Real Name: Wilhelm Lohmer (presumably; see comments)

Identity/Class: Human (Counter-Earth (Franklin) ) mutate

Occupation: Self-proclaimed deity;
former supremacist leader of World Party;
former Third Reich operative

Group Membership: Leader of his acolytes;
formerly World Party, Third Reich, Nazi Party

Affiliations: Crossbones, Hauptmann, Parson, Red Skull (Johann Schmidt (sch on Counter-Earth, not sh like on 616)), many unidentified acolytes;
formerly Blue Sky, Michka Rose

Enemies: Blue Skye, Bucky (Rikki Barnes), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Guinness, Pepper Potts, Rebel (Connor O'Reilly), Michka Rose, Special Agent Hunt, Abraham Wilson, Sam "Falcon" Wilson

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Master Man, Alexander the Great

Base of Operations: Calivada (formerly California & Nevada), USA;
formerly World Party HQ in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA;
formerly mobile in Germany

First Appearance: Captain America II#1 (November, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: He presumably possessed superhuman strength (able to lift 50 tons) and durability, sufficient to survive close proximity to fire or explosions. His aging process was slowed down by the Super-Soldier Serum in his blood, though his strength decreased over the years. Further mutated by gamma radiation he seemingly gained the power to channel electricity through his body, which he released through a hammer. Gamma radiation also caused an attitude adjustment turning him from a racist Nazi swine to a religious nutcase.

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 350 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White; formerly blond


(Marvel Universe: Onslaught#1 (fb) - BTS) - Master Man was unconsciously created by Earth-616's Franklin Richards when he warped reality to create a pocket universe to save his parents and all the other heroes, who had sacrificed their lives to defeat Onslaught.

(Captain America II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Master Man was created as the perfect German by the Nazi Party, using a variant of the super-soldier serum. At the end of World War II in a bunker in Berlin a plan was hatched to make Master Man the caretaker of their believes.

   Over the next fifty years Master Man surrounded himself with supporters not strong enough on their own to execute the plan to return Aryan's to power. Though the the serum in his blood had slowed his aging process he did age and became weaker over the decades.

   Master Man, as Alexander the Great, eventually became the leader of the fascist World Party in the US. As the voice of the World Party he traveled through the country and gave speeches picking up more followers for the World Party in each city. He also secretly searched for the shield of Captain America, a powerful enemy of the Nazis during World War II.

(Captain America II#1) - Sitting in his throne within the World Party's HQ in Philadelphia Alexander was approached by his underling Hauptmann, who informed them that Abraham Wilson, who had stolen Captain America's shield some time ago, had been spotted in Philadelphia. Though they hadn't found the shield yet Hauptmann promised Alexander that Wilson wouldn't survive the night. Alexander than gave another speech to the masses, assuring them that the World Party was not another name for the Nazi Party beause they would unite and win unlike the Nazis. The disenfranchised and stupid cheered him on.

(Captain America II#2) - At the World Party's HQ Alexander and Hauptmann interrogated Special Agent Hunt (too tall for Tom Cruise), who had been caught after finding the World Party's long range missiles. When Red Skull entered the room the smug Hunt got scared.

(Captain America II#3) - Alexander told Red Skull that everything was going according to plan with the World Party's number of followers rising, but Red Skull didn't care because he was mad that Alexander's attempts to regain Captain America's shield caused the Captain's return. Red Skull then introduced Crossbones, who would take care of Captain America for them. Alexander wasn't pleased because he thought it was his right to take down Captain America. Red Skull didn't think so because it was Alexander's fault that Cap was awakened again and now somebody else needed to correct Alexander's mistake.

(Captain America II#4 (fb) - BTS) - Alexander and Hauptmann planned to eliminate Red Skull as well as Captain America.

(Captain America II#4) - Master Man led a few World Party soldiers to confront Captain America, Sam Wilson and Red Skull, after the former two had escaped Red Skull's chains. Master Man threatened to kill them all, including Red Skull, who Master Man considered a nuisance because Master Man had done everything including leading the World Party to greatness, finding Cap's shield and getting rid of Abraham Wilson, which Red Skull failed to do. Sam Wilson was going to attack Master Man for his father Abraham's murder, but Master Man's soldiers gunned him down.

(Captain America II#5) - Cap fought Master Man and his soldiers while Red Skull fled the scene to get out alive. Cap eventually knocked out Master Man with his shield, then gave some of his blood to Sam Wilson, to successfully save his life.

   Upon regaining consciousness Master Man hurried to the World Party's rockets, which John Barnes and his friend Combs were guarding because John's sister Rikki Barnes, who had allied herself as Bucky with Cap, had been bound to one of the rockets. Master Man was going to launch the rockets to cause another Holocaust because in his opinion the intermingling of races barely left him anything to work with right now. Cap cut Rikki free with his shield and then worked together with her and Sam Wilson, newly empowered by the Super-Soldier Serum in Cap's bloodstream, to stop Master Man from launching the rockets. Cap and Falcon punched him down the rafters....

(Heroes Reborn: Rebel#1 (fb) - BTS) - Master Man survived the fall and moved to the state of Calivada. He was mutated by gamma radiation along with half of the population of the area in the gamma explosions of 98 and started to believe himself to be the Judeo-Christian God. As a vengeful God he sought to subjugate all to his will and purge those he deemed evil because they opposed his tyrannical rule. He had normal people forcefully turned into slave-like acolytes and was served by other madmen including his head priest Crossbones, Parson, Blue Skye and Michka Rose. Skye and Rose eventually betrayed him, joining forces with the rebellious Pepper Potts, Rebel (Connor O'Reilly) and the mutated lizard Guinness. When God's head priest Crossbones was rounding up more future slaves for God he was slain by Rebel near the Tabernacle building in Quixote, Santa-Anna Province.

