Membership: Grahh-Nola, the Hippie, Madame Vegan, the Protester, the Scarlet Cyclist, This Guy, Voodonut

Purpose: To defend Portland, Oregon 

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Unrevealed; likely the Avengers, maybe the Initiative (see comments) 

Enemies: Unrevealed

Base of Operations: Portland, Oregon (Earth-46421) (see comments)

First Appearance:  Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1 (October 2014)

(Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1/9/The Portland Avengers#323) - A new group of Avengers assembled to protect America's West Coast, this time based out of Portland, Oregon, each with powers representing different aspects of the region.

Comments: Created by Brian Michael Bendis, Kevin Maguire and Marte Gracia.

   The Portland Avengers appeared as one of a series of "Marvel Comics We Never Made" spoof covers in the Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration. They are listed as coming from Earth-46421, but I can't see any reason why the same characters and group couldn't have identical counterparts on Earth-616 (except, perhaps, for This Guy) - they're not really weirder than, for example, the Harvesters or Great Lakes Avengers. Heck, Grahh-Nola and Grain Belt have virtually identical powers! Frankly, they'd make a better option for the local Initiative team, given that Oregon got lumbered with the (not-so) reformed villains the Forces of Nature by Norman Osborn, and the Brazilian-born, don't-think-he's-ever-even-visited-the-state Sunspot for the state's representative Avenger in the variant covers for U.S.Avengers#1.

   Since the cover, reproduced here as the profile's main image, is literally all we have to go on, the sub-profiles for the individual team members below have a lot of speculation.
    Each issue may have featured 21 pages of the same images, with some text that varied between "Woah" and "Dude."--Snood

Profile by Loki.

The Portland Avengers has no known connections to:

Grahh-Nola, The Crunch That Walks Like A Man

From the looks of him, Grahh-Nola has powers similar to the Sandman or Quicksand; a body made of tiny particles that he is able to control independently of one another. In his case though, rather than sand, his body is composed of toasted rolled oats, nuts and honey. His origins are utterly unrevealed, but based on Marvel Universe precedents, he might have once have been:

The options are endless, and only get more ridiculous! 

--Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1

The Hippie


An aging relic of the 1960's peace movement, the Hippie appears to emit some sort of gas, perhaps having smoked so much pot over the years that he now generates and discharges it spontaneously from his own body. Given that he is presumably perpetually stoned, resulting in the world's worst case of the munchies, and yet remains thin, he may have a heightened metabolism that burns through calories - Voodonut probably has a fight on her hands to prevent him eating the baked-produce her powers depend on, and his teammate Grahh-Nola better not fall asleep with the Hippie is about!


--Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1

He also may just be really smelly, as bathing wasn't that popular amongst hippies.


Madame Vegan


Madame Vegan seems to be armed with a potentially lethal giant carrot with which she can impale opponents, and may be armed with other produce hidden around her person.

    She also presumably has the incredible psychic super-powers that all vegans secretly possess, as demonstrated by Scott Pilgrim's foe Todd Ingram in the comic book series Scott Pilgrim and its movie adaptation Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.


--Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1


The Protester


    The Protester is armed with two placards (one marked "Save the Earth" and the other "Down with Everything") that he can use as shields, and RIGHTEOUS ANGER AT THE INJUSTICES OF THE WORLD!!!

    Since he's got green skin and a clearly enraged disposition, he may well have gained super-strength after being caught in a gamma bomb blast whilst demonstrating against atomic testing by taking part in a sit-in on the test range.


--Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1


The Scarlet Cyclist


Though not visible in the picture, the Scarlet Cyclist presumably uses a top-of-the-range bicycle to fight crime, and because she cycles everywhere is incredibly fit while also being able to boast about how she is saving the planet.

    Relying on your ability to wear lycra shorts and ride a bike might not seem the best criteria for success as a superhero, but she's following in the wheel tracks of past pedellars BMX Bandit and the bicyclist for justice Mumen Rider.


--Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1


This Guy


Obviously "This Guy" might not be his actual codename, and we have even less to go on for his abilities than we do the others.

    He wears a mixture of pieces from other characters' costumes, including Captain America's sleeve on one arm, a FF uniform on the other, Punisher's shirt, Spider-Man's glove, the Infinity Gauntlet, and Doctor Strange's cloak. Maybe he's an obsessed fan with no real powers who has co-splayed his way onto the team, or a scavenger who has lifted stuff off of real heroes - if the costume pieces are genuine, then he'd have body armor from the sleeves and shirt, flight from the cloak, a web-spinner, and the power to alter reality itself (I'm guessing he can alter the history of anyone who crosses his path, so that it becomes impossible to reconcile their past and they lose all sense of proper continuity).  


--Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1

  ...That guy...nuff said!...



    Perhaps a practitioner of the little known Oregon Voodoo that utilizes fried dough confectionery instead of dolls. The advantage to this is that she doesn't require hair, nails or other parts of her victims for her magic to work on a chosen victim, but the disadvantage is that her powers only affect the obese and police officers, and she is limited to inflicting instant diabetes and heart disease. 


--Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1


images: (without ads)
Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1, p34, pan1 (team image)
Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1, p34, pan1 (Grahh-Nola)
Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1, p34, pan1 (Hippie)
Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1, p34, pan1 (Madame Vegan)
Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1, p34, pan1 (Protester)
Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1, p34, pan1 (Scarlet Cyclist)
Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1, p34, pan1 (This Guy)
Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1, p34, pan1 (Voodonut)

Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration#1 (October 2014) - Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Kevin Maguire and Marte Gracia (art), Tom Brevoort, Will Moss, Mike Marts (editors)

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