Real Name: Kyle Barker

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: University student, serial killer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Doc Samson, Geiger, Polaris, She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Trina Sharp

Known Relatives: Grandmother (name unrevealed)

Aliases: The Patchwork Killer

Base of Operations: The East Village, New York, USA

First Appearance: Doc Samson#1 (1996)

Powers/Abilities: Patchwork has superhuman size and strength, probably greater than She-Hulk. He also has the ability to siphon gamma energy off of other gamma-irradiated beings and add this to his own strength. He also has the other standard powers that are received by gamma powerhouses, such as the ability to leap great distances, and superhuman stamina.


(Doc Samson#4 (fb)) - Kyle Barker, when he was just a child, was caught looking at pornographic magazines by his grandma, who threatened to cut off his fingers and more if she caught him again. He was left traumatized.

(Doc Samson#4 (fb) - BTS) - While a university student, Barker took on a casual job touching up nude photos for Playpen magazine.

(bts) - At some point Kyle Barker was exposed to a gamma accelerator at Empire State University and was transformed into Patchwork. Patchwork went on a killing spree and killed five women. He took pieces of their corpses and made a composite corpse by sewing pieces together. 

(Doc Samson#1) - A woman in New York was seen running from Patchwork, but to no avail, as Patchwork scooped her up in his hand and killed her. She was his sixth victim.

   Det. Trina Sharp called in Doc Samson's assistance for the case. Later, Samson encountered a youth about to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. Samson talked the boy out of it and left to get on the Patchwork case, not suspecting that the boy he just saved was indeed the human form of Patchwork. Later on, Patchwork watched Doc Samson fighting Geiger, who, due to her mutation from gamma radiation, became like any gamma being she was near. She became like Patchwork and was mistaken for the killer. The real Patchwork watched the fight until they fell into a river.

(Doc Samson#2) - She-Hulk arrived at the scene and was attacked by Patchwork. She-Hulk started pounding on Patchwork but he just laughed, since he was absorbing all her gamma energy and became stronger. She-Hulk got skinnier as Patchwork drained more and more of her energy. Eventually She-Hulk slipped through Patchwork's hands, and instead of killing his "green eyed prize," he left her there and took with him the body of a woman he had killed. However, he discovered later that the woman he killed didn't have the green eyes he desired, and he was very upset.

(Doc Samson#3) - Patchwork was talking to a dead body of a woman, saying how hard it was to find a perfect girl, and how it was even harder to make one. Later, Patchwork ambushed Samson and Geiger, who had managed to maintain control of her powers so as not to change into a being like Patchwork. Patchwork took out Geiger and then began to fight with Samson. Samson's punches had no effect, since his gamma energy just made Patchwork stronger. Patchwork drained some of  Samson's energy and left him on the floor. Patchwork then killed a woman jogger and carried her off. Samson decided to quit the case until he got a call from Kyle Barker, the boy he kept from killing himself, who was also Patchwork, although Samson didn't know that. Barker convinced Samson to stay on the case.

(Doc Samson#4) - Barker was caught by Det. Sharp at Playpen magazine offices. He quickly changed into Patchwork went berserk, but ran away when Geiger threatened to expose him to what was inside of him. Later, Samson and Polaris found Patchwork trying to give himself a lethal dose of the gamma radiation that originally turned him into a monster. Patchwork started to get bombarded with gamma rays until Samson shut off the machine and pulled Patchwork to safety. Out of compassion, Samson was ready to testify for the defense in the upcoming trial of Barker.


Comments: Created by Dan Slott and Ken Lashley

Patchwork knew what he was doing was wrong, and he was ashamed, so he tried to avoid getting caught. What was scary was that the physical appearance of a gamma irradiated being is symbolic of the being's inner desires. Samson wanted to be a strong man who wasn't pushed around. The Hulk is releasing what Bruce Banner never could.  Samuel Sterns (the Leader) didn't want to be stupid anymore. Patchwork was a result of his own sexual repression. Through his serial killings he was venting his innermost desire, that is, to make a perfect girl. A person who is really into  psychology could really sink his teeth into this.

Also, thanks to Leader's Lair, for saving me the time I would have taken scanning these pictures myself. 

Patchwork is among the Gamma Mutates in World War Hulk: The Gamma Files.


Patchwork should not be confused with:

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