Real Name: Hervé Marat

Identity/Class: Human; French citizen

Occupation: Antiquarian

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Black Cat (Felicia Hardy),Kingpin (Wilson Fisk),  Inspector Gorliet, Henri Poirot (see comments)

Enemies: Black Cat (Felicia Hardy)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Office in Paris, France

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#57/4 (August 1990)

Powers/Abilities: None. He had a hook instead of his left hand.

History: Hervé Marat was an antiquarian for many years, but he wanted to make more money for his retirement and worked together with thieves and criminals like Black Cat and the Kingpin.

(MCP#57/4): Black Cat brought a treasure map to the Crown Jewels of France to Hervé. He feared that she would desert him and was happy when she returned with the map. He explained to her that he did this all to get some extra money for his retirement, and that the map showed the jewels were buried in the courtyard of the Louvre. After Black Cat left his office Hervé called Wilson Fisk to inform him that the Black Cat was walking into the trap. Fisk told Hervé to fly to Istanbul for another purchase. After Black Cat escaped the police she returned to the office of Hervé and found out about his flight. She found him at the Charles de Gaulle Airport and threw a stolen necklace into his coat pocket. The airport security found it and Hervé was taken into custody.

Comments: Created by Dwight Zimmerman, Mike Harris and Joe Rubinstein

I don't know if Hervé Marat or Inspector Gorliet was an allusion of some kind at literary figures, but Henri Poirot was.
The great-uncle of Henri they were talking about should be none other than Agatha Christie's famous character the Belgian Detective Hercule Poirot who was solving many cases in novels in the London of the 1920s and 1930s.

There was no interaction between Marat and the sub-profiled Inspector Gorliet and Henri Poirot. The latter two were part of the police forces that tried to capture Black Cat who stepped into their trap. Kingpin knew of this trap as well as Marat. It could be that the righteous Wilson Fisk and Marat were somehow involved in the setup of the trap, but there is no proof for this.

Profile by Markus Raymond


Hervé Marat has no known connections to

Inspector Gorliet has no known connections to

Henri Poirot has no known connections to

Inspector Gorliet

He was a French inspector co-ordinating a plan to lure Black Cat into a trap. He had a false map apparently showing the location of the French Crown Jewels placed in a secret passage inside the Palace of Versailles, where Black Cat found it. He was informed when she located it and was always one step ahead of her through informants. He greeted her with mockery when she found the box they placed at the Louvre. He warned his men of her powers, which she didn't have anymore, but she got away anyway. Gorliet was still happy that they recovered the map as evidence of her theft and that a thief was made a fool. He talked about it to his colleague Henri Poirot.

--Marvel Comics Presents#57/4

Henri Poirot

Henri was one of the gendarmes under Inspector Gorliet. He got beaten by Black Cat and wasn't able to stop her from getting away. He helped Gorliet to his feet and they agreed the incident was still a success for them. Henri now had an entertaining story for his great-uncle.

--Marvel Comics Presents#57/4


Hervé Marat body shot: Marvel Comics Presents#57, p28, pan3

Hervé Marat head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#57, p26, pan3

Inspector Gorliet head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#57, p30, pan5

Henri Poirot head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#57, p30, pan5

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