Real Name: Marie Lathrop

Identity/Class: Human (Old West Era)

Occupation: Ranch hand

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Black Rider (Matthew Masters), Eagle, Jodie Haines, Mr. Henderson, Dr. Jeff Horner, Jim, Lanny Kimball, Charlie Maddock, Packrat Pete, Red, Tom, Sheriff Ben Yarby, Pete Yarby;
    Formerly Oscar Tippett

Enemies: Curly Adams, Dan Basset and his gang, Beast-Men, Brush Bennett, Snake Bostwick and his gang, Blast Burrows and his gang, Mr. Cameron, Cameron, Cantrell and his gang (Bellows, Shorty), Simon Cantrell, Wolf Cariff, Professor Chalis, Killer Kane, Lobo, Lola Montace and her gang, Grant DuMont, Durand, Hatchet Haines, Ben Jonas, Lincoln Quantrell, Slasher Slade and his gang (Desmond, Ginger Spade), Smoke and his gang (Chico), Stanton, Dr. Stevens, Stinger, Tod Sultan, Trip Tomlin and his gang (Joe, Whitey), Blackie Thorpe, Lenore Van Ryn, Whip Wade, Wolf Claw, Zugg

Known Relatives: Jim Lathrop (father), Bobby Lathrop (brother), Bobby (nephew), Oscar Tippett (third cousin)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Hatchet-Star Ranch outside of Leadville, Texas, USA (late 1800s)

First Appearance: All-Western Winners I#2 (Winter, 1948)

Powers/Abilities: Marie was an able horse rider. She sometimes wielded a rifle to defend her family property. She had some experience as a nurse.

Height: 5'10" (by approximation)
Weight: 135 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

History: (All-Western Winners I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Marie worked on her father's ranch outside of Leadville. When Blast Burrows began grabbing land in the Leadville basin, Jim was the only rancher to resist. Blast tried to claim Marie as his wife but she refused to marry him. To force them off their land, Blast shot their foreman Charlie Maddock. Marie and her father brought Charlie to Leadville to save his life.

(All-Western Winners I#2/Black Rider I#10 (fb)/Black Rider II#1 (fb)) - Marie and her father brought Charlie to Doc Matthew Masters, who had just opened his practice in Leadville. While Masters was trying to save Charlie's life, Blast entered and shot Charlie to death. Jim asked Masters for his help against Blast but Masters refused. Marie was disgusted by Masters' seeming cowardice and horrified when her father was almost murdered by Blast. While her father recovered, Marie tried to fend off Blast's invasion of her land. Fortunately, the Black Rider came to rescue of her ranch and killed Blast. The Black Rider recommended Doc Masters to help tend to the ranch's wounded staff and Marie reluctantly permitted him on their land. Marie was now smitten with the Black Rider, not realizing he was, in fact, Doc Masters.

(Wild Western I#5/2) - While tending to her little nephew Bobby, Killer Kane made unwanted advances at Marie. As Kane fired his gun at Doc Masters to frighten him, Bobby went to investigate, thinking they were setting off firecrackers. Bobby was injured by a bullet ricochet but Marie took him to Doc Masters to save him. Later, Masters became the Black Rider and drove Killer Kane from Leadville.

(All-Western Winners I#3) - Marie and Doc Masters took the injured government agent Mr. Henderson to Masters' office in Leadville. However, Ben Jonas, who had tried to kill Henderson so he could seize control of an irrigation contract, sent his men to kill Henderson in the office. Jonas' men kidnapped Marie and took Henderson's papers but Masters pursued them as the Black Rider, rescuing Marie then kissing her.

(All-Western Winners I#4) - As Snake Bostwick and his men threatened the people of Leadville, Mr. Cameron suggested finding a leader to face Snake. Marie attended Mr. Cameron's meetings with her father and scoffed when he suggested Doc Masters should be the one to deal with Snake. Ultimately, Masters defeated Snake as the Black Rider and exposed Cameron as Snake's boss. Unknown to Marie, her little brother Bobby had become the Black Rider's ally and knew Doc Masters was his true identity.

(Best Western I#58/2) - Marie was present as sheep herders and cattle ranchers began a range war. When Grant DuMont tried to seize the Lathrop ranch, Marie and Bobby rode to warn their father and the Black Rider. Marie led them back to the ranch. When DuMont threatened Marie, the Black Rider intervened and killed him. The Black Rider kissed Marie before departing.

