Real Name: Alphonse LaGuardia

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Police officer

Group Membership: Springdale police department

Affiliations: Justin Baldwin, Dr. Benson, Burnatt, Chief Marcus, Madeline Naylor, Patty O'Donnels, Hinton Phipps, Speedball (Robbie Baldwin)

Enemies: The Basher, Nathan Boder, Bonehead, Bug-Eyed Voice, Crooked Face, Dorian, Feathered Felon, Jolly Roger, Mr. Harlock, Thomas Magee, Louie Perlongetti

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Springdale, Connecticut

First Appearance: Marvel Age Annual#4 (1988)

Powers/Abilities: Al LaGuardia was an able policeman who carried a sidearm. He had a suspicious mind.

History: (Speedball#1/2) - LaGuardia and his partner Phipps arrived at the Hammond Research Center after a band of criminals had been driven off by Robbie Baldwin in his newfound costumed identity as Speedball. Robbie had reverted to normal by the time LaGuardia and Phipps arrived, but already LaGuardia found himself suspecting Robbie of some kind of involvement.

(Marvel Age Annual#4/2) - LaGuardia and Phipps monitored Justin Baldwin's case against Thomas Magee, who avoided charges that he was Crooked Face by hiring his twin brother to perform the crimes. When Crooked Face was finally unmasked by Speedball, LaGuardia and Phipps brought him and Thomas Magee into custody.

(Speedball#2) - LaGuardia and Phipps investigated the scene of the Sticker's seeming murder, and LaGuardia wondered why Robbie Baldwin was found nearby.

(Speedball#4) - As the city went up in arms over the discovery of Alexander Bow's remains, LaGuardia hassled Robbie because his parents were connected to Bow. They brought Madeline Naylor in for questioning, and later found the body of Otto Clase, another suspect.

(Speedball#5) - LaGuardia and Phipps were among the policemen threatened by the cop-stalking Basher. LaGuardia, as per usual, suspected Robbie. The Basher was finally driven into their arms by Speedball.

(Speedball#6) - LaGuardia and Phipps apprehended the Bug-Eyed Voice when he was driven into their arms by Speedball.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#14/3) - LaGuardia and Phipps were among the officers who scoured the city for the Feathered Felon, who had made off with important papers belonging to Justin Baldwin. LaGuardia suspected Robbie, as usual, but ultimately Speedball drove the Feathered Felon away.

(Speedball#7) - LaGuardia and Phipps encountered Robbie while on patrol, and LaGuardia hassled him once again.

(Speedball#8) - LaGuardia and Phipps were assigned to guard the community fund donations being collected in the park on Founder's Day. Bonehead and his gang captured the money, but he was defeated by Speedball and LaGuardia, Phipps and Burnatt respectively brought in Bonehead, his gang, and the money.

(Speedball#9) - LaGuardia and Phipps investigated Dorian, believing him to be tied to illegal activity. They helped arrest Nathan Boder and Dorian, who were both implicated in the death of Alexander Bow.

(Speedball#10) - LaGuardia and Phipps investigated the appearance of giant animals created by the formula of Dr. Rarque. LaGuardia hassled Robbie once again.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#1/5) - LaGuardia and Phipps arrived on the scene after Speedball had defeated Louie Perlongetti. Al recognized him from tv's "Most Wanted," and they arrested Perlongetti.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#5/3) - LaGuardia and Phipps were involved in the hunt for the criminal Jolly Roger, with LaGuardia suspecting Robbie as usual. The Jolly Roger ultimately vanished in battle with Speedball. However, they did manage to arrest the Jolly Roger's accomplice, Mr. Harlock.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#6/5) - LaGuardia and Phipps encountered the criminal Bouncer, and LaGuardia suspected him of working with Speedball. However, Speedball ultimately turned the Bouncer over to them.

Comments: Created by Steve Ditko, Roger Stern and Jackson Guice.

LaGuardia played J. Jonah Jameson to Robbie's Spider-Man. One can only wonder what he thought of the Stamford incident in Civil War#1.

by Prime Eternal

Al LaGuardia should not be confused with:


Phipps was LaGuardia's partner, and was ever-present with him on their various cases, including confrontations with the Basher, Bonehead, the Bouncer, the Bug-Eyed Voice, Crooked Face, the Feathered Felon, the Jolly Roger, the Sticker and many other crooks. Phipps was not as suspicious as his partner, and did not seem to wonder about Speedball's connection to Robbie Baldwin, constantly asking his partner to stop pestering Robbie.

--Marvel Age Annual#4/2 (Speedball#1/2, Marvel Age Annual#4/2, Speedball#1/2,2,4,5,6, Marvel Comics Presents I#14/3, Speedball#7,8,9,10, Marvel Super-Heroes III#1/5,5/3,6/5

Phipps' name was given as "Hinton" in Speedball#9. I take it to mean that it is his first name, rather than a different character.


Marcus was the chief of police in Springdale.

(Speedball#4) - After the body of Alexander Bow was found, the chief demanded that his officers find suspects. Marcus was biased against Justin Baldwin and Madeline Naylor.

(Speedball#6) - The chief oversaw the attempt to capture the Bug-Eyed Voice.

(Speedball#8) - The chief assigned LaGuardia and Phipps to guard the community fund donations on Founder's Day.

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