(Heroes Reborn: Rebel#1) - God was mad that Pepper Potts and her allies had managed to defile his holy work in just one day. He now saw Rebel, the murderer of his head priest, as the devil he was and promised to save and purify him by having him slain as well. In his anger he squeezed off a loyal acolyte's head then called for Parson.

(Heroes Reborn: Rebel#1 - BTS) - God sent Parson after Rebel after he had seemingly learned his location from Michka Rose. (see comments)

Comments: Created by Jeph Loeb (writer), Rob Liefeld (pencils), Jonathan Sibal (inks).

BTW I assume due to the nature of Franklin Richards' Counter-Earth events like World War II never actually happened there despite people, who were supposed to be alive during these events, still remember participating.

He is an obvious alternate version of Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer), but for some reason he was called Alexander throughout his appearances. Either he hid his true identity because Lohmer was a known Nazi agent or he was not Wilhelm Lohmer as I suspected.

Hauptmann could've been "Iron Hand" or Gustav Hauptmann, who were both Nazis on Earth-616, but he was possibly just a generic guy named Hauptmann.

God Master Alexander was always surrounded by henchmen/cannon fodder and yes-men. World Party soldiers, acolytes...some armed, some not. One of his God-era acolytes can be seen left of him in the main image, some World Party soldiers in the last supplemental above on the left and armed acolytes in Paron's sub-profile image.

Michka's apparent betrayal seemed to set up future stories, which never happened. IMHO it is unclear if she willingly betrayed Rebel to Alexander or if a psychic connection existed between her and her former master that allowed him to read her mind or locate her somehow.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Master Man should not be confused with:

Hauptmann has no known connection to:

Parson has no known connection to:


Hauptmann was a human without any superhuman abilities following the Nazi ideology. He was more of a planner and yes-man than a fighter.

(Captain America II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Hauptmann was a Nazi member of the World Party. He was loyal to Master Man, recognizing how important he was to the World Party's success. He led the search for Captain America's original shield, but ran into trouble when veteran Abraham Wilson stole the shield and hid it.

(Captain America II#1) - At the World Party's HQ in Philadelphia Hauptmann informed Master Man that Abraham Wilson, who had stolen Captain America's shield, had turned up in Philadelphia. He promised Wilson wouldn't survive the night and that they would reclaim Captain America's shield. Hauptmann then told Master Man to concentrate on tonight's performance, sending him out to impress the easily impressionable masses with another World Party speech. Hauptmann watched the speech.

(Captain America II#2) - Hauptmann and Master Man interrogated Special Agent Hunt, who was caught snooping around the World Party's HQ and had found their long range missiles. Hauptmann didn't understand why Master Man still allowed Hunt to live. Red Skull then entered the room instantly instilling fear in Hunt with his mere presence.

(Captain America II#3) - Hauptmann silently stood by and listened to Red Skull arguing with Master Man about their next step to get rid of Captain America. To Master Man's surprise Red Skull sent Crossbones to go after Captain America, enraging Master Man.

(Captain America II#4 (fb) - BTS) - Alexander and Hauptmann planned to eliminate Red Skull as well as Captain America.

(Captain America II#5) - Hauptmann watched Rikki Barnes, bound to a missile, on screen while waiting for Master Man to return from killing Captain America and Red Skull. To his surprise Red Skull entered the room and overheard him talking about his demise. Red Skull knocked out Hauptmann then ordered the present World Party soldier to ready his transport vehicle.

--Captain America II#1 (Captain America II#1-3, [4], 5


Parson was a gamma mutate able to release fire blasts from his body, which he directed through a staff. He could also absorb energy, but it could cause him to overload and explode. He liked to speak of himself in the third person.

(Heroes Reborn: Rebel#1 (fb) - BTS) - Parson and Rebel had met a few times on the battlefield.

(Heroes Reborn: Rebel#1) - God sent Parson after Rebel upon learning his location from Michka Rose. Parson and a group of armed acolytes knocked out Pepper Potts. Guinness shot the acolytes from behind, killing them. Parson then attacked Rebel with fire. During the fight Michka saved Rebel from Parson, who had Rebel on his knees. Parson shot her in the chest with a fire blast and mocked Rebel how many more ladies he wanted to destroy with his evil ways. Rebel responded with a repulsor ray blast from his chest. Though Parson absorbed the blast it overloaded him. Before he exploded he told Rebel that he forgave him and that Blue Skye, Rebel's former love, was apparently still alive. He didn't reveal more before he blew up.

--Heroes Reborn: Rebel#1 ([Heroes Reborn: Rebel#1 (fb)], Heroes Reborn: Rebel#1

images: (without ads)
Heroes Reborn: Rebel#1, p7, pan3 (main image)
Captain America II#1, p22, pan2 (head shot)
Captain America II#1, p22, pan1 (first outfit)
Captain America II#4, p17 (second outfit)
Captain America II#1, p22, pan1 (Hauptmann)
Heroes Reborn: Rebel#1, p14 (Parson)

Captain America II#1 (November, 1996) - Rob Liefeld (plot/pencils/editor), Chuck Dixon (plot assist), Jeph Loeb (writer), Jonathan Sibal (inks)
Captain America II#2 (December, 1996) - Rob Liefeld (plot/pencils/editor), Jeph Loeb (writer), Jonathan Sibal (inks)
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Captain America II#4-5 (February-March, 1997) - Rob Liefeld (plot/pencils), Jeph Loeb (writer), Jonathan Sibal & Lary Stucker (inks), Eric Stephenson (editor)
Heroes Reborn: Rebel#1 (January, 2000) - Joe Kelly (writer), Matt Haley (pencils), Steve Lieber (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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