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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human (Genoshan) mutant (depowered)

Occupation: Former freedom fighter

Group Membership: Chimère's gang (Hack, Hub)

Affiliations: "Excalibur" (Book/Annika, Broadband, Callisto, Freakshow/Kevin, Shola Inkosi, Magneto/Max Eisenhardt, Omega Sentinel/Karima Shapandar, Professor X/Charles Xavier, Wicked), Luna Maximoff, Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff), Unus' gang (Caiman, Glamour, Shocker/Randall Darby, Toad, Toad-In-Waiting, Unus the Untouchable/Gunther Bain)

Enemies: Genoshan Magistrates, Inhuman royal family (Black Bolt/Blackagar Boltagon, Crystal/Crystalia Amaquelin, Gorgon, Karnak, Medusa/Medusalith Amaquelin), Major Lazer and O*N*E, Stripmine & his trolls

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
                                  formerly Genosha 

First Appearance: Excalibur III#3 (September, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Purge was a mutant with super strength (class 10, maybe more) who was also superhumanly agile and durable. He could take on and knock out up to 5 armored Magistrates simultaneously. After losing his powers on M-Day, he briefly regained a variation on his mutant abilities through exposure to Terrigen crystals. As an unexpected side-effect, his formerly lean physique was left grotesquely enlarged and twisted.

Height: 6'1" (by approximation)
Weight: 210 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Purge vs Magistrates


(Excalibur III#3 (fb) - BTS) - Through unrevealed ways, the mutant known only as Purge came to reside on Genosha, joining up with telepath Hack and teleporter Hub as members of a gang led by the mysterious Chimere.

(Excalibur III#3 - BTS) – Hack telepathically picked up the imminent arrival of an Omega Sentinel (Karima Shapandar, trapped in a stasis pod and a prisoner of the Magistrates along with the telekinetic Shola Inkosi). He convinced team member Hub (undercover as a member of Unus' gang) to act. She teleported the both of them to Chimere's base, hoping to get advice from their enigmatic leader.

(Excalibur III#3) - With Chimere unavailable, Hack and Hub got Purge to help out. Hub teleported them to the cargo hold of the plane where they checked out the two stasis pods. When it became clear they couldn't teleport out with Shola's pod, they decided to take over the plane instead. When they discovered there were Magistrates on board, they took a moment to consider their options. Even the ever eager Purge wasn't looking forward to fighting Magistrates, calling it a suicide mission. Before they could get reinforcements, the trio was discovered by the Magistrate striketeam who attacked. Hub was shot within seconds and while Purge lunged at the soldiers, Hack tried to make his way to the cockpit. Purge held his own against the Magistrates who nevertheless managed to void the cargo hold, dropping both the pods and Hub in Genoshan airspace. By the time Hack had taken over the minds of the pilots, forcing them to crashland into the island's giant Magneto monument, Hub had recovered to save him and Purge. However, the Magistrates were so furious about losing their precious cargo, they mounted a full scale attack on the island to get the pods back.

(Excalibur III#4) -
Believing the battalion of Magistrates attacking Genosha were trying to regain control of the island, Unus led his mutant gang against them. Purge joined in on the fun, fighting several Magistrates and encountering Callisto, Wicked and Freakshow on the way. Before they could make his acquaintance, Hub teleported Purge away on orders of their leader Chimere.

(Excalibur III#6) - Purge and Hack waited for Hub to return from her reconnaissance run, checking on the Xavier compound where Charles, Magneto and his allies had been captured by the looter Stripmine and his trolls. Hub felt they should help free them, but Hack and Purge felt they should obey Chimere's orders and not get involved.

(Excalibur III#9) - Hub thought she had eluded Xavier's ally Karima Shapandar by teleporting away to her friends Purge and Hack. However, the Omega Sentinel had locked on to Hub's bio-signature and simply sent an interactive hologram to Hub's location, startling all three young mutants. Karima kindly asked Hub to use her powers to bring back Xavier and Callisto who had been on an inland excursion to locate any other survivors of the Sentinel attacks.

(House of M I#8 - BTS) - Purge was one of the victims of the Scarlet Witch's reality altering spell that reduced the millions of gene active mutants to less than 300 worldwide.

(New Avengers I#17 - BTS) - Purge's mutant energies became part of the Collective.

(New Avengers I#18 - BTS) - SHIELD analyzed the Collective's multiple energy signatures and traced them back to Purge and 50+ other former mutants who had all lost their powers on M-Day.

Mutated by Terrigen crystals (Son of M#5) - Thoroughly depressed about losing their powers, Purge and the other members of Charles Xavier's Genoshan inner circle were approached by Quicksilver and his daughter Luna Maximoff. Recognizing the speedster as the son of Magneto, they eagerly listened to his promise of returning their mutant abilities through inhaling the mists of the Terrigen crystals he stole from the Inhumans. Purge watched as Wicked and Freakshow regained their powers after taking a whiff of the Terrigen vapors. Convinced, he too took a swig and instantly felt more pumped up than ever. Moments later, Magneto arrived with an injured Callisto, whose mutations had gotten out of control after Quicksilver exposed her to the Terrigen process. Father and son fought for a while until Luna broke up the battle and Magneto left. Purge and the others decided to get Callisto to the nearest hospital

(Son of M#5 - BTS) - The newly empowered teleporter Hub took Callisto to a Manhattan hospital, but her powers were so faulty it took her a full day to get back, almost drowning by accident on the way. When news of weirdly re-empowered mutants reached O*N*E director Lazer, he sent out a strike force to Genosha to investigate the matter just as the Inhuman royal family arrived on Earth to reclaim their stolen property.

(Son of M#5) - The Inhumans eventually learned their crystals were on Genosha, instantly travelling there courtesy of Lockjaw. They briefly fought Purge and the others who didn't want to give up their source of power. The conflict was interrupted by Lazer and his forces. They took out Quicksilver with a tranq-dart.

(Son of M#6) - Lazer took control of the situation, offering Purge and the other Terrigen afflicted ex-mutants medical aid. Now clearly suffering from unwanted side effects, Purge, Freakshow, Wicked and the others agreed to get help. They boarded a O*N*E helicopter and left for parts unknown (see comments).

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont (writer), Aaron Lopresti (pencils), Greg Adams (inks).

Man, Chris Claremont sure loved the codename Purge, seeing as he gave that moniker to no less than three characters with vastly different powers. Naming a wildchild powerhouse "Purge" seemingly makes very little sense, though.

Allegedly, the effects of Terrigensis were only temporary. Purge presumably returned to his depowered state soon afterwards.

Profile by Norvo.

Purge should not be confused with

images: (without ads)
Excalibur III#3, p10, pan2 (main image)
Excalibur III#4, p8, pan1 (fighting Magistrates)
Son of M#6, p6, pan3 (feels bad after Terrigenization)

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