Real Name: Anton Bigelow

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: drug dealer

Affiliations: employed Wizard and other agents (Biv, Lester, and others)

EnemiesFamily (especially Bosephus), Punisher (Castle)

Known Relatives: none

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: Baltimore, Maryland

First Appearance: Punisher War Journal#54 (May, 1993)


Powers/Abilities: While on the PCP variant, had superhuman strength, durability, and resistance to pain. He also entered a frenzied state.

    Without it, he was limited to the use of his handgun, and protection from his agents, who also carried guns.

(Punisher War Journal#54) - Killer B was very upset when the Punisher blew up his ship, which carried 20 million dollars worth of heroin. Suspecting an attack by a rival organization, B took some men down to Hampden to throw around some of his gang's muscle. However, he was attacked by Bosephus--high on PCP--and two others of the Family, his real rivals. Several of his men were killed, and he narrowing escaped when the car blew up under Bosephus. He also made no effort to save his bimbo, who was left stuck in the car.


(Punisher War Journal#55) - Killer B went to his ally, Wizard, who recommended that rather than trying another assault, he strike at the Family by taking out their financial power base. Wizard offered to create a PCP variant, with less side effects, that could put the Family out of business.



(Punisher War Journal#56) - Killer B received the Wizard's package, took three of the PCP variants to try them out, and then found out that he only should have taken 1/2 of one. His agents barricaded him in his room, and he began howling savagely and beating on the door. When Bosephus arrived--hopped up again--B broke out and attacked him. The Punisher arrived, wearing his exo-armor to stand up to the superhuman powerhouses, and Bosephus ended up going out the window. B battered the Punisher armor, disabling it, and hurled him down the stairs, crushing Mitch and Gig, the two other Family members. However, before B could leap down to finish off the Punisher, he found that his shoulder gun--600 rounds per minute--was still functioning. Castle pumped him chock full of bullets and left him for dead.




Comments: Created by Chuck Dixon and Gary Kwapisz.

No known connection to:

Wizard has no known connection to:


Real name unknown

Drug source for Killer B. He is highly intelligent and knowledgeable about pharmacology, but prefers making designer drugs because it is more financially rewarding. He designed a PCP variant to grant superhuman powers and savagery, but Killer B overdosed on it.


--Punisher War Journal#55 (56


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