(of Earth-751263)

Membership: Alice, Lester, Prima, several unidentified others

Purpose: To protect other rejected Beastials

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Goblin (Hector Jones), Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Enemies: High Evolutionary, Lady Ursula

Base of Operations: Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, Counter-Earth (reality-751263)

First Appearance: Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon episode, "Sustenance" (March 3, 2001)

History: (Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon episode, "Sustenance" (fb) - BTS) - Rather than risk having their genetic material recycled to create new Beastials, several of the High Evolutionary's rejected Beastials escaped and built a life for themselves underground using the animal-like traits that the High Evolutionary had given them during their creation. Seeking to help the rejected Beastials still in need, the Rejects began secretly aiding those seeking to escape, becoming a thorn in the High Evolutionary's side.

(Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon episode, "Sustenance") - A rejected horse Beastial named Lester fled the High Evolutionary's Atlantic City dome with a weasel Beastial and when the weasel was captured, the Rejects came up and pulled a terrified Lester underground, where he then joined the Rejects. Later, when Spider-Man and the Goblin teamed up to investigate the Atlantic City dome and were attacked by the High Evolutionary's robots, the Rejects caused a cave in to allow Spider-Man and the Goblin to escape the robots before sealing the cave in immediately back up. Once Spider-Man and the Goblin fell underground, the Rejects revealed themselves. When the horse Beastial Lester introduced the group as the Rejects, the platypus Beastial Alice informed Spider-Man and Goblin that she could explain the entire situation to them. As they walked through the underground corridors, the Rejects led Spider-Man and Goblin to their leader, the butterfly Beastial known as Prima, who assumed the two heroes had questions. While Goblin sarcastically asked where the nearest exit was, Spider-Man asked Prima the purpose of the Rejects. Prima then explained that there were many rejected Beastials above ground that toiled in the High Evolutionary's genetic labs, where their own genetic material was eventually recycled to create new Beastials after the rejected ones had worn out their usefulness. She further explained about the lives they had built underground after escaping the High Evolutionary and how they sought to aid the rejected Beastials still aboveground. Prima then admitted that she hoped Spider-Man and Goblin would help change things for the aboveground rejected Beastials but Prima then ordered the other Rejects to capture Spider-Man and Goblin, who were both wanted criminals. Prima announced that the Rejects had voted and they planned to turn over the wanted criminals to the High Evolutionary in exchange for his promise to end the genetic recycling program. Shortly thereafter, the Rejects led the captured Spider-Man and Goblin to the High Evolutionary but before they could turn Spider-Man and Goblin over, Spider-Man broke his shackles, announcing that the High Evolutionary's genetic recycling had to be stopped. Asking if the Rejects honestly thought a villain like the High Evolutionary would barter with them, Spider-Man was told that the Rejects had no other option but Spider-Man promised to destroy the High Evolutionary's dome if the Rejects could get them to the dome's center. The Rejects agreed to help Spider-Man and Goblin get to the dome's center, feeling that Spider-Man had a chance to escape and didn't, earning their trust. Unaware that their presence had been noticed and reported to the High Evolutionary by his agent Lady Ursula, the Rejects led Spider-Man and Goblin to the dome's center, where they used their animal traits to battle the High Evolutionary's guard robots while Spider-Man ventured further inside to disable the dome, eventually requesting that Goblin also be freed to assist. Alarms soon sounded and Goblin gave Lester a pumpkin bomb as thanks for his release, prompting Lester to hurl the bomb at the arriving Lady Ursula. When more robot guards arrived, the Rejects briefly fought back before retreating underground as Spider-Man and Goblin kept Lady Ursula busy. Spider-Man and Goblin managed to launch a shuttle from inside the dome, damaging the dome as it took off, and Spider-Man then steered the shuttle back into the dome, destroying it as the remaining Rejects continued their retreat. Back underground, Prima announced to the Rejects and Spider-Man that the High Evolutionary had fled, leaving the dome's rejected Beastials free and alive. When Spider-Man asked what the Rejects planned to do now, Prima informed him that they had decided to remain underground to build their own society and asked Spider-Man to join them but he declined, explaining that he had friends he had to take care of.

(Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon episode, "Destiny Unleashed, Part One" - BTS) - The Rejects eventually found the injured Goblin, who had been blown into Reject territory by the rocket that destroyed High Evolutionary's dome, and nursed him back to health. The Goblin ended up befriending the Rejects and, during a battle between Spider-Man and the High Evolutionary, the Goblin had the Reject Alice dig him a tunnel to Spider-Man's location, where he appeared and aided Spider-Man, who was surprised that the Goblin had survived the dome's destruction.

Comments: Created by Robert Gregory Brown, Larry Brody and ??? (see comments about art credits).

Some online sources mentioned that Goblin called the horselike Beastial "Horace" when he mentions the Rejects in "Destiny Unleashed, Part One," but I couldn't find where he said that. The main horse Reject introduced himself as "Lester" in the "Sustenance" episode though there was a background Reject that resembled a horse. Perhaps that was the one named "Horace?"

I apologize for the Toon Disney watermark on the images but the show has not been released on DVD in America as of yet so the best quality episodes I could find to watch were recordings made from when Spider-Man Unlimited was reran on the Toon Disney network...also, the recordings I used did not have the full ending credits to any episodes attached to them so I was unable to provide full art credits for this profile. If I am able to find them in the future, I will update this profile accordingly.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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Alice was a platypus Beastial member of the Rejects who often used her claws to cause cave-in during Reject activity on the surface. When Lester fled the High Evolutionary's dome, Alice caused a cave-in in the sand that allowed the Rejects to recruit Lester. She later caused the cave-in that rescued Spider-Man and Goblin from the High Evolutionary's robot soldiers and led the heroes to Prima, who ordered the Rejects to trade the outlaw heroes to High Evolutionary in exchange for him stopping his genetic recycling program. On the way to the High Evolutionary's dome, however, Spider-Man freed himself and convinced Alice of his good intentions, prompting the Rejects to aid Spider-Man in destroying the High Evolutionary's dome. Alice later befriended Goblin when the Rejects found him in their territory and dug a tunnel for the Goblin to reach Spider-Man and aid against the High Evolutionary.

--Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon episode, "Sustenance" ("Destiny Unleashed, Part One" - BTS,


Lester was a horse Beastial whom the High Evolutionary had scheduled for genetic recycling. Escaping the High Evolutionary, Lester was rescued by the Rejects and ultimately joined their number, helping to later rescue Spider-Man and the Goblin from the High Evolutionary's robot soldiers. He later accompanied the other Rejects in leading Spider-Man to the High Evolutionary's dome and battled the High Evolutionary's soldiers as Spider-Man and Goblin destroyed the dome.\

--Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon episode, "Sustenance"


Prima was the butterfly Beastial leader of the Rejects. She arranged for the Rejects to rescue Spider-Man and Goblin from the High Evolutionary's robot soldiers in an effort to trade the wanted heroes to the High Evolutionary in exchange for him ending his genetic recycling program. After Spider-Man convinced the other Rejects to assist in destroying the High Evolutionary's genetic recycling dome, Prima commended Spider-Man and even offered him a place among the Rejects.

--Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon episode, "Sustenance"

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Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon episode, "Sustenance" (all images in this profile)

Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon episode, "Sustenance" (March 3, 2001) - Robert Gregory Brown, Larry Brody (writers), ???? artists, Michael Reaves (story editor)
Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon episode, "Destiny Unleashed, Part One" (March 31, 2001) - ????

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