Real Name: Price (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Madman, former university physics lecturer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Cloned servants, Seth, Warriors

Enemies: Enchantress, Thor

Known Relatives: unnamed wife (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Worldengine

First Appearance: Thor I#494 (January, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Price was a brilliant, if demented physicist, and built the Worldengine with the aid of Seth. He was also apparently well-versed in genetics, having created clones, and electronics, based on his warriors.

Distinguishing Features: Price had Asgardian runes carved onto each of his teeth.

History: (Thor I#494 (fb, BTS))- After feasting upon fly agaric mushrooms, Price had a vision of the Asgardian World-Ash Tree Yggdrasil. In this vision, the tree spoke to Price, and told him how after Ragnarok, a new race of humans would be born. Price wanted to see this, and set about to make this a reality. After Price was fired from the university where he had lectured, he used his severance pay to set about building his Worldengine, to trick Yggdrasil into thinking Ragnarok had already happened. With the aid of the Egyptian god of Death Seth, Price built the Worldengine, and staffed it with clones grown from the DNA of Thor and the Enchantress. Price also came to determine that knowledge was passed on by food, and turned to cannibalism, devouring his own wife.

(Thor I#491 (BTS))- In order for Yggrasil to believe that Ragnarok had occurred, Thor had to die. Although he was already weakening, Price became impatient and created an army of warriors to finish him off. However, the warriors failed.

(Thor I#494)- Thor and the Enchantress found the Worldengine, and Price happily explained his plans to them, noting that it was too late for them to halt the Worldengine. However, when the new race of humanity was at last born, they died almost immediately because the atmosphere did not contain the ash it would have had Ragnarok truly happened. Price's clones turned on him and murdered him.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis and Mike Deodata Jr.

Price's Warriors were corpses brought to life by Price through a combination of sorcery and technology, using ash from Yggdrasil. They were equipped with Nordic weaponry and sent to kill Thor because the Worldengine wasn't killing him quickly enough. Thor managed to destroy most of the warriors, and they wound up in custody of Code: Blue. One of the warriors led Thor back to the Worldengine, but it knocked him unconscious before he could react.

The head of one of Price's warriors became the pencil holder and ash tray of detective Curzon.

--Thor I#491, 492, 493

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Thor I#494, page 9, panel 1
Thor I#494, page 9, panel 3
Thor I#491, page 13, panel 2

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