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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human, magic user, citizen of Ravonna (Hyborian Era)

Occupation: Sorcerer, would-be King of Ravonna

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Unidentified servant

Enemies: The King and the Queen of Ravonna, Conan the Barbarian, Flatus, Lady Hadwig, Lord Torio, Smernok, Stubb, all the nobles of Ravonna

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile;
    formerly Ravonna (between Poitan and Argos)

First Appearance: Savage Sword of Conan#66 (July, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: Jabezo used the Spell of Fire, to set on fire things from distance. He could take control of the body of a dead human and increase the size and the strength of the body he inhabited. He had other, unspecified magic powers.
    He used a special shell that produced sounds perceivable only to the deaf-mute sailors of his ship.

History: (Savage Sword of Conan#66 (fb)) - Jabezo was a counselor of the King of Ravonaa, but he practiced some dark magic arts so the King banished him.

    Jabezo set up a plan to become the King of Ravonna. He seduced the servant of the Queen and convinced her to disguise herself as the Queen. Then, using the Spell of Fire, he set on fire the Royal bedroom. He drove the maid to enter in the flames, promising her that he could restore her wounds and beauty. In the fire, the King and the Queen died. The maid was found disfigured, but she wore the Queen's dress, so, pretending she could not speak, they had the court believe that she was the real Queen of Ravonna, and that the female body found near the King in his bed was the body of the maid. So, she could raise the heir to the throne, the baby Crigatha, waiting for the day that Jabezo, her lover, would come back to her to ask her hand in marriage.

    But Jabezo left Ravonna and became a powerful sorcerer. Thanks to his powers he became rich and important.

(Savage Sword of Conan#66) - After 18 years, Jabezo went back to Ravonna. He led a ship, the crew of which was composed of deaf-mute men. They were managed by Jabezo thanks to a shell that emitted a sound they could hear.
    Jabezo invented the kingdom of Alcalais. He pretended he was the emissary of the King of Alcalais who wanted the hand of Crigatha, and he brought with him luxurious presents. The royal court accepted the proposal.

    During the days before leaving for the wedding in Alcalais, in a tavern, Jabezo was drinking with Stubb the Dwarf, in a tavern. In his plan of revenge against the court of Ravonna, Jabezo drove Stubb to assault Conan the Barbarian who, defending from the attack, wounded the dwarf. Conan was arrested.

(Savage Sword of Conan#66) - Jabezo promised to give to Flatus the Ring of Regency.

(Savage Sword of Conan#66 (fb)) - Jabezo also promised the Ring to Smernok.

(Savage Sword of Conan#66 - BTS) - Jabezo killed Stubb. During the banquet Jabezo also poisoned his own wine. He fell to the ground, gave the Ring to Flatus, then died. Torio (the regent), suspected Flatus, who gave the wine to Jabezo, of having killed him. But Jabezo wasn't dead. He only transferred his conscience into Stubb's body.

(Savage Sword of Conan#66) - The body of Jabezo was transported on the Jabezo's ship. The royal court left for Alcalais.

(Savage Sword of Conan#66 - BTS) - Stubb/Jabezo talked to Cecilops, the Chief of the Guards, about the Ring of Regency. Cecilops killed Flatus and took the ring. Smernok killed Cecilops and took the Ring and Cecilops golden patch and gave the ring to Lady Hadwig.



(Savage Sword of Conan#66) - Torio questioned the suspects and exposed Smernok and Cecilops' actions. Meanwhile Stubb/Jabezo asked to the Queen for the hand of Crigatha. The Queen cried, and her screams summoned Crigatha, Sophronia, Conan and Torio. The Queen confessed her real identity and history. Stubb stabbed the Queen then increased his size and attacked Conan; but Stubb was wounded in a leg, then beheaded by Conan. His rolling head smashed a lamp that set on a fire on the ship.
    Jabezo's spirit transferred back in Jabezo's body, and shortly thereafter he re-appeared in the Queen's rooom. Jabezo grabbed Crigatha, and Conan tried to stop him but Jabezo recalled his deaf-mute crewmen by blowing in a shell. The ship was on fire, and Conan slew many sailors then followed Jabezo and Crigatha on a mast. The ship was sinking and sharks were eating the corpses. Conan managed to pierce Jabezo, who discovered that no dead body was available to enter, because all them had being eaten by the sharks, and he died.





Comments: Created by Danette Couto.
    Adapted by Roy Thomas (writer), Ernie Colon (pencils) and Ernie Chan (inks).

    Jabezo was probably only an invented name, like the kingdom of Alcalais and its King Alka. 

Profile by Spidermay.

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    note: Flatus:
Gas generated in the intestines or the stomach of an animal. Essentially, it's a fart en route.

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Stubb was a kyphotic (hunchback) man with dwarfism.

He was the Court's jester and defended Princess Crigatha's honor. Jabezo exploited his admiration for the Princess to drive him to attack Conan. Conan tried to avoid him but eventually pushed him and Stubb hit a girder with his head.

Wounded, Stubb was transported to the Royal Palace.

Later, Jabezo killed him so he could have inhabit Stubb's body after he had poisoned himself.

