MEMBERSHIP: Bosephus, Gig, Maw, Mitch, Paw

PURPOSE: profit through drug sales

AFFILIATIONS: sold drugs to a large number of people

ENEMIES: Charlie Bash, Killer B, Punisher (Castle), Sam the Clam;
    those who marry outside of their immediate families

BASE of OPERATIONS: Baltimore, Maryland

FIRST APPEARANCE: Punisher War Journal#54 (May, 1993)


(Punisher War Journal#54) - Maw chastised her boys for failing her. She then sent them to take out Killer B so that they could have the cocaine and heroin trade on the East Shore. She explained (with words and fists) that while they made a lot of money selling Angel Dust, they got few repeat costumers, as those who took the drug often died.
    While Maw downed several boxes of cake and pizza, Paw did the dishes and agreed with every word she said.
    Bosephus loaded himself on their Angel Dust and attacked Killer B and his men. Mitch and Gig shot several of Killer B's men, while Bosephus ripped out the car's engine and prepared to throw it on Killer B, laughing as several bullets pierced his chest. Eventually, one of Killer B's bullets ricocheted, causing a spark that ignited the gasoline pouring out everywhere. Killer B scrambled to safety, and when the Punisher came to investigate, the hideously burnt Bosephus--still burning--tackled Castle from behind.

(Punisher War Journal#55) - Castle escaped Bosephus, who fought off several cops, before eventually collapsing and being taken to a hospital. Maw was most annoyed that Mitch and Gig had left Bo behind, and sent them to get him back. Complaining that the boys were giving her "the pangs," she told Paw to fetch her some pie. The boys broke into the hospital, pumped Bo full of PCP, and followed him as he violently broke out.

(Punisher War Journal#56) - Mitch painted a smile on Bo's bandages, but Maw was furious at their continued failure and the sorry state that Bo was now in. She told Mitch and Gig to give Bo as much PCP as he wanted so they could finish off Killer B like she'd told them. Bo--flying high again--smashed through Killer B's door, where he met Killer B, who had taken a similar batch of PCP--kicked up by his own Wizard. The frenzied drug dealers attacked each other until the Punisher, decked out his exo-armor, arrived. As Mitch and Gig finished off Killer B's men, Castle hurled Bosephus out the window, and he fled home. Killer B tossed the armored Punisher on top of Mitch and Gig, crushing them. Bo ran back home, his high fading fast, and the Punisher put three rounds of .50 caliber Supermag through his head. The Punisher confronted Maw and Paw, but May feigned innocence, and blamed the whole operation on Paw, claiming that he had led the children to crime. Castle killed Paw and left.


COMMENTS: Created by Chuck Dixon and Gary Kwapisz.

Maw's still out there, assuming she hasn't had a heart attack or choked on a ham sandwich yet. It's amazing how many of the Punsiher's foes actually are still alive at the end of the story.

Ronald Byrd wanted to name this group Maw's Family, to distinguish it from every other family out there. I went with that initially, but the group was cut from the Marvel Knights Encyclopedia initially, and then I got a space to add it back in under F, so I went with just "The Family." Simple...just like them.
Plus it reminds me too much of Momma's Family...that was on for a lot of years. I bet Mitch and Gig watched it!

No known connection to:


He took some of Maw's special Angel Dust, which transformed him into a frenzied monster, in an effort to take down Killer B. When he was high on the drug, he had superhuman strength (enhanced human) and was unable to feel pain. In between highs, he was in constant agony. The Punisher put him out of his misery.


--Punisher War Journal#54 (55, 56





They followed in Bo's wake, using handguns to take out those who escaped Bo's wrath. They were crushed under the Punisher's exo-armor.


Mitch and Gig are on the left. The other is a more normal Bosephus.


--Punisher War Journal#54 (55, 56



The ringleader of the operation, she was morbidly obese, continually eating and smoking, and delivered a beating to anyone who didn't see things her way or follow her instructions. She tricked the Punisher into believing that she was the innocent party and was the only family member to survive.


--Punisher War Journal#54 (55, 56






He kept quiet, cleaned the house, cooked the meals, etc., and agreed with everything Maw said. When the Punisher arrived, Maw blamed everything on him, and the Punisher killed Paw.


--Punisher War Journal#54 (55, 56


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