Real Name: Jay T. Thomas

Identity/ClassAlternate Earth (Earth-20007) human mutate

Occupation: Vigilante; former astronaut

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Clarion (Rob Peterson, Bill Potter, Suzy Sanderson, T.T. Thomas)

EnemiesEddie Costanza, Professor Squid

Known Relatives: T.T. Thomas (father), unidentified mother

Aliases: Spider

Base of Operations: Possibly New York City, New York

First Appearance: Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1 (May, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Spider-Man can shoot web from his arms and uses it to swing around the city, web up criminals and create large webs he can sit in. He possesses a spider-sense that warns him of danger and an increased sense of smell. Four spider-like fangs are located in his jaw that presumably injects his prey with poison and/or digestive enzymes. Spider-Man seems to suck up the predigested tissue of his prey. The talons at his finger can cut through flesh and his blood is green.

He presumably possesses superhuman strength, which allowed him to rip out a metal door with ease. He also presumably possesses some degree of a healing factor that allowed him to heal from bullet wounds without any further medical help. He doesn't seem to register pain or at least doesn't show any reaction to it.

Height: Unrevealed (6'1"; by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed (190 lbs.; by approximation)
Eyes: Solid white (no visible pupils); formerly unrevealed
Hair: None; formerly black

(Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1 (fb) - BTS) - Jay T. Thomas was the son of T.T. Thomas and his wife. At some point his mother died. Jay rose to the rank of a colonel and trained to become the pilot on the first manned Mars probe.

(Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1 (fb)) - The night before his mission to Mars was launched Jay met with his father. Jay regretted that his mother wasn't there to see him go to outer space and T.T. gave him a necklace from Jay's late mother and told him that his mother was always proud of him.

   Shortly after take-off the Mars probe encountered something. Jay got readings from outside of something moving pretty fast it broke in to capsule and attacked Jay. NASA lost contact with him for two days.

(Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1 (fb) - BTS) - Whatever attacked Jay turned him into Spider-Man. (see comments)

(Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1 (fb)) - When they were finally able to reestablish contact NASA managed to bring the craft back to Earth by activating the auto-pilot. A squad of soldiers approached the craft and witnessed a monster break out of it and it assaulted them. The monster, later known as Spider-Man, then quickly fled into the woods, which were sealed off by the military. The soldiers couldn't find anyone else in the capsule. Colonel Jay T. Thomas was apparently gone.

(Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1 (fb) - BTS) - Jay's father, unaware that Spider-Man was actually his son, blamed Spider-Man for his son's disappearance.

(Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1) - Spider-Man came to the aid of his father when Professor Squid attacked the Clarion's print room and threatened the life of T.T. Thomas. Squid overpowered Spider-Man with his bio-mechanical arms and knocked him into a wall. T.T. Thomas used the distraction caused by Spider-Man's attack to spray ink in Squid's eyes. Spider-Man hit the blinded Squid, who got so angry at him that he lunged at him with his bio-mechanical arms. Squid's arms got stuck in between the large printer rolls and Spider-Man activated the printers to crush them. Spider-Man ended up face to face with T.T. Thomas and offered to shake his hand, but was shot in the arm by the police. T.T. stopped them from harming Spider-Man further, allowing the vigilante to escape through the skylight.

(Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1 - BTS) - Somehow Spider-Man contacted reporter Bill Potter (possibly telepathically) to ask him to steal the pictures of Eddie Costanza's murder at the hands of Spider-Man.

(Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1) - Potter later met Spider-Man in his hideout and delivered the pictures that proofed that Spider-Man was a murderer. The necklace given to him by his father was clearly seen beneath Spider-Man red skin. He smiled while Potter's looked had him with solid white blank eyes.

Comments: Created by Paul Grist & Kyle Hotz.

Marvels Comics were a bunch of one-shots published by Marvel as comics existing on Earth-616.

Considering the J. of his necklace can still be seen on his neck it looks to me like the alien that took over J.T. Thomas was probably a symbiote like Venom.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Spider-Man (Jay T. Thomas) should not be confused with:

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Eddie Costanza

Costanza was a criminal. One night Costanza broke into a building and killed security guard. He escaped from the police in a dark alley, but ran into Spider-Man, who webbed up Costanza's face and then bit him, killing him in the process. Spider-Man was photographed by the Clarion's Rob Peterson, but didn't attack him. Spider-Man dragged Costanza's body away while Peterson ran away.

--Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1

Rob Peterson

Peterson was the staff photographer working for the Clarion. One night he took photographs of Spider-Man killing criminal Eddie Costanza. He delivered the pictures to Clarion owner T.T. Thomas, who was impressed because the pictures were proof that Spider-Man was a monster. Peterson was eating a sweet snack while Thomas complimented him and looked over the pictures.

