Real Name: Peliali

Identity/Class: Superhuman goddess

Occupation: Volcano goddess

Affiliations: Avengers (Goliath/Hank Pym, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Silverclaw/Maria de Guadelupe Santiago, Triathlon/Delroy Garrett, Warbird/Carol Danvers, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne), Gods of the Kamekeri (Aiomum Kondi, Coniraya, Guecufu, Inti, Konassa, Kuat, Kulamina, Manco, Okonorote, Viracocha) (see comments), Jaime Santiago

Enemies: Kulan Gath

Known Relatives: Maria de Guadelupe Santiago (Silverclaw, daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A mountaintop in Costa Verde, Central America

First Appearance: (mentioned) Avengers III##28 (May, 2000);
(fully shown): Avengers III##29 (June, 2000)

Powers: Peliali was a goddess who can project volcano flame and various other energies. She had uncertain levels of superhuman strength, durability and immunity to aging and disease. She drew some degree of her power from the belief of her worshippers.

History: (Avengers III##28 - BTS) - The volcano goddess of the Kamekeri, a small Costa Verdan tribe, Pelial lost favor among her worshippers when Christian missionaries visited Costa Verde and introduced Christianity and modern ways to the Kamekeri. While the other Kamekeri gods left Earth, Peliali remained, living on a mountaintop that Kamekeri resident Jaime Santiago often visited. Eventually, Jaime emerged from Peliali's mountaintop home with an infant daughter that he claimed was his and Peliali's.

(Avengers III##29-30) - The Avengers arrived in Costa Verde after Silverclaw received an urgent summons to find Peliali battling for her life against the followers of Hyborian era sorcerer Kulan Gath. Peliali was soon captured and placed in the center of the Kamekeri's main town for sacrifice so that Gath could utilize her goddess energies to empower himself. As Gath opened the dimensional portal to the Kamekeri gods, Silverclaw rallied the Kamekeri's belief in Peliali, giving Peliali the strength to break Gath's restraints. Without Peliali's sacrifice, Gath was taken by the gods in Peliali's place but Peliali nonetheless suffered fatal wounds during the experience. As Peliali's physical form died, Peliali realized that Earth had passed her by and that it was finally time for her to join her brethren in the realm of the Kamekeri gods. Confirming that Silverclaw was her daughter, the dying Peliali admitted that she was happy to see what her daughter had become and left Silverclaw as the rightful defender of Costa Verde.

(Avengers: Celestial Quest#4 - BTS) - While speaking with Earth-712 hero Haywire about the loss of her lover Inertia, Silverclaw asked how anyone could understand the gods, remarking that her mother Peliali was a goddess and that she certainly didn't know everything about Peliali.

Comments: Created by Kurt Busiek, George Perez, Al Vey and Dick Giordiano.

Supplemental information courtesy of the master of mythology, William Uchtman:
"First off, the Kamekeri are not a real tribe, but then Marvel obviously wanted a fictional tribe for their fictional city. However, Kame and Keri are two Baicari demi-gods. Sons of the jaguar-god Oka, their grandmother Mero killed their mother to prove she was mortal. They then turned themselves to fire and burned her up. They also gave fire to mortals, but then continued burning up until they became clouds.
Peliali sounds like she was based on the Hawaiian Pele.
Coniraya, Inti, Manco and Viracocha are Incan.
Coniraya was the Incan Poseidon and a moon god as well. He raped a goddess who forced herself into exile out of embarrassment.
Viracocha was his brother, the sun god. He was more like Odin than Zeus and very mysterious figure.

Inti was his father or son. A sun-god himself, many sources think he was the same as Apu-Punchau. However, Inti was the father of Manco; Apu was not. Apu would then be Viracocha's father, and Inti his son.
Manco Capac was the first king of the Inca. Son of Inti, he created their civilization around Lake Titicaca (Check out Stan Lee's Wonder Woman for a very faithful recreation). His half-brother, Vichama, the god of the dead, fought with his brother by taking 500 of his followers every year. Manco countered by creating 5000 every year.
Guecufu was the Aracauca word for demons of the underworld. As a deity, he would be the Incan Satan.
Kulamina/Kulimina was the creator-goddess who created women from clay as her husband Kururumany created men. Gods of the Arawak Indians,  they discovered that mankind had become wicked and evil and stripped them of their immortality and sent them out of heaven.
Aiomum Kondi - god of rain and patron god of the Carib Indians, he created the first mortals from mud and created the sun to keep them warm and sent rain to dry the earth when it got too hot, but when mortals forgot to thank him for his gifts and became sinful, he sent a flood to wash mortals off the earth, but one good man named Marerewana survived to repopulate the earth. Aiomum Kondi then sent his son, Okonorote, to earth to teach mankind on how to follow and never forget the gods. The Incans later merged his worship with Viracocha, Chieftain of the Incan gods.
Konassa - goddess of fertility and freshwater, wife of Aiomun Kondi
Kuat - god of the sun, he hung the sun in the sky and separated the day and night for mortals.
Okonorote - Culture-hero and patron deity of the Carib and Warau Indians, son of Okonorote, he descended the heavens for earth to lead mortals, returning to heaven briefly to bring mortal gifts to the gods.
Duat is the name of the river in the Egyptian underworld.

There are two very good books you ought to have if you can find them. "Native American Myth And Legend" is full of Native American, Mexican and South American deities along with several transplanted African deities from the Caribbean. The other is "Celtic Myth and Legend", a confusing book with countless Celtic, British, Gaulic, Welsh and Arthurian figures. Both books are by Mike Dixon-Kennedy."

--Anyone with any further info, please let me know, and we'll add that in, and credit you, as well.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Clarifications: Not to be confused with:

Viracocha, the Incan Sky God, is presumably the god mentioned above as one of those formerly worshipped by the Kamekeri. He was first mentioned in Thor Annual#7, and seen in Thor I#300.
--While he has been mimicked or impersonated by others, he should be distinguished from:

Costa Verde is indeed the same country which the Living Laser attempted to takeover, way back in Avengers#35.

images: (without ads)
Avengers III#29, p2 (main)
Avengers III#30, p19, pan7 (head)

Avengers III#28-30 (May-July, 2000) - Kurt Busiek (writer), George Perez (pencils), Al Vey, Dick Giordano (#29) & Scott Hanna (#30) (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Avengers: Celestial Quest#4 (February, 2002) - Steve Englehart (writer), Jorge Santamaria (pencils), Scott Hanna (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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