(Western Winners I#5/2) - After the Black Rider saved Leadville from the corrupt sheriff candidate Homer Waller, Doc Masters gave Marie a note from the Black Rider saying he wanted to meet her that evening.

(Wild Western I#8/2) - When Buck Barstow was trying to force people off their land, Marie was disappointed to see Doc Masters refuse to stand up to him. Later, Masters would defeat Buck as the Black Rider.

(Best Western I#59/3) - As the law tried to chase down horse thief Brush Bennett, he took Marie as a hostage but the Black Rider came to her rescue.

(Rex Hart I#6/3) - After the Lathrop's neighbor Jake Osborn was killed, Marie's father intended to buy Osborn's land for $1,000 by having their foreman Red win a contest riding the bronco Dynamite. After Snead, the man who killed Osborn, injured Red, the Black Rider rode in his place. Marie enjoyed seeing the Black Rider conquer the bronco then watched as the Black Rider exposed Snead as the killer.

(Two-Gun Kid I#9/3) - Criminal Tod Sultan found the Black Rider costume in Doc Masters' office and went on a rampage posing as the hero. Encountering Marie, he took her hostage, demanding her father pay him a ransom. However, Doc Masters went to Sultan's camp and caught him with his lariat then made him confess to Marie he wasn't the real Black Rider. When Sultan tried to escape by riding Satan, the horse bucked Sultan over a cliff to his death.

(Western Winners I#6/4) - Marie was riding near Mystery Mountain when she was abducted by the Beast-Men, a tribe of Neanderthal-like men who lived on the mountain. The creatures were about to perform ritual sacrifice on her when the Black Rider came and rescued her, returning her to Leadville.

(Wild Western I#9) - As Marie was preparing to race her horse Eagle, she was noticed by Lincoln Quantrell, a hypnotist. Lincoln wanted to make her his "queen" and had his servant race his horse Sunspot against her, winning the race. When the Black Rider found Lincoln was using his hypnotism to rob Leadville, he confronted the villain but was himself hypnotized; when Marie arrived, she too was hypnotized and Lincoln planned to make the Black Rider kill himself but the Black Rider shook off the effects of the hypnotism. Lincoln fired his gun at the Black Rider, missing him but hitting Marie's horse. Marie was shook out of the hypnotism and the Black Rider stopped her horse from running wild. Lincoln's henchman then likewise broke out of the hypnotic spell and killed Lincoln.

(Black Rider I#8) - Marie joined her father to resist the attempt by Wolf Cariff to rustle their cattle. The Black Rider came to their rescue and killed the gang then kissed Marie before departing. Later, Marie met Professor Chalis, a scientist from Chicago who had set up a laboratory near the ranch. Marie was attracted to him but he was secretly rustling cattle to use in his experiments to make living things larger. The Lathrop's foreman Jim became one of his human subjects. As he became increasingly unhinged, Chalis decided to force Marie to marry him. When she refused, he resolved to use her as a subject in an experiment, kidnapping her. With the Black Rider in his clutches, Chalis prepared to use his energy beam to make both of them grow in size but Jim and the other transformed men came to Marie and the Black Rider's rescue, destroying the machine. The Black Rider and Marie departed with the transformed men and the Rider promised they would be returned to normal by Doc Masters.

(Black Rider I#9) - When railroad agent Simon Cantrell came to Leadville, Marie took an interest in him. Simon gallantly laid his coat across a puddle but then Doc Masters carried Marie in his arms over the puddle. For a moment, Marie hoped Doc Masters would fight Simon for her but then he meekly offered to clean Simon's coat. However, Simon was seizing land belonging to the Native tribe of Running Deer, causing them to go into an attack on the Lathrop ranch. Bobby was injured in the fight but Doc Masters saved him and as the Black Rider dealt with Cantrell and made peace with the Natives. Having learned the truth about Cantrell, Marie apologized to Doc Masters for thinking less of him.

(Black Rider I#9/2) - After Marie again spurned Doc Masters, she found him tending to the beautiful patient Belle Raven. Marie felt vindicated when Belle was revealed to be the Fox, a thief. She reminded Masters that he seemed jealous when she was interested in Simon Cantrell so he ought to understand her feelings.

(Black Rider I#9/4) - Marie went to the Leadville charity carnival knowing the Black Rider would be one the performers and hoping to make Doc Masters jealous in the hopes he might demonstrate his feelings for her. However, Doc Masters left the carnival before the Black Rider's performance (as they were the same person). Marie remained frustrated with Doc Masters.

