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Real Name: Jared Price

Identity/Class: Normal human (possibly extradimensional - see comments)

Occupation: Social media communications officer

Group Membership: HYDRA

Affiliations: HYDRA, Red Skull (Johann Shmidt) (loose)

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: HYDRA base (location unrevealed)

First Appearance: Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry-Mix Up#1/4 (February, 2017)

Powers/Abilities: Jared Price was a savvy social media specialist.


(Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry-Mix Up#1/4 (fb) - BTS) - Jared Price was hired to run HYDRA's social media accounts at a time when other terrorist groups were being brought into HYDRA's fold. Coming from a different terrorist cell background (he hailed "Hippogriff"), Price lodged a complaint that the traditional "Hail HYDRA!" salute was not inclusive, so Corporate (HYDRA's Council of Shadowy Elders) changed it to the more generic "Hail Hatred".

(Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry-Mix Up#1/4) - As the face of HYDRA, the Red Skull was outraged at the slogan change and sought out the complainant, confronting him in his office. Price countered that the Red Skull's old approach was alienating potential new recruits and supporters who saluted different figures; times had changed and the new general salute apparently pleased everybody.


Comments: Created by Nick Kocher (writer) and Bruno Oliveira (art).

Not sure if this is technically in continuity... (HYDRA had conquered the eastern seaboard but was soon thwarted with the aid of Iron Man and Thor (Foster)).

Price's salute to Hippogriff, a mythological beast that is half horse and half eagle, may be a reference to Harry Potter.

I don't normally read Gwenpool, but this Holiday Special is actually quite good.

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Profile by Grendel Prime.

Jared Price has no known connections to:

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Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry-Mix Up#1/4, p5, pan3 (main image)
Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry-Mix Up#1/4, p5, pan1 (image)

Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry-Mix Up#1/4 (February, 2017) - Nick Kocher (writer), Bruno Oliveira (art), Heather Antos (editor)

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