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Real Name: Triton

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-700089) human variant (Pacifican)

Occupation: Prince of Pacifica

Group Membership: Leader of his own royal soldiers

Affiliations: Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Girl/Sue Richards, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Lady Dorma, his own soldiers

Enemies: Attuma and his legions

Known Relatives: None 

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The undersea kingdom of Pacifica

First Appearance: Fantastic Four cartoon episode, "Danger in the Depths" (November 18, 1967)

Powers/Abilities: Prince Triton, like many of the other inhabitants of Pacifica, could breathe underwater and his body was durable enough to withstand ocean pressures. His eyes were also adjusted to allow him to see clearly in the murky depths. Due to his biological adaptations to survive in the oceans, Prince Triton likely had some degree of superhuman strength to match his durability.

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 210 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Unrevealed (see comments)

History: (Fantastic Four - "Danger in the Depths" (fb)) - Triton was the prince of the deep sea kingdom of Pacifica and was loved by the Lady Dorma. Triton ruled Pacifica wisely and well for years before the rogue Attuma attacked Pacifica intent on destroying Triton and assuming the crown of Pacifica. Prince Triton fought a fierce battle against Attuma's forces and during one such battle of defense, his beloved Lady Dorma pleaded with him to halt the attack, worried that he would be hurt. The somewhat arrogant Triton replied by belittling Dorma, warning her not to speak of such things in the midst of such a battle. Angered and seeking revenge on Triton for such treatment, Dorma made a deal with Attuma to allow his entry into Pacifica in exchange for not harming Triton. Using her status as a Pacifican noblewoman to order one of Triton's guards to open the door for Attuma's invading soldiers, Dorma stopped Attuma and reminded him of his word not to harm Triton but the uncaring Attuma ordered his men to takeover the throneroom. Explosions soon rattled Pacifica and Dorma fled, not wishing to see what Attuma and his forces were doing to Triton. Unsure where to turn, Dorma fled to the surface world.

(Fantastic Four - "Danger in the Depths") - Three days later, Dorma emerged and was found by the Fantastic Four's Human Torch, who took her to the Fantastic Four, where she told them Triton's story. Upon hearing the story and learning that Attuma would surely attempt to conquer the surface world after Pacifica, the Fantastic Four agreed to help and when they shortly after ventured into Pacifica, using a spray designed by Mr. Fantastic to temporarily breathe underwater, by commandeering one of Attuma's Sea-Tanks, the Thing remarked that Triton might have a chance against Attuma with reinforcements like the Fantastic Four. As the Fantastic Four made themselves known in the Sea-Tank, Prince Triton and his soldiers continued their attempted defense of Pacifica. Attuma's soldiers eventually managed to break through Pacifica's walls with a launched battering ram but Triton retaliated by destroying the ram. Praised by his men, Triton then began battling Attuma's soldiers, driving several to retreat until Attuma had his men unleashed the Globules of Darkness, which blanketed all of Pacifica in darkness that effectively blinded Triton and his men. Deciding to fight for his blinded men, Prince Triton swam out of the Globules' reach and located Attuma, challenging him to a man-to-man duel. Attuma had planned for such an encounter, however, and while Attuma squared off against Triton, Attuma's men prepared their Sonic Cannon to drain Triton's strength. The Fantastic Four's Invisible Girl noticed the trap and used her invisible force field to entrap the soldiers, who fired the Sonic Cannon within the field, causing their own defeat and ensuring a fair fight between Attuma and Triton. While Triton continued his fierce battle with Attuma, the Fantastic Four took out Attuma's soldiers, who all had plans to use their weapons against Triton to ensure Attuma's victory. Eventually, Attuma feigned surrender and Prince Triton accepted the surrender, only to be attacked when Attuma revealed his feint. Announcing that Attuma had not only broken his word but also been defeated without weapons, Prince Triton announced that he would use a fitting weapon to finally defeat Attuma. Grabbing a nearby sunken canister, Triton used the canister to imprison Attuma before announcing to Attuma's legions that their leader had been defeated in physical combat and would be imprisoned in Pacifica's dungeons. Triton then ordered Attuma's legions to leave Pacifica, reminding them that he had allowed them to leave with their lives and suggesting they find a new leader. After the legions had departed Pacifica, Lady Dorma reunited with Triton, revealing to an unaware Triton that the surface world's Fantastic Four had assisted in defeating Attuma's men. Realizing that the Fantastic Four had his back the entire time, Triton expressed desire to meet his allies and ordered one of his soldiers to bring the canister housing Attuma back to the palace, where he planned to thank the Fantastic Four. Once inside, Triton expressed his gratitude to the Fantastic Four but the heroic group soon began to feel dizzy as the effects of Mr. Fantastic's underwater breathing spray began to wear off. Triton quickly ordered the team into one of his seacrafts and rushed them to the surface, where he then gifted the Fantastic Four with the Pacifican seacraft so they could return home. Announcing that Pacificans had to be in water to survive, Prince Triton thanked the Fantastic Four once more before diving into the oceans with Dorma and the craft's pilot, warning that the craft might be difficult to control at first due to the change in pressure before saying goodbye one last time and diving to return home to Pacifica.