(Wild Western I#11) - Marie and her family were in Leadville when the Fox and his gang laid siege to the town, trying to take it over. When Marie tried to alert the Black Rider, she was taken hostage by the Fox but the Black Rider came to her rescue and defeated the Fox and his men.

(Black Rider I#10/2) - When a mountain lion menaced the Lathrop ranch, Tom went out to hunt it but was badly mauled by the animal. Marie brought Doc Masters to tend Tom's wounds then went after the mountain lion herself. Marie was almost ambushed by the creature but the Black Rider intervened and his horse Satan trampled the animal to death. The Black Rider gave Marie a kiss, remaining careful to hide his face from her in the dark.

(Black Rider I#10/6) - Marie agreed to go on a date with Doc Masters if he brought her to the Diamond Arrow, a new gambling hall run by Flush Dawson. Flush treated Marie well but used various tricks to cheat Masters out of all of his money. Later, the Black Rider exposed Dawson's corruption and killed him in a gunfight.

(Wild Western I#12) - Marie and Doc Masters were taken prisoner by Smoke and his gang, who knew of Marie's connection to the Black Rider and wanted to set a trap for him in the Eagle Pass. Unknown to Marie, her own brother Bobby donned the Black Rider costume and set Doc Masters free so he could don the Black Rider costume and kill the gang. The Black Rider set Marie free and gave her a kiss before departing. When Doc Masters reappeared, Marie was again annoyed that he hadn't proven himself as a hero in her eyes.

(Black Rider I#11/2) - Marie had a date to the Leadville town dance with the Black Rider. Doc Masters offered to go in the Black Rider's place but Marie asserted she wanted the Black Rider. The Black Rider made good on the date but he was somewhat distracted during the event because he was concerned a drunken man had seen him unmasked. After learning the man was blind, the Black Rider resumed dancing with Marie with renewed gusto.

(Black Rider I#11/3) - When Marie's cousin Oscar Tippett visited Leadville, he was found at the scene of a bank robbery. Oscar claimed he had witnessed the robbery and was afraid the robbers would come after him if he identified them. Marie pleaded with the Black Rider to serve as Oscar's bodyguard until the robbers were caught. However, the Black Rider ultimately learned Oscar had robbed the bank the night before without anyone realizing. The Black Rider had promised Marie to defend Oscar but Doc Masters hadn't so he took Oscar to the law.

(Wild Western I#13) - The renegade Native brave Wolf Claw went on a rampage, wanting to pay back white men "blood for blood." To that end, he kidnapped Jim and Marie and brought them to his village to kill them in ritual sacrifice. However, the Black Rider intervened and challenged Wolf Claw to combat for the Lathrops' lives. The Black Rider killed Wolf Claw and the Lathrops were set free.

(Black Rider I#12/2) - Marie became jealous of Doc Masters again when she saw him return from St. Louis with the wealthy heiress Lenore Van Ryn. Later, the Black Rider offered to escort Marie on a walk through Leadville, which Marie accepted partly in the hope of making Doc Masters jealous. The walk was broken up when the hotel Lenore was staying in was set on fire. After the Black Rider had sorted out the attempt on Lenore's life and she left Leadville, Marie happily took the Black Rider's arm as she waved farewell to her.

(Black Rider I#19) - When Hatchet Haines impersonated the Black Rider, he invaded the Lathrop ranch, shot Jim and took Marie prisoner, intending to force her into marriage, although Marie quickly realized Hatchet's voice was not that of the Black Rider. Bobby was badly shaken at seeing the false Black Rider. After the death of Hatchet Haines, the real Black Rider set Marie free and gave her the impostor's mask to give to Bobby.

(Black Rider I#19/4) - One night, Marie saw the Black Rider enter Doc Masters' office carrying Lola Montace. By the time Marie entered, she found Doc Masters tending to Lola. Masters claimed the Black Rider had delivered her to his office. Marie began to offer her help but when Lola revived and began flirting with Masters, Marie became jealous and stormed off. The next day, Marie took a stagecoach to Silver City and, to her irritation, Doc Masters joined her. En route, the stagecoach was raided by Lola, who proved to be the leader of a gang of robbers. Lola intended to keep Marie for ransom but let Doc Masters go because he had helped her before. Much to Marie's growing fury, Masters accepted the arrangement and departed. Soon after, the Black Rider arrived and captured Lola and her gang. The Black Rider asked Marie not to judge Doc Masters too harshly. Afterwards, as Doc Masters mused he wished he were like the Black Rider, Marie agreed with the sentiment.

