Real Name: Patton Parnel

Identity/ClassAlternate Earth (Earth-51412) human mutate

Occupation: Prey; former predator, student

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

EnemiesSara Jane, Morlun, Ted Parnel

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Splatin' Patton (derogatory nickname used by fellow students)

Base of Operations: Presumably Forrest Hills in New York City, New York

First Appearance: Edge of Spider-Verse I#4 (October, 2014)

Powers/Abilities: Patton mutated into a spider-like creature with four arms, four legs, eight eyes and sharp teeth, including two large fangs (chelicerae). He possessed the proportional strength of a spider and grew more powerful by consuming flesh. He could shoot organic web from his wrists and stick to surfaces. His bite could transfer eggs into another being.

Height: Unrevealed (5'7"; by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed (140 lbs.; by approximation)
Eyes: Red; formerly brown
Hair: None; formerly brown

(Edge of Spider-Verse I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Patton's parents died when he was young and since then lived with his Uncle Ted, who often regretted that social services had talked him into taking Patton in. He regularly beat up Patton, who grew up to become an extremely disturbed teenager, who regularly tortured animals, including the neighbor's pets.

(Edge of Spider-Verse#4) - Patton Parnell, a creepy teenage boy that liked to experiment and considered himself some kind of superior intellectual being, tortured an ant by burning it with a magnifying glass. He squashed the ant when his uncle called him to come inside to get ready for school. While getting ready, Patton used binoculars to spy on his next-door neighbor Sara Jane getting dressed. His uncle got angry at him because he didn't want to drive Patton to school in case he missed the bus again, but Patton assured him that he only needed a minute to come down (pleasure himself). He planned to collect some "samples" from Sara's living area for analysis.

   In the school bus to an excursion at Alcorps Industries Patton was mocked by his fellow students as Splatin' Patton. Sara was nice enough to talk to him and asked him to stick around because she had planned something to deal with Alcorps' sick animal experiments. Gene pushed Patton away from Sara when they got out of the bus because she was his lab partner. During the tour of Alcorps Sara pulled Patton into a lab, even though their teacher had told them to not stray outside the painted lines. An alarm went off and Sara Jane grabbed a rabbit in the biogen lab while Patton tried to grab a female spider, which bit him.

   Security caught the teenagers. Sara was free to go when her parents arrived to pick her up and offered to take Patton along with her because he was her neighbor and his parents were dead. She took the blame for everything because she put Patton up to it.

   The next morning Patton wasn't feeling well and told his uncle that he was sick. Uncle Ted didn't believe him and gave him a beating with his belt while Patton begged for mercy.

   Later that day Patton crawled to the fridge, but he couldn't keep anything down. When he found a dead mouse in a rap he ate it and liked the taste. He sought more test subjects because he was still hungry. He caught a cat, but was scratched by it when he tried to eat it. Patton used webbing to catch it, learning more about his new powers. He quickly realized that he got stronger by feeding more.

(Edge of Spider-Verse I#4 - BTS) - Patton caught numerous animals throughout the day and webbed them up in his home.

(Edge of Spider-Verse I#4) - That night Uncle Ted came home to a house filled with animals webbed to the wall and ceiling. Patton attacked him.

(Edge of Spider-Verse I#4 - BTS) - Patton impregnated him with spider eggs with his bite and webbed Uncle Ted to the bed.

(Edge of Spider-Verse I#4) - The next morning Patton walked past posters of a missing cat (probably one of his victims) to Octavius High. He hid his mutated, red eyes behind sunglasses. He quickly ate a pigeon stored in his locker, but was interrupted by Gene, who challenged him to a fight during lunch in the locker room.

(Edge of Spider-Verse I#4 - BTS) - The fight probably didn't go too well for Gene, who went missing.

(Edge of Spider-Verse I#4) - On his way home from school Patton met a boy searching for his dog (probably another victim of Patton). He lured the boy to his house by telling him that his dog was there. (Bon appétit!)