Later Peterson took pictures of Spider-Man fighting Professor Squid at the Clarion through a skylight.

Potter stole the pictures of Spider-Man killing Costanza before they could go to print and handed them over to Spider-Man.

--Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1

Bill Potter

Potter was an award-winning chief reporter at the Clarion. He was critical of T.T. Thomas' crusade against Spider-Man. Potter was there when Peterson delivered pictures to T.T Thomas that proofed that Spider-Man was a murderer and when Professor Squid attacked the Clarion.

Spider-Man at some point asked (probably telepathically) Potter to steal the incriminating pictures before they could go to print. Potter did so after T.T. Thomas still planned to continue his crusade against Spider-Man even though the vigilante had saved T.T. from Professor Squid. Potter delivered the pictures to Spider-Man an abandoned building. Potter's eyes were solid blank white while Spider-Man smiled.

--Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1

Professor Squid

T.T. Thomas destroyed Professor Squid's reputation by writing editorials that called Squid a madman and his work. As a result Squid had his research grant pulled from his work and he turned to crime to complete his work.

Professor Squid was arrested. He was transported to Granite Island with his arms in the same convoy. The police were unaware that Squid had a telepathic connection to his arms. Squid took control of his arms and escaped.

Professor Squid attacked the Clarion's print room and demanded to see T.T. Thomas to get revenge on him for ruining his career. Thomas confronted Squid and told him to let the others go, which Squid did. Squid then closed the door to have Thomas all for himself, but Spider-Man came to Thomas' aid. Squid was distracted by the attack and was surprised when T.T. sprayed ink from one of the large printers in his eyes. Spider-Man attacked him again and Squid had enough of him. Even though he wanted to let him go at first because he had no quarrel with him, Squid decided to take him out for striking him. Squid's arms got stuck in the printer rolls and got crushed after Spider-Man activated the printing press. Professor Squid was rendered unconscious by losing his mechanical arms and was arrested again.

--Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1

Suzy Sanderson

Sanderson was a reporter working for the Clarion. She was present when Peterson delivered pictures to T.T. Thomas that proofed Spider-Man to be a murderer. She looked at the pictures while Professor Squid attacked the Clarion, but didn't understand why T.T. Thomas felt so much hatred for Spider-Man. She later discovered that the pictures were gone and had to tell T.T. Thomas, who was sure that someone at the Clarion had betrayed them.

--Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1

T.T. Thomas

T.T. Thomas was the publisher/editor of the Clarion and the widowed father of astronaut Jay T. Thomas.

The night before Jay went on a mission to Mars, T.T. gave his son a necklace from Jay's late mother. T.T. told Jay that his mother was always proud of him.

T.T. was looking through the pictures Peterson made of Spider-Man killing small-time criminal Eddie Costanza. He thanked Peterson for getting him pictures that proofed that Spider-Man was a murderer, but was criticized for his crusade against Spider-Man by reporter Bill Potter. T.T. remembered his astronaut son and wondered what Spider-Man had done to him outer space. T.T. called the printer room to prepare the presses to put out an extra about Spider-Man being a murderer, but the printer room was under attack by Professor Squid, who sought revenge on T.T. for editorials that ruined his scientific career.

T.T. had to wait for two days until NASA reestablished contact with Jay after they had lost contact to his probe. The probe was returned to Earth via auto-pilot and Spider-Man emerged, but Jay was apparently gone. T.T. never found out what had happened to Jay and blamed Spider-Man for his disappearance.

T.T. talked to the police, who revealed that Squid had escaped while transported to Granite Island. T.T. walked past them to the printer room and asked Squid to let everyone else go. Squid then closed the door to have T.T. all for himself. Spider-Man came to T.T.'s aid, which distracted Squid long enough for T.T. to spray ink from the printing machine in Squid's eyes. Spider-Man defeated Squid and was standing face to face with T.T. Thomas. Spider-Man offered to shake his hand, but was shot in the arm by the police and fled. T.T. stopped the police from hurting Spider-Man further, but even though Spider-Man had saved him, T.T. vowed to continue his crusade against Spider-Man to proof that he was a murderer with the pictures Peterson had made. Suzy Sanderson had to inform T.T. that the pictures were gone. T.T. was sure that someone at the Clarion had betrayed them, unaware that it was Potter, who had handed the pictures over to Spider-Man.

--Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1

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Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1, p6, pan2 (Suzy Sanderson)
Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1, p15, pan2 (T.T. Thomas)

Marvels Comics: Spider-Man#1 (May, 2000) - Paul Grist (writer), Kyle Hotz (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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