(Kid Colt Outlaw I#34/3) - Marie was taking a walk through Leadville with Doc Masters when they were bothered by Whip Wade, a whip-wielding tough guy who showed off his abilities by knocking Masters over and trying to kiss Marie. Masters finally got angry and pushed Whip over, causing Whip to draw his guns. Marie quickly talked Whip down then left with Masters, surprised to have seen him resort (ever so briefly) to violence.

(Black Rider I#21/4 (fb)) - While Doc Masters was playing checkers with her father one night, Marie heard an explosion from Leadville as two criminals dynamited out of jail. Jim and Masters sent Marie back to bed while they went to investigate.

(Black Rider I#22) - The Black Rider visited the Lathrop ranch to ask Marie to go to Doc Masters' office and tend to Laurie Vance, an injured woman the doctor had been treating.

(Black Rider I#22/2) - When Bobby went missing from the ranch, Marie went to see Doc Masters to learn if he had seen Bobby recently. Just then, gunmen working for Trip Tomlin burst in and forced Masters and Marie to come to Tomlin's hideout to tend to Bobby, whom they had been torturing for information on the Black Rider's identity. Bobby finally agreed to reveal the Black Rider's identity if Masters would leave the room. Soon after Masters left, the Black Rider stormed in and slew Tomlin's gang, saving Marie and Bobby.

(Kid Colt Outlaw I#38/3) - When a nearby Comanche village was afflicted with cholera, Marie volunteered to help Doc Masters administer medicine to the ailing Comanche.

(Wild Western I#34/3) - Marie discovered a Native man who had been tortured. She brought him to Doc Masters but on her way home, she encountered men from the secret slave camp where the Native man had been abused. When she mentioned having seen the injured man, the slavers captured her and brought her to the mine where they were working. Fortunately, the Black Rider learned she was in danger and arrived to rescue her.

(Black Rider I#23/2) - When the Black Rider sent the injured holdup man Lanny Kimball to the Lathrop ranch, Marie found his injuries were beyond her power to tend so she brought Doc Masters. Masters found one of Kimball's arms had to be amputated and Marie assisted him in the operation. When Sheriff Dexter came to arrest Kimball, Masters insisted that Kimball could not be moved. Marie was impressed at Masters' caring for Kimball. Kimball soon recovered and resolved to give up crime, instead accepting a job to work on the Lathrop ranch.

(Wild Western I#35/4) - While her father was ill with desert fever, Marie saw Blackie Thorpe and his gang invade the ranch, intending to force the Lathrops to exchange horses with them. When Bobby's dog Duke threatened the outlaws, one of them shot and hit Bobby. The injury was only a flesh wound but Marie was outraged that Doc Masters stood by and didn't try to stop them. After the Black Rider killed the gang, he informed Marie and told her not to think to harshly of Doc Masters.

(Black Rider I#24/4) - Marie was quite taken by Dr. Stevens, a new physician who was playing rival to Doc Masters' practice. When Bobby was injured in the leg, Marie brought her brother to Dr. Stevens but he used an unsterilized knife, making Bobby even worse. Realizing her error, Marie brought Bobby to Doc Masters, who saved his life. As the Black Rider, he then drove Dr. Stevens from town, exposing him as the front man for an outlaw gang. For saving Bobby's life, Marie gave Doc Masters a kiss.

(Wild Western I#36/4) - Marie stood by as her father made a deal with Jeremy Bass' protection racket. After the Black Rider drove out Bass, Marie took a moonlight ride with Doc Masters, musing again how she wished he were more like the Black Rider.

(Wild Western I#37/4) - Bobby was terrified after seeing the glowing body of Mad Dog Murdock. Jim and Marie looked after him as Doc Masters came to see Bobby was all right.

(Kid Colt Outlaw I#42/3) - Marie was present as the Black Rider asked her father for information about Tad Benson, a wounded child he had found.

(Outlaw Kid I#2/3) - After Poison Polk blinded her father, Marie thanked Doc Masters for saving his eyesight.

(Kid Colt Outlaw I#43/3) - As Brad Conway was elected mayor of Leadville, Marie watched his acceptance speech alongside Doc Masters.