Comments: Created by Phil Hahn, Jack Hanrahan, Alex Toth, Bob Singer, Grace Stanzell, Lew Ott, Alex Ignatiev, Mike Arens, George Nicholas, Allen Wilzbach, Bob Bemiller, Oliver E. Callahan, Larry Silverman, Bill Keil, Mike Webster, Ken Southworth, Ed Parks, Rene Garcia and Ann Guenther.

It wasn't easy to get a very clear shot of Prince Triton from the actual episode he appeared in, as he was always shown underwater, where the scenes appeared wavy and moved in a watery-like way. Because of this, Triton's body often appeared murky like the ocean depths he was seen in...I did the best I could with the source material, however and I've included an image of the reproduction Alex Toth model sheet for Triton on the right to show a clear drawing of the character, albeit in black and white.

According to famed Hanna-Barbera animator Alex Toth's model sheet for the "Danger in the Depths" episode, Triton stands "a good" 6'5". Interestingly, the model sheet was dated April 1967, several months before Triton's debut in the Fantastic Four cartoon. Later reproductions of the model sheet stated that the original character of Triton (not to be confused with a totally different Fantastic Four character called Triton, who was an Inhuman) was used in the Fantastic Four cartoon because the comic character of Namor the Sub-Mariner was licensed to another animation studio. That studio more than likely was Grantray-Lawrence, the animation studio behind the syndicated 1966 cartoon Marvel Super Heroes (in which Namor was one of weekly serials) and the 1967 Amazing Spider-Man cartoon.

Prince Triton's hair was impossible to determine, as he was never seen without his helmet on.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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Pacifica was an underwater kingdom ruled by the benevolent, if not headstrong, Prince Triton. It experienced years of peace before the rogue Attuma attacked and attempted to destroy Triton for the Pacifican throne. Attuma's attacks caused massive damage to Pacifica but Lady Dorma escaped after she led Attuma into the Pacifican palace in a revenge scheme on Triton, who had brushed her aside to focus on defending against Attuma's outside attacks. Feeling guilty for her part in the fight, Dorma recruited the surface world's Fantastic Four, who came to the aid of Triton and his forces, although Triton was unaware of their involvement until after he defeated Attuma in single combat. Upon hearing from Dorma of the Fantastic Four's assistance, Triton met with them in the Pacifican palace to thank them before transporting the group back to the surface and allowing them to keep a Pacifican seacraft.

--Fantastic Four - "Danger in the Depths"


The Pacificans were the underwater-dwelling residents of the kingdom of Pacifica. While many lived in peace under the rule of Prince Triton, several others sided with the rogue militant Attuma, who ultimately attacked Pacifica in an attempt to assume the throne. Several Pacificans joined Triton in defending the Pacifican palace while others aided Attuma in the attack. Upon Attuma's defeat, Triton allowed the Pacificans who sided with Attuma to live but banished them from Pacifica, suggesting they find a new leader.

All Pacificans were capable of breathing underwater, seeing in the murky depths and surviving the pressures of the oceans. They could not breathe for long above the water, however.

--Fantastic Four - "Danger in the Depths"

images: (without ads)
Fantastic Four
cartoon episode, "Danger in the Depths" (Prince Triton-main image, headshot, swimming & riding chariot, Pacifica, Pacificans)
Fantastic Four "Danger in the Depths" model sheet (Prince Triton's model sheet by Alex Toth)

Fantastic Four cartoon episode, "Danger in the Depths" episode (November 18, 1967) - Phil Hahn, Jack Hanrahan (story), Alex Toth (character design), Bob Singer, Grace Stanzell, Lew Ott, Alex Ignatiev, Mike Arens (layouts), George Nicholas, Allen Wilzbach, Bob Bemiller, Oliver E. Callahan, Larry Silverman, Bill Keil, Mike Webster, Ken Southworth, Ed Parks (animation), Rene Garcia, Ann Guenther (backgrounds), Warner Leighton (supervising film editor), Milton J. Krear, James Lusk, Earl Bennett (film editors), William Hanna, Joseph Barbera (directors)

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