Real Name: Pete (last name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human (Old West Era)

Occupation: (Possibly) Prospector

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Black Rider (Matthew Masters), Sheriff Ben Dexter, ">Marie Lathrop, Mr. Vamus, Mrs. Vamus, Tim Vamus

Enemies: Spur Granger

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Leadville, Texas, USA (late 1800s)

First Appearance: Black Rider I#9 (June, 1950)

Powers/Abilities: Packrat Pete was quite good at whittling but otherwise seldom took up physical activity (or bathing). He rode on his mule Socrates.

Height: 5'6" (by approximation)
Weight: 160 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Gray-white

History: (Black Rider I#9) - Packrat Pete sat around whittling while observing Doc Masters and Marie Lathrop's encounter with Simon Cantrell. Pete noted that Marie wasn't treating Masters with respect and advised Masters to avoid getting tangled in an affair with a woman.

(Black Rider I#9/2) - Packrat Pete learned the Fox was planning to rob Leadville and that Belle Raven was in Doc Masters' office with a broken leg. Pete rode out to the plains to tell Doc Masters but was so tongue-tied it took him two attempts to get his message out.

(Black Rider I#9/4) - When Leadville set up a charity carnival to raise money, Packrat set out to find the Black Rider and invite him to perform in the show. The Black Rider agreed to participate.

(Black Rider I#9/6) - Packrat was sitting on the street whittling and talking to Doc Masters as he noticed a number of trains of Mexicans were being transported through the town. Packrat noted that wagons of molasses had been shipped through by the border patrol as frequently as wagons of Mexicans. This prompted Masters to investigate as the Black Rider and discovered the barrels of molasses were actually concealing Mexicans being smuggled in by the border patrol. As the Black Rider continued to battle and expose the corrupt patrol, Packrat kept trying to keep Doc Masters updated on what was happening, frustrated that Masters was never around when news of the Black Rider's actions arrived.

(Black Rider I#10/4) - While sitting around whittling with a piece of wood, Packrat overheard Doc Masters talking to the town schoolmarm, Miss Larrimore, who had a difficult child who wouldn't come to class. Packrat noted he never went to school himself.

(Black Rider I#11/2) - Packrat Pete went to the Leadville town dance, squiring a woman upon his arm. Encountering Doc Masters en route, he had to remind Masters that the dance was scheduled for that day.

(Black Rider I#11/3) - Packrat Pete went to Doc Masters' office to request an operation to remove his corns. He whittled while Masters examined his feet but all that Masters could see was dirt. Packrat explained that being covered with dirt was warmer than wearing socks. When Doc Masters heard the town bank was being robbed, he left Packrat to investigate.

(Black Rider I#11/6) - When the corrupt Sheriff Elkins believed he had killed Doc Masters, he framed the Black Rider for the deed, not knowing they were the same person. As wanted posters went up for the Black Rider in Leadville, Packrat refused to believe the charges against his friend. Doc Masters soon turned up alive and testified against Elkins.

(Wild Western I#13) - Packrat was sitting around whittling while telling Doc Masters he felt the local Native tribe were going to start trouble. Sure enough, a resident named Larkin then stumbled down the street, fatally wounded by an arrow.

(Black Rider I#12/2) - After the Black Rider met heiress Lenore Van Ryn, he conferred with Packrat about the land she had inherited. Packrat confirmed that the land was virtually worthless, which interested the Black Rider as someone seemed intent on preventing Lenore from claiming the property.

(Black Rider I#15/5) - When the long-lost Tim Vamus was found and returned to his parents in Leadville by Spur Granger, Packrat Pete observed the town's interest and explained the events to the Black Rider. When the Black Rider and Packrat went to visit the Vamus family, Spur Granger started a fight with the Black Rider. After the fight broke up, the Black Rider and Packrat left; Packrat invited the Black Rider to join him for a jug of corn liquor but the Black Rider refused. After the Black Rider exposed Spur as the man who originally kidnapped Tim, Packrat joined the Black Rider to view Spur hanging from the town gallows.

(Wild Western I#39/4) - When rabid wolves bit several townsfolk, Doc Masters ran out of serum to combat rabies. He sent Packrat Pete to request more serum at the express office and Pete complied.

Comments: Created by an unknown writer and Syd Shores.

    The first story in Black Rider I#14 is set in 1871, suggesting that all of his adventures were set around the early 1870s.

    It's possible that this Packrat Pete is the same man who was friends with the Rawhide Kid in Rawhide Kid I#49.

   This profile was completed 07/16/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Prime Eternal.

Packrat Pete should not be confused with:


Socrates was the ornery mule whom Packrat Pete rode. He carried his owner to many places but frequently stalled and refused to move.

--Black Rider I#9/2 (#9/4, 10/4, 15/4,

images: (without ads)
Black Rider I#9, page 2, panel 7 (main)
Black Rider I#10/4, page 1, panel 2 (whittling)
Black Rider I#9/2, page 2, panel 7 (Socrates)

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