Real Name: Perrikus

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial/dimensional god (Dark Gods)

Occupation: Prince of the Dark Gods

Group Membership: Dark Gods

Affiliations: former ally of Zarrko the Tomorrow Man

Enemies: Asgardians, Balder, Desak, Destroyer, Hercules, Odin, Sif, Thor

Known Relatives: Tserron (wife, deceased), Majeston Zelia (mother)

Aliases: God of power unlimited and energy infinite

Base of Operations: The dimension of Narcisson

First Appearance: Thor II#1 (July, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Perrikus displayed phenomenal strength and durability well into Class 100. He also displayed the ability to shoot beams out of his hands, and carried with him a scythe sharp enough to cut through uru metal.

History: (Thor II#9 - BTS) - A long time ago, Odin sent out scouts to explore the universe. One scout named Lonkarr, happened upon a city called Narcisson, which was like the evil twin of Asgard. While there he was attacked by a woman named Tserron. They battled for hours until Lonkarr killed her, upon which Perrikus arrived and told Lonkarr that he had killed his wife. Lonkarr escaped and warned Odin of these horrible Dark Gods, and a war ensued. The War went on for two weeks until the Dark Gods stood triumphant. The ruler of the Dark Gods, Majeston Zelia, offered Odin a position as her consort, and if he took it, she would spare his people. He refused, and Perrikus was about to kill Odin, when a young Thor inspired his father to keep fighting and threw him a broken spear. Odin triumphed, and defeated the Dark Gods. Odin banished all of them, but kept Perrikus in a special cell in Asgard. He then erased the memories of the war from everyone's mind but his since it was so traumatic.

(Thor II#1)- Thor arrived on Asgard to find it in ruins. He freaked out and threw his hammer. After he left, Perrikus emerged from the building he destroyed and shouted that he was free.

(Thor II#4)- Perrikus was seen talking with Adva. Perrikus said he could not find Thor and he was either dead, or had left. Later, he was seen addressing his mother, and ruler of the Dark Gods, Majeston Zelia. He promised that Asgard would be ready by tomorrow. Odin was seen in chains.

(Thor II#5)- Perrikus instructed Adva to open a portal to Asgard. Majeston Zelia emerged from the portal.

(Thor II#7)- Perrikus stood by as Zelia taunted a chained Odin, and vocally expressed his wish that he could fight Thor.

(Thor II#8)- Zelia requested that Perrikus amuse her. She brought Balder before him, and he made quick work of Balder. He slashed Balder across the chest with his scythe.

(Thor II#9)- While he taunted Odin, Perrikus was brought word by Tokkots that Thor was alive.

(Thor II#10)- Perrikus had Adva search in vain for Thor on Earth. To draw Thor out, he instructed Adva to cast an image of him over New York City. She did so and he called out Thor. He held up a bloodied Sif as well and threatened to kill her if Thor didn't show himself. When Thor arrived he and Perrikus began to fight. Nobody had a clear advantage until Perrikus cut Thor's hammer with his scythe, and then went on to beat the living hell out of Thor. After 60 seconds away from his hammer, Thor turned into Jake Olsen, his mortal guise. He was forced to escape into the sewer.

(Thor II#11)- Perrikus, after failing to lift Thor's hammer, continued yelling for Thor to come out and fight. He blasted open the sewers to discover Thor was gone. After Tokkots discovered and apprehended Jake Olsen, he brought him before Perrikus, who was furious that Thor would be unable to present him with a challenge. Perrikus beat up Jake Olsen, until he managed to grab his hammer and transform back into Thor. He then teleported away.

(Thor II#12)- Thor returned with aid from the Destroyer and Hercules. Perrikus, along with countless Dark Gods confronted them. Thor and Perrikus squared off until Majeston Zelia interrupted and let loose a blast of energy from her hands that cut through the crust of Asgard. Thor went into the sewer pipes, and Perrikus fought Hercules until Thor returned and fought him some more. When the Dark Gods started losing, Zelia called all of the Dark Gods and merged them into one being. The being dissipated when Odin took back energy that Zelia stole from him. The Dark Gods then disappeared.

(Thor II#42)- Perrikus stood with Adva and several Dark Gods as they were dreading the coming of Desak, the destroyer of gods.

(Thor II#43)- Desak massacred the Dark Gods and beat up Perrikus severely. Perrikus and Adva narrowly escaped.

(Thor II#53)- Perrikus and Adva appeared on the Rainbow Bridge, and Perrikus knocked out Heimdall and started to shatter the bridge. Perrikus then confronted and attacked Thor, who now wielded the Odin-power, since Odin died. They fought back and forth until Thor cut off Perrikus's arm with the Bloodaxe. He then threatened to kill him with his own scythe if he and Adva didn't leave. But first he demanded to know who sent them. Perrikus said that he was under instructions from Zarrko the Tomorrow Man.

Comments: Created by Dan Jurgens and John Romita Jr.

by Stunner

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Thor II#10, p14, pan1 (main image)
  p18, pan2 (Perrikus destroys Mjolnir)

Other appearances:
Thor II#4-5 (October-November, 1998)
Thor II#7-12 (January-June, 1999)
Thor II#42-43 (December, 2001 - January, 2002)
Thor II#53 (October, 2002)

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