--Savage Sword of Conan#66





    Cecilops was a normal human, with the training of a soldier. He wore a golden patch on the left eye. He was the chief of the Royal Guards. He and his men wore an uniform, had a simple helm and were armed with a sword and a knife.

    Cecilops was among the men who arrested Conan after he wounded Stubb. Cecilops hid Conan's knife.

    During the banquet, Cecilops noted that Jabezo, before dying, gave a Ring to Flatus. Then Cecilops accused Flatus of having poisoned Jabezo's wine. But he used the charge as an excuse to search Flatus's rooms in the following nights.

    On the ship, by night, Stubb talked to Cecilops driving him to take the Ring of Regency from Flatus room. Cecilops killed Flatus and left Conan's knife in the room to accuse him.

    But Smernok had eavesdropped something about the Ring, so when Cecilops went out Flatus' room, Smernok hit him with a cudgel, took the Ring and his golden patch, and threw Cecilops in the sea where he was eaten by the sharks.

--Savage Sword of Conan#66

Lord Torio

    Lord Torio was a normal human. He was the Regent of the little kingdom of Ravonna.

    Lord Torio led the kingdom of Ravonna, waiting for the moment that the Princess Crigatha took the throne. He was cautious and smart.

    Torio investigated Conan's arrest and ordered Cecilops to let him free. He was present when Jabezo fell, poisoned, during the dinner, and wanted to postpone the marriage, but the Queen ordered him to continue the preparations.

    Torio asked the help of Conan to solve the mystery of the crime. Inquiring and searching, he deduced that Cecilops had killed Flatus and that Smernok had killed Cecilops. He then had Smernok and Lady Hadwig imprisoned.

    During the fight between Conan and Stubb, Torio tried to put the fire out but the crew didn't helped him, so the ship burned and sunk. However Conan, he and others was save on a shallop (a small open boat fitted with oars or sails or both).

--Savage Sword of Conan#66

Princess Crigatha the Fair

    Crigatha was a normal human.

    She was the Princess of the little kingdom of Ravonna. Her parents died in the pyre created by Jabezo when she was a child, and she always thought that her mother had survived the fire. 

    Jabezo invented the kingdom of Alcalais to marry Crigatha. Torio, the Queen and the nobles believed Jabezo's words, so the Queen accepted to let Crigatha marry the King of Alcalais.

    Crigatha was loved by her subjects. Stubb, Crigatha and Torio were all loyal to her; and Conan also defended her when Jabezo tried to kidnap her.

    She was among the few men that fled on a shallop, after the ship's sink.

--Savage Sword of Conan#66

The Queen Mother

    She was a normal human.

    She actually was the personal servant of the real Queen Mother. She fell in love for the counselor of the King and was involved in his plan of revenge and conquer. For love, she accepted to run into the fire that killed the King and the Queen, sure that her lover would have cured her wounds and restored her beauty. The fire ruined her face and she let the people believe that she was the real Queen and that the skeleton of the woman in the Royal bed near the King was her skeleton. So, she waited for the return of her lover for years. However, the power was held by a Regent, until she or the Princess would have married.

    When Jabezo proposed the marriage of Crigata to King Alka, the Queen accepted.

    However, when Jabezo, in the Stubb's body, confessed her that he wanted to marry Crigatha, the Queen despaired and cried, then exposed the truth to Conan, Torio and the others. Stubb, uncovered, killed her stabbing her.

--Savage Sword of Conan#66



    Flatus was a normal human, a noble, from Ravonna. His wife was Lady Hadwig, and his son was Smernok, but he didn't love them so much.

    Flatus, like many others, was used by Jabezo to reach his goal. Jabezo promised him the ring of Regency, then poisoned himself, in order to make Flatus the first suspect, and gave him the ring before dying.

    Flatus hid the ring in one of his many bottle of wine but eventually was killed on the ship by Cecilops, who wanted the ring.

--Savage Sword of Conan#66




Lady Hadwig and Smernok

    They were normal humans.

    Lady Hadwig was Lord Flatus' wife; Smernok was their son.

    Jabezo promised them the ring of Regency. Later, they were present when Jabezo killed himself drinking the poisoned wine. Despite their bond, Lady Hadwig and Smernok believed Flatus to be the assassin and also because they desired the ring of Regency given to Flatus.

    On the ship, by night, Smernok followed Cecilops, and knocked him out and pushed the body in the sea, to the sharks. Smernok took the Cecilops' golden patch. Lady Hadwig and Smernok tried to accuse Conan of the Flatus' murder, but Crigatha gave him an alibi. Torio then discovered the golden patch in Smernok's room and Conan forced Lady Hadwig to reveal the golden ring of Regency.

    Torio had them bound by Conan. Later, the were freed and saved from sinking into the sea.

--Savage Sword of Conan#66


    Sophronia was a normal human. She was a lady companion.

    Sophronia was truly loyal to Crigatha, and when she met Conan before weighing anchor, she asked Conan to protect her Princess.

    That night she found Conan acting as the guard outside the Princess' room, and she took him to her room to sleep together.

    The day after, she helped Conan, acting as witness for him, when Lady Hadwig accused him to be the Flatus' assassin.

    She was one of the few persons to escape the ship's sink.

--Savage Sword of Conan#66

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Savage Sword of Conan#66, p22, pan1 (Crigatha)

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