Real Name: Gemini

Identity/Class: Terrestrial android (fringe character)

Occupation: Fugitive superhero;
    former fledgling pop star

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Formerly Douglas Nellis

Enemies: Ninja Star (Rin Setsushi)

Known Relatives: Douglas Nellis (creator, deceased)

Aliases: Sloan McCarran, Rose Pecos

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Spider-Man Magazine (I#13) (Summer, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Gemini has superhuman strength and speed. She can also project acoustic radiation in the form of ultrasound radiation "crystals" into the bodies of others.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 326 lbs.
Eyes: Variable (normally white with no visible irises)
Hair: Variable (normally pink but occasionally brown)

History: (unpublished story - BTS) - Douglas Nellis created the Gemini android as a project to boost profits for his highly successful record company by creating an artificial pop star, initially deciding on her appearance via online polls during her production phase. Extremely paranoid, Nellis also created Gemini with the secondary purpose of acting as his bodyguard when not performing and he programmed Gemini to be sentient with a mind and personality of her own to ensure her relatibility in public. Not a fan of the Gemini project, famous j-pop musical artist Rin Setsushi, feeling that no one would prefer a machine over flesh and blood, demanded Nellis shut down the Gemini project but Nellis dismissed her, refusing to give up his multi-billion creation of Gemini. Attacking Nellis, Setsushi was defeated by the awakening Gemini, who scarred Setsushi's face while defending Nellis.

Rejected and disfigured, Setsushi took the alias of Ninja Star as she plotted revenge on Gemini, ultimately hiring a hacker to install a program into Gemini that forced Gemini to kill creator the night before she was scheduled to make her public debut. Once the murder had been completed, Gemini's mind was wiped of all traces of the malicious program and her memories of killing Nellis were also deleted. Taken away by Nellis' engineer co-workers, who were unable to find the cause of her "malfunction," Gemini was scheduled to be destroyed but she escaped, fleeing for her own artificial life and using aliases such as Sloan McCarran and Rose Pecos to pose as human.

(Spider-Man Magazine (I#13)) - The partially amnesiac Gemini began acting as a superhero, still remaining enemies with Ninja Star.

Comments: Created by Lesley Shank.

Gemini was the product of the 1994 Spider-Man Magazine's "Create Your Own Super Hero or Super-Villain" section that ran in most earlier issues of the Magazine. In Gemini's case, she was created by then-11-year-old Lesley Shank of Las Vegas, Nevada. As a fringe character, Gemini was not confirmed to exist to Earth-616 but there is no evidence to say she did not exist on Earth-616 either...

HUGE thanks to Lesley Shank herself for providing information missing from the original Spider-Man Magazine article as well as brand-new drawings of Gemini (the headshot) and Ninja Star and unpublished backstories on both characters!

The issue of Spider-Man Magazine featuring Gemini was not numbered but recent reprints of the comic strips from that issue in Adventures of Spider-Man & Adventures of the X-Men trade paperbacks established that the issue was #13.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Gemini has no known connections to:

Douglas Nellis

Douglas Nellis was a very successful record company owner who sought to increase his profits by creating an artificial pop star. Dubbing his creation Gemini, Nellis intended for Gemini to act as his bodyguard when she was not performing but his experiments were opposed by j-pop musician Rin Setsushi, whom Nellis disregarded. Angry, Setsushi attacked Nellis, inadvertently bringing Gemini online due to Nellis' programming of Gemini to protect him. In retaliation, Setsushi (now calling herself Ninja Star) hired a hacker to program Gemini to murder Nellis and after Gemini did so, all memories of the event (as well as the program itself) were wiped from her memory. With Nellis dead, Nellis' engineers captured Gemini and prepared to destroy her but Gemini escaped and went on the run as a superhero.

--unpublished story - BTS

Ninja Star

Rin Setsushi was a famous Japanese pop musical artist who was very much opposed to Douglas Nellis' experiment to create the Gemini android. When Nellis shrugged off her protests, Setsushi attacked Nellis, prompting the android Gemini to come online to defend Nellis, scarring Setsushi's face in the process. Desiring revenge, Setsushi became the criminal Ninja Star ("NS" for short) and hired a hacker to place a secret program inside the Gemini android that caused Gemini to murder her creator. After the hacker's program erased all evidence of itself as well as Gemini's memories of the murder, Gemini escaped Nellis' lab when she was scheduled for destruction and went on the run, becoming a superhero while Ninja Star became her nemesis.

--Spider-Man Magazine (I#13) - BTS (unpublished story, Spider-Man Magazine (I#13) - BTS,

images: (without ads)
Spider-Man Magazine (I#13), p14, splash page (Gemini, main image)
new art provided by Lesley Shank (Gemini, headshot)
new art provided by Lesley Shank (Ninja Star)

Spider-Man Magazine (I#13) (Summer, 1995) - "Create Your Own Super Hero or Super-Villain: Gemini" - Lesley Shank (writer, art), Michael Teitelbaum (editor)

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