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Real Name: Lincoln Quantrell

Identity/Class: Normal human (Old West Era)

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Sunspot;
   formerly personal servant (name unrevealed)

Enemies: Black Rider (Dr. Matthew "Doc" Masters), Jim Lathrop, Marie Lathrop, Red (full name unrevealed), Bank of Leadville (Henry, George), personal servant (name unrevealed), many people in Leadville

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in frontier USA, notably Leadville

First Appearance: Wild Western#9/1 (October, 1949)

Powers/Abilities: Lincoln Quantrell is a slim and clever, ambitious man with delusions of grandeur and inflated self-confidence. He is an accomplished and powerful hypnotist, but also a violent shyster with no regard for others' welfare. His hypnotic power is almost instant and can last at least several minutes, compelling others to act against their will or fall asleep. He could also shoot handguns and ride horses well.

Height: 5'10" (by approximation)
Weight: 155 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown-Black
Hair: Black


(Wild Western#9/1 (fb) - BTS) - Lincoln Quantrell became very adept at hypnotism. At some point, he took in a simple servant (name unrevealed), who Quantrell would beat into submission. Quantrell had incredible ambitions and delusions of grandeur, hoping to one day become president, even the "king", of the USA using his powers of hypnotism, but focused first on wealth and property. He roamed in a wagon between towns on the American frontier using a duplicate horse to trick gamblers.

(Wild Western#9/1) - Approaching Leadville, which had initiated a frontier fair, the Hypnotist mischievously caused a cowboy to fall asleep while guarding Jim Lathrop's cattle. The Hypnotist's servant launched out of the wagon on the hidden racehorse Sunspot, causing the cattle to panic and run off a nearby cliff. The Hypnotist scolded the servant fiercely for nearly ruining his plan and returned the horse to hide in the wagon, then they made their way into Leadville. Quantrell was smitten by local Marie Lathrop and intended to make her his queen, but focused first on gaining wealth. He put his old wagon horse up for bets in a race, then secretly changed that horse for the real Sunspot, which easily won the race with his servant as jockey. During the race, the Hypnotist went to Leadville's bank and hypnotized the two workers there to hand over all the money, then fall asleep. Local physician Doc Masters deduced hypnotism was at play given the odd criminal activities and changed secretly into the masked vigilante Black Rider. Meanwhile, the Hypnotist was about to kill his servant as he was no longer useful, but was stopped by the Black Rider. However, the Hypnotist quickly hypnotized the vigilante and forced both he and Marie to accompany his escape. When the Black Rider almost resisted control, Quantrell ordered that he shoot himself, but the Rider broke free. Seeking to distract Black Rider, the Hypnotist shot at the horse carrying Marie, causing it to bolt. The Hypnotist was about to shoot Black Rider when his servant finally caught up, seeking revenge. The Hypnotist and his servant apparently killed each other.

Comments: Created by uncredited writer, Mike Sekowsky (pencils), uncredited inker.

His hypnotic power was virtually instant and enduring, involving a direct stare and a hand wave. While a simplistic view of hypnotism, it may be his powers were amplified through other means, such as an amulet unwittingly carried or enhanced powers.

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Profile by Grendel Prime.

The Hypnotist has no known connections to:

Sunspot the horse has no known connections to:


Sunspot was a chestnut-colored gelding racehorse owned (possibly even stolen) by the Hypnotist, who duped many Leadville locals to bet against an old horse in a race, then secretly replaced it with the speedy Sunspot, which easily won the race. Handling the bets made the Hypnotist a quick fortune. Sunspot was later used to carry Marie Lathrop as the Hypnotist's captivated bride-to-be, but the horse bolted from gunfire before falling into a gulch.






--Wild Western#9/1

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Wild Western#9/1, p5, pan5 (main image)
   p4, pan2 (headshot)
   p3, pan5 (Sunspot)

Wild Western#9/1 (October, 1949) - uncredited writer, Mike Sekowsky (pencils), uncredited inker, Stan Lee (editor)

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