreed to sell weapons to the World Federalists if they agreed to change their attack site from the Washington Monument to Mount Rushmore. This would cause the mutants traveling to Chicago to meet with a delay to better allow the Mandroids to be completed.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Eleven) - As the World Federalists resisted the Expatriate's instructions, Ivan met with their field agent Duvall, bluffing him into acquiescing by convincing him that their base had been packed with explosives which he could detonate by releasing a dead man switch in his hand (which was actually just a pocket pager).
    Generation X defeated the World Federalists, foiling their plot, though the media implicated them as being involved with the terrorists.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Twelve) - Ivan reported the World Federalist's defeat and confirmed that the Expatriate had received the manual for operation of the Mandroid units.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Thirteen) - When ratings on the Walt Norman show began to dip and Walt began to panic, Trent convinced him to allow him to arrange to have Peg on the show. "Peg" called again later, trying futilely to reveal that the mutants had saved Mount Rushmore and defeated the real terrorists. Though she terminated the call, Walt invited her to appear on the show at a specified date and time.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Fourteen) - The Expatriate and Ivan met, inspecting the Peg and other Mandroid units. The Expatriate revealed his plans to use the Peg unit to murder Walt Norman.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Seventeen (fb) - BTS) - Trent McComb spoke to Radio News Weekly, assuring them that the show would be on everyone's lips the day after Peg appeared on the show.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Fifteen) - The Expatriate unwittingly left a message from the World Federalists up on his computer screen, leaving his office after receiving a report from Ivan and his assembled agents--Gonazalez, Petra, Sledge, Vogle--who would operate the remaining five Mandroid units. Later, when Walt Norman attempted to make a surprise confrontation with McComb from McComb's office, he discovered the message on the screen. Correctly surmising that "McComb" was working with terrorists, Walt fired him. Not wanting to risk alerting the entire building by trying to kill Norman--who had found the Expatriate's gun with McComb's desk--then and there, the Expatriate left, then contacted Ivan telling him that he would personally operate the Peg unit to gain vengeance on Walt Norman.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Sixteen) - Ivan, Gonazalez, Petra, Sledge, and Vogle operated the five standard Mandroid units, ambushing Generation X, but ultimately meeting defeat. The Expatriate, operating the "Peg" unit, was dropped off by a van outside of the Walt Norman Show building. Making certain to be seen by bystanders, doormen, etc., "Peg" headed up to the Show's set on the 6th floor. Working together, Generation X took down their Mandroid-wearing attackers. Figuring it was too late to stop him, Ivan revealed the Expatriate's plan to kill Walt Norman and frame "Peg."

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Seventeen) - "Peg" arrived at the set, confronting Walt and preparing to kill him. Mrs. Dale stepped long enough to delay the Expatriate until Husk and Chamber could arrive. Introducing herself as the real "Peg," Husk--in stone form--punched him; undamaged but shaken, the Expatriate fought back. "Peg" blasted Husk away, but Chamber's next strike destroyed the "Peg" facade over the Mandroid unit, exposing his farce. Determined to win, the Expatriate used the Electromagnetic Constrictor device against Chamber; but Chamber used his full power in fighting off the assault, causing a backlash that crushed the Mandroid Unit, and the Expatriate in it. Unmasked, Trent survived only long enough to tell Walt how much Walt was worth to him dead.

(Generation X: Crossroads: Chapter Eighteen - BTS) - Scooter McCloud (Recall), a mutant with limited psychic powers, became the co-host of Walt Norman, reviving his flagging ratings.



Comments: Created by J. Steven York and Mark Buckingham.

The Mandroid armor used in this story were Mandroid MK IV-B armor, designed for stealth, speed, and operation in close combat; "street fighters, not walking tanks." They were obtained from Transabalian revolutionaries. Some of the Mandroid info was described on page 218 of the novel.

Ivan's last name was revealed in Marvel Atlas#2 in Trans-Sabal's entry.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:


A Mandroid patched together by Dr. Frances Bervin and altered by special effects expert Jimmy Scofield to look like a primitive human female. The Expatriate intended to use it both to murder the interfering Walt Norman and to frame a mutant for the murder, while at the same time making mutants appear more monstrous. Generation X arrived in time to save Norman, and the armor's Electromagnetic Constrictor device was overloaded in battle against Chamber, causing a backlash that crushed Norman.















    The armor possessed the standard flight, energy blasts, strength augmentation, and energy blasts of conventional Mandroid armor. In addition, it was armed with an Electromagnetic Constrictor device, able to crush a vintage DC-3 airliner  into something the size of a minivan.

--Generation X: Crossroads








Generation X: Crossroads p171 (Expatriate)
p195, 231 (Peg (face and torso))

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