Real Name: Frank Castle

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (Earth-58627) human

Occupation: Vigilante;
    former police detective

Group Membership: Formerly NYPD

Affiliations: Jake Berkowitz

Enemies: New York mafia (Gianni Franco, Dino Moretti, other unidentified mobsters), Yakuza (Lady Tanaka/Hideko Tanak, Lady Tanaka's unidentified step-daughter, other unidentified mobsters)

Known Relatives: Julie Castle (wife, deceased), Felice Castle (daughter, deceased), Annie Castle (daughter, deceased), unidentified mother/mother-in-law

Aliases: "Psychotic Ex-Cop"

Base of Operations: New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: The Punisher film (October 5, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: The Punisher is an incredibly well-trained hand-to-hand combatant and an expert in the use of firearms and explosives.

Height: 6'5" (by approximation) (see comments)
245 lbs. (by approximation) (see comments)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

History: (The Punisher film (fb) - BTS) - Happily married with two daughters, police detective Frank Castle and his partner Jake Berkowitz were the best of friends and Frank's family considered Jake part of their family.

   When Frank and Jake began causing trouble for mobster Gianni Franco and his crime family, Franco decided to eliminate Frank with a car bomb.

(The Punisher film (fb)) - Though Franco had not intended to cause any collateral damage, when the bomb detonated Castle's wife and daughters were in the car and were all killed.

(The Punisher film (fb) - BTS) - Though officially declared dead too, with the lack of a corpse put down to a mob theft of the remains, Frank survived and took refuge in the sewers. Meanwhile Berkowitz refused to accept the official explanation for what had happened to Frank's remains.

    Wanting to avenge his family, Frank became a vigilante under the moniker "the Punisher," and started a war against criminals. Over the subsequent five years, the Punisher killed 125 mobsters; conversely, in his spare time, Frank meditated, trying to speak with God. At some point during his continued his one-man war against organized crime, Castle enlisted the help of his sole ally, Shake, a stage performer turned derelict who typically spoke in rhyme.

(The Punisher film) - The underworld crime families became so weakened by the Punisher's guerrilla warfare that Gianni Franco was forced out of retirement. As his first new action, Franco sent his right-hand man, Dino Moretti, to the United States but Moretti was killed by the Punisher on the day after arrival when the Punisher blew up his house. An arriving Franco planned to unify the decimated families via a shared common drug deal but it was disrupted by Yakuza mobs, whose attention was apparently attracted by Franco's unification plans. The Punisher learned of the drug deal with Shake's help and participated in shootout between the mafia and Yakuza, only to be seriously injured in the shootout.

   Led by Lady Tanaka and her American step-daughter, the Yakuza decided to take over the assembled mafia families and all of their interests. In order to sway the mobsters to their cause, they kidnapped their children, unconcerned about the Punisher because theu believed he had died from wounds suffered in the shootout. In actuality, Castle was nursing his wounds out of sight and when he overheard the dialogue between Lady Tanaka and the crime families' leaders, he decided not to interfere, hoping to let the Yakuza and mafia kill each other. However Shake reminded him of the kidnapped children, so the Punisher attacked Yakuza businesses, warning that for every day the mob's children were held in captivity, he would inflict heavy costs on the Yakuza in property damage. These attacks ironically convinced the police that the Punisher was the prime suspect in the mob child kidnappings, as they were unaware of the Yakuza involvement, but Berkowitz refused to believe this. The Yakuza later captured the Punisher and Shake and attempted to torture them but the Punisher broke free and decided the only course of action was a direct rescue. 

   Rescuing the children, the Punisher hijacked a bus to transport them to safety but was forced to leave behind Franco's son Tommy when the Yakuza attacked. After turning the children over to the police, Castle was arrested for the murders he had  committed as the Punisher. While in custody, Frank met with Berkowitz, who warned him about possible execution as a punishment for his crimes, but the unwavering Frank claimed his actions were still a "work in progress." Castle was subsequently broken out of jail by Franco's men and taken to their boss. Franco admitted he had brought the Punisher's attacks on himself by unintentionally slaying Castle's family in the earlier mob hit, and asked the Punisher to help him save his son in exchange for any request. After the Punisher's refusal, Franco kidnapped Berkowitz, giving Castle no choice but to agree.

   Together Franco and the Punisher raided the Yakuza headquarters, fighting and killing all Yakuza members in the process, including Lady Tanaka and her step-daughter. Upon being reunited with his son, Franco, feeling as if Castle would ultimately kill him anyway, betrayed the battle weary Punisher by attacking him but Castle defended himself, shooting Franco to death. Tommy threatened the Punisher for killing his father but could not bring himself to hurt him. Castle warned Tommy not to follow in his father's footsteps, adding that he would return if the boy committed any crimes. After freeing himself, Berkowitz returned with the police while the Punisher made his escape. Returning to his lair in the sewers, a meditating Castle swore to punish every guilty person until God finally answered him.

Comments: Created by Boaz Yakin and Peta Lawson.

   The role of the Punisher in the film was performed by Dolph Lundgren.

   The Punisher's height and weight are approximated from that of Dolph Lundgren's.

   The Punisher film was the second live-action cinematic movie based on a Marvel Comics property (after the Howard the Duck film of 1986) and was loosely based on the titular comic character. There's no characters from the comics except the Punisher himself in the movie. His signature skull logo was rejected as they felt him not wearing a costume would make the character more realistic. Ironically, the movie itself is full of unrealistic moments such as a fight scene with Tanaka's step-daughter stopping the Punisher's motocycle at high speed with a chain. The film never received a wide theatrical release in the United States due to New World International's financial difficulties and its new owners not having an interest in theatrical distribution.

   During the production of the film, there were scenes about the Punisher's origin that were filmed. Originally, the movie began with Frank Castle and Jake Berkowitz's failed attempt to catch Dino Moretti in the act of selling drugs then there was a scene of Frank Castle giving Moretti and Gianni Franco a subpoena right before his family's death in the car explosion. Along with these deleted scenes, the dialogue of the Punisher and Sam Leary was extended (Frank asked her to call Berkowitz and ask him to bring a pie). Although these scenes don't directly contradict the theatrical cut of the film and some of the footage was even used as flashbacks, there was also one alternate final scene. In it, Castle stabbed Franco while Tommy tried to talk his father out of killing the Punisher, then Tommy swore to learn how to use a gun (whereas, in the final cut, Tommy had already learned how to use it) and kill Castle. In response, Frank put the gun in Tommy's hands and told him to shoot but the boy didn't.

   In 1990, the film was adapted into a comic, the Punisher Movie Special. It was based on the film's Director's Cut so there's a lot of scenes in the comic which were deleted from the movie such as the Punisher's origin and the aformentioned alternate finale. There were also other contradictions that were added to the comic by writer Carl Potts. In the comic book, prior to the last fight with the Yakuza, Frank painted the Earth-616 signature skull logo on his bulletproof vest. Also, Berkowitz wasn't kidnapped in the comic book, which contradicts both the theatrical and director's cut of the movie.

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Profile by Sasasych.

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The Punisher film, movie logo (Punisher, profile logo)
The Punisher film, movie poster image (Punisher, main)
The Punisher
film, Dolph Lundgren photo session still (Punisher on motorcycle)
Punisher Movie Special, front cover (Punisher film comic adaptation)

The Punisher film (October 5, 1989) - Boaz Yakin (writer), Peta Lawson (art director), Mark Goldblatt (director)

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