Membership: Colonel Joseph Fryer, Paul, Tulie, 5 other unnamed men

Purpose: To hurt Jewish families and businesses, believing Jews to be responsible for all that was wrong in America

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Jews, the Punisher

Base of Operations: Sherrill, Kansas

First Appearance: Punisher II#3 (September, 1987)

History: (Punisher II#3)- The New American Revolution robbed a bank in Marion, Missouri. They escaped but were followed by the Punisher and the cops. They killed two cops by throwing a handgrenade into a police car. The Punisher captured one of the members and questioned him about the purpose of the bank robberies. The man told him about Colonel Joseph Fryer and the New American Revolution, and the Punisher decided to continue after them.

The Punisher met with Fryer in Sherrill, Kansas, claimimg to be Arnold Groetsch, wanting to buy a property for Fordem Industries. Taken to the property, Joseph told "Arnold" that he believed the jews were the problem in the USA. When Joseph told him about the New American Revolution, Arnold revealed himself as the Punisher, but Joseph had some of his men watching and they pointed their guns at him. Punisher threw some rattlesnakes at one of the criminals, and kicked the other one in the head, shooting him in the legs, and then went after Fryer. He fought Fryer, and in the end managed to burn him to death.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron and Klaus Janson.

Colonel Joseph Fryer was the leader of the New America Revolution. A retired US colonel, now a real estate seller in Sherrill, Kansas. He founded the New American Revolution to fight the Jewish influence over American society. He tried to lure the Punisher into an ambush, but was killed when the Punisher brought down the organization and burned him to death. -Punisher II#3

Paul was of the members of the New American Revolution. The Punisher kicked him in the head and shot him in the legs during his fight with them. -Punisher II#3

Tulie was one of the members of the New American Revolution, and participated in the bank robbery in Marion. When the police and Punisher tried to follow them Tulie threw a handgrenade into the police car killing off the cops. Tulie was killed when the Punisher crashed their van off the road. -Punisher II#3

One of the members of the New America Revolution, the one Punisher throw 3 rattlesnakes at. He was bitten by them. Normally a rattlesnake bite is not believed to be lethal, but the poison of 3 rattlesnakes might have finished him off. -Punisher II#3

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