Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutate (possibly, see comments)

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: "Speedball Revenge Squad" (the Basher, Bug-Eyed Voice, Fred Caskey, the Harlequin Hit-Man, Leaper Logan, the Sticker, the Two-Legged Rat)

Affiliations: Clyde (employer), Sammy & Barney (Henchmen)

Enemies: Chompsky, Speedball (Robbie Baldwin), Speedball (Darrion Grobe), Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Springdale, Connecticut

First Appearance: Speedball#8 (April, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: Bonehead's skull was superhard and he could use it to hit things.

(Speedball#8 - BTS) - Bonehead was the head of a gang (inculding at least two, Sammy and Barney) at some point Bonehead was captured and put in jail.

(Speedball#8) - One night, Bonehead broke out of Springdale Prison and immediately met up with his former henchmen telling them he wanted their help on one more job, then he'd get out of Springdale for good. Bonehead and his men went to the the Founder's Day Charity Event in Springdale park and made off with the communtiy fund containing the donations to charity.

Robbie Baldwin had been bored and left the festival to climb rocks elsewhere in the park and when he saw Bonehead and his gang running past with the fund he confronted them as Speedball. Bonehead told Sammy and Barney to "Scatter! He can't chase it all!" but Speedball, seeing that Bonehead had the box and was apparently the boss decided to chase him. When Speedball got close enough, Bonehead slammed his head into him causing both to go flying. Bonehead's head was throbbing as he was picked up by the cops and returned to prison.

(New Warriors I#66 - BTS) - Bonehead was one of the many villains that Clyde broke out of Springdale prison.

(New Warriors I#66) - Bonehead and many other criminals were employed by Clyde to find Dr. Benson's cat Niels, which had powers similar to Speedball that Clyde intended to steal. When Speedball found the criminals, he made short work of them. He was taken back to prison with the rest of them.

(Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#7) - When Bonehead tried robbing the Farmers’ Market, Squirrel Girl stopped him by sending Chompsky the squirrel down his pants.

Comments: Created by Steve Ditko, Roger Stern, and Bruce Patterson.

I don't entirely buy Clyde's claim to have been behind all the villains of Springdale, but no other explanation for Bonehead's skull was given, so perhaps a Super-Hard-Skull Formula created by Clyde is what did it.

My understanding is that the Speedball in the New Warriors issue wasn't really Speedball, but Darrion Grobe, who actually thought he was Speedball. That doesn't make much difference here though.

Thanks to Prime Eternal for the images.

Profile by Patrick D Ryall. Update by Chadman (Squirrel Girl).


Bonehead has no known connection to:

Sammy and Barney were two professional criminals who worked for Bonehead. While Bonehead was in prison they took to mugging people, but when he escaped, he coerced them into going along with his scam to rob the community charity fund. When Speedball arrived and the group split up, Sammy and Barney ran right into the cops and were captured. When their boss ended up in custody too, Sammy and Barney hit him over the head.


Images taken from:
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#7, p1, pan1 (main)
Speedball#8/1, p6, pan8 (head butt)
Speedball#8/1, p6, pan9 (with henchman)
Speedball#8/1, p2, pan8 (henchmen)

Speedball#8/1 (April, 1989) - Steve Ditko (plot/pencils), Roger Stern (script), Bruce Patterson (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)
New Warriors I#66 (December, 1995) - Evan Skolnick (writer), Patrick Zircher (pencils), Andrew Pepoy (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II#7 (June, 2016) – Ryan North (writer), Erica Henderson (artist), Wil Moss (editor)

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Last updated: 06/22/2020

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