(Black Rider I#26/4) - After her father pressed charges against Curly Adams for cattle rustling, Marie witnessed raiders sent by Adams' lawyer Stanton to attack the ranch. The Black Rider drove off the raiders. The next day as Marie took a ride with Doc Masters, they were attacked by Adams' men, who knocked out Masters and kidnapped Marie. The kidnappers hoped by threatening Marie, they could force Jim to drop the charges against Adams but Bobby trailed the kidnappers to their hideout and led the Black Rider there. The Black Rider brought Marie and her father to the courthouse and accused Stanton of kidnapping Marie. Stanton blamed Adams then drew his gun and shot him; when he turned to shoot the Black Rider, the Black Rider shot him to death. Afterward, Marie told Doc Masters she was disappointed in him for failing to prevent her kidnapping.

(Kid Colt Outlaw I#45/3) - Marie rode aboard a train to Leadville with Bobby, unaware the Black Rider had prevented an attempt to destroy a bridge on the route.

(Wild Western I#41/4) - Marie was spotted by the cattle thief Stinger, who saw her talking to the Black Rider after the Rider had retrieved stolen cattle from him. At first Stinger wanted her to tell him who the Black Rider was but then, attracted to her, followed her to the ranch. Stinger asked Marie to marry him but she refused so Stinger kidnapped Bobby to force her compliance. Marie went to surrender to Stinger to save her brother but the Black Rider ambushed the scene and killed Stinger, rescuing Bobby and Marie.

(Black Rider I#27) - After her father's ranch hand Jodie Haines was attacked and branded by the Spider, Marie assisted Doc Masters in tending to Jodie's wounds.

(Black Rider I#27/2) - When wolves trained by the cattle rustler Lobo were attacking the Lathrops' cattle, Doc Masters suggested Jim should increase the number of hands on guard at night. Marie suggested that she and Masters could take advantage of that by taking a romantic moonlight ride together but Masters nixed the idea, noting it wouldn't be very romantic with Jim and Bobby present. When Lobo's wolves attacked, Marie shielded Bobby from them while Jim and the Black Rider drove the animals away.

(Western Tales of Black Rider I#28) - When Sheriff Yarby's son Pete was sick with a fever, Marie helped Doc Masters tend to him. Lacking the necessary medicine, Masters feared they would lose the child but Sheriff Yarby brought the medicine to them, revealing it had been stolen by Ace Darcy and given to Yarby only on the condition Yarby let Ace open a gambling den. The Black Rider helped Yarby shut down Ace and Pete made a full recovery under Marie's care.

(Western Tales of Black Rider I#28/2) - When Bobby was frightened at seeing the Spider was still alive, the Black Rider escorted him back to Jim and Marie to console him.

(Wild Western I#44/4) - Marie joined Doc Masters in tending to Comanche near Leadville who were suffering from cholera. After the medicine had been administered, Marie took an evening ride with Doc Masters and admitted to Masters she had a deep admiration for him.

(Wild Western I#45/2) - Marie was concerned when a series of misfortunes on the ranch convinced her father to sell the property to Luke Halsey. Marie shared her concerns with Doc Masters and soon after, the Black Rider intervened to save the ranch and expose Halsey as the entity behind the ranch's difficulties.

(Western Tales of Black Rider I#31) - When Slasher Slade and his gang began to wonder if Doc Masters was the Black Rider, they kidnapped him and Marie while they were riding together. Masters claimed he was not the Black Rider but offered to bring the hero if they set him free. Soon after Masters left, he returned as the Black Rider and defeated Slasher and his gang, rescuing Marie. He told Marie not to be too upset by Masters' seeming cowardice.

(Western Tales of Black Rider I#31/2) - The criminal Cameron, suffering a bullet wound, came to the Lathrop ranch to hole up. He had the Lathrops call Doc Masters to tend to his injury. Masters saved Cameron's life but held him for the law.

(Gunsmoke Western I#36/3) - Marie witnessed the stagecoach to Leadville being raided. Riding to town, she alerted the Black Rider to the attack. The Black Rider returned with Dr. Jeff Horner, an injured passenger from the stage who was placed under Doc Masters' care. Marie helped tend to Dr. Horner's wounds and brought him to the ranch to make his recovery. Marie seemed to be interested in Dr. Horner but ultimately learned he was a married man and, rather than a physician, he was a dentist.

(Black Rider II#1/2) - Marie agreed to watch over Doc Masters' patient Barnett, an injured robber. When Barnett's partner Durand tried to kill Barnett in his bed, he attempted to kill Marie as well as she would be a witness but the Black Rider intervened in time to save Marie and Barnett.