   Patton finally did some research on the spider that bit him. It was a highly venomous Loxosceles Reclusa (recluse spider). The females transferred their eggs through their bite. Sara Jane came over and asked Patton if he had seen Gene because he had been talking to him in school and nobody had seen him since. Patton told Sara that Gene was beneath her and she liked Patton's new confidence. Patton kissed Sara and then bit her neck and told her that she had never noticed him before like everyone else, but he was stronger now as Spider-Man. She slapped him and Patton's skin cracked open, revealing additional eyes on his forehead. Patton burst through his skin to show his true face and blocked her way with a web. Sara ran into Patton's bedroom and found a cabinet of horror filled with webbed up animals, a boy and Uncle Ted, webbed to the bed, but still alive. Patton fully transformed into a four-armed, four-legged spider-creature and while spiders hatched from Uncle Ted's body, Sara Jane begged Patton not to hurt her. He promised not hurt her because he needed her to feed all his children. Morlun teleported in and was attacked by Patton, who had no chance against him. Morlun ripped off one of Patton's arms and his lower jaw before feeding on the unripe spider-totem's energies, killing Patton in the process.

(Vault of Spiders#1/1 - BTS) - Master Weaver (Karn) lamented the death of numerous Spider-Totems, including Patton Parnell, by looking through their pictures.

Comments: Created by Clay McLeod Chapman & Elia Bonetti.

What if Peter Parker was a psychopath? There is a reason why torturing or killing animals is considered an early sign for psychopathic behavior.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Patton Parnel should not be confused with:

Sara Jane

She was Patton's next-door neighbor, who loved animals. School bully Gene was in a relationship with her. She was unaware that Patton was watching her get dressed with binoculars while pleasuring himself. On a school trip to Alcorps Industries she talked with Patton about the cruel animal experiments at Alcorps. Gene knocked Patton aside to be with his lab partner Sara Jane, but she later pulled Patton aside during the tour at Alcorps to free animals from the biogen lab. She took the blame after they got caught by security, who allowed Patton to leave with her because he was her neighbor and harmless according to Sara Jane.

The next morning Sara Jane cried when she heard Uncle Ted giving Patton another beating.

The next night Sara Jane knocked on Patton's door and asked him if he had seen Gene because he wasn't picking up his phone and Patton was seen talking to him in school. Sara Jane liked Patton's new confidence when he told her that Gene was beneath her. Patton kissed Sara and then bit her neck. She slapped him and tried to run away when he showed his true, mutated face. Patton blocked her way with a web and Sara Jane was forced to run into Patton's room where she found his webbed up victims and Uncle Ted, still alive, webbed to Patton's bed. Sara Jane begged for mercy, but Patton had no intention to kill her because he needed Sara's help to feed his offspring, who were hatching from Uncle Ted's body. When Morlun attacked Patton, Sara took the opportunity to run away.

The next day Sara tried to persuade herself that everything that had happened the day before was just a dream. She was brushing her hair when spiders began to hatch from the bite mark on her neck.

--Edge of Spider-Verse I#4

Uncle Ted

Years ago social services talked Ted into taking in his nephew Patton after the death of Patton's parents. He often regretted the decision and became violent with Patton on a regular basis. Ted saw Patton grow up into a troubled teenager.

One morning Ted angrily called Patton inside to get ready for school. Ted didn't want to drive Patton to school again in case he missed the bus.

The next day when Patton wasn't feeling well after he was bitten by a spider during a school trip to Alcorps, Ted gave him another beating with his belt.

That night Ted came home from work and hoped that Patton had made him dinner or else. Ted entered the house and smelled something ripe He thought Patton had forgotten to take out the trash. Apparently a fuse was blown and Ted needed a lighter to see something. He was shocked when he found the house filled with webbed up animals. He found Patton on the ceiling and was attacked by him.

Patton bit Ted to lay eggs in him and then webbed him to his bed until the spiders hatched.

One day later Patton cornered Sara Jane in his room and she saw Ted webbed to the bed. He begged her to kill him, but moments later the spiders hatched from his body apparently killing him.

--Edge of Spider-Verse I#4

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Edge of Spider-Verse I#4, p16, pan4 (head shot)
Edge of Spider-Verse I#4, p2, pan5 (human form)
Edge of Spider-Verse I#4, p11 (attacking Ted)
Edge of Spider-Verse I#4, p18, pan2 (four arms)
Edge of Spider-Verse I#4, p4, pan5 (Sara Jane)
Edge of Spider-Verse I#4, p7, pan3 (Uncle Ted)

Edge of Spider-Verse I#4 (October, 2014) - Clay McLeod Chapman (writer), Elia Bonetti (artist), Ellie Pyle (editor)
Vault of Spiders#1/1 (December, 2018) - Jed MacKay (writer), Scott Koblish (artist), Nick Lowe (editor)

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