(Gunsmoke Western I#47/3) - Marie and her father were menaced by Dan Basset and his gang but the Black Rider arrived and drove them off. Later, while Marie was in Leadville, she saw the Basset gang attempt a bank robbery but the Black Rider caught the entire gang.

(Gunsmoke Western I#51/2) - Marie witnessed Corwin and his gang rob the county fair, taking money raised to build a new school for Leadville. Later, the Black Rider recovered the money and Marie thanked him.

Comments: Created by Leon Lazarus and Syd Shores.

The first story in Black Rider I#14 is set in 1871, suggesting that all of his adventures were set around the early 1870s.

The Lathrop family largely disappeared from the Black Rider series during Robert Bernstein's tenure as writer (Black Rider I#12-18) until Bernstein left Black Rider.

There was not particularly strong continuity between Black Rider stories so I've arranged these first in chronological order of publication then alphabetically by title (some months the Black Rider appeared in as many as four different comics!).

Black Rider II#1 is also called "Black Rider Rides Again" which is its cover title.

Almost every appearance of Marie ends with a scene of her talking to Doc Masters about how brave the Black Rider is; they had a Superman/Lois Lane thing going on.

Colorists tended to give Marie brown hair when she appeared on covers.

This profile was completed 7/12/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Prime Eternal.

Marie Lathrop should not be confused with:


Marie's nephew Bobby, a toddler, was visiting Leadville while Killer Kane was menacing his aunt. When he heard Killer Kane firing his guns at Doc Masters, he mistook the noise for firecrackers and went toward the violence. Bobby was hit by a bullet ricochet which injured his thigh. Fortunately, Doc Masters tended his wound.

--Wild Western I#5/2

"Bobby" is certainly a popular name in this family! Note that he debuted a few months before Bobby Lathrop but is clearly years younger than he.


Eagle was a horse on the Lathrop ranch. Marie and Bobby hoped Eagle would be a great racer in competitions. Marie rode Eagle in a race against Lincoln Quantrell's horse Sunspot but lost.

--Wild Western I#5/2

Oscar Tippett

Oscar Tippett was the third cousin of Marie Lathrop and lived in Boston, Massachusetts. Unknown to the Lathrops, Oscar was a robber. While visiting Marie in Leadville, Oscar arranged for a team of robbers to steal $30,000 from the town bank. However, Oscar double-crossed them by robbing the bank one night before they had scheduled the robbery. Oscar then went to the bank as a civilian at the time of the robbery so he could claim to have witnessed the robbers taking the $30,000 then shot two of them dead.

Fearing for Oscar's safety, Marie pleaded with the Black Rider to promise he would serve as Oscar's bodyguard until the robbers were caught. The Black Rider agreed and followed Oscar everywhere he went. When the other robbers came after Oscar for revenge on double-crossing them, the Black Rider learned the truth. Oscar observed that the Black Rider could not break the oath he made to Marie and so would have to let him go. Oscar locked the Black Rider inside a closet but after he left, the Black Rider's horse Satan kicked down the closet door. Stealing a buckboard wagon, Oscar began his escape from Leadville but the Black Rider switched to his alter ego of Doc Masters. As Masters had not vowed to protect Oscar from harm, he shot Oscar in the arm then took back to Leadville to face the law.

--Black Rider I#11/3

As Marie's third cousin, he'd be the son of either Jim Lathrop's cousin or the cousin of Marie's mother.


Tom was one of the ranch hands on the Lathrop ranch. When a mountain lion was killing the Lathrop cattle, Tom went hunting the creature. Unfortunately, the mountain lion ambushed and badly wounded him. Marie brought Doc Masters to tend Tom's wounds. Tom warned Marie not to pursue the animal but she insisted. Fortunately, the Black Rider helped destroy the dangerous animal.

--Black Rider I#10/2

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Western Tales of Black Rider I#31/1,2 (November, 1955) - unknown writer, Syd Shores (pencils), Christopher Rule (inks, 1st story), George Klein (inks, 2nd story), Stan Lee (editor)
Gunsmoke Western I#36/3 (August, 1956) - unknown writer, Syd Shores (pencils), Christopher Rule (inks), Stan Lee (editor)
Black Rider II#1/1,2 (September, 1957) - unknown writer, Jack Kirby (artist), Stan Lee (editor)
Gunsmoke Western I#47/3 (July, 1958) - unknown writer, Jack Kirby (pencils), George Klein (inks), Stan Lee (editor)
Gunsmoke Western I#51/2 (March, 1959) - unknown writer, Jack Kirby (pencils), George Klein (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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