Real Name: Zelia

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial/Extradimensional (Dark Gods) deity

Occupation: Agent of Hela; former ruler of the Dark Gods

Group Membership: The Dark Gods

Affiliations: Bor, Desak, Executioner (Skurge), Forsung, Hela

Enemies: Asgardians, Balder, Destroyer, Hercules, Odin, Olympians, Replicus, Sif, Thor

Known Relatives: Perrikus (son), Tserron (daughter-in-law, deceased) 

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Formerly the dimension of Narcisson, now unrevealed

First Appearance: Thor II#4 (October, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Majeston Zelia possesses an number of abilities, including the ability to shoot very powerful blasts from her hands (though this may be from power she stole from Odin), flight, and infinite vision, which allows her to see anywhere. She also has the authority to call all of the Dark Gods to union, merging them into one monster. She was also able to siphon energy off of Odin.

History: (Thor II#9 (fb) ) - A long time ago, Odin sent out scouts to explore the universe. One scout named Lonkarr, happened upon a city called Narcisson, which was like the evil twin of Asgard. While there he was attacked by a woman named Tserron. They battled for hours until Lonkarr killed her, upon which Perrikus arrived and told Lonkarr that he had killed his wife. Lonkarr escaped and warned Odin of these horrible Dark Gods, and a war ensued. The War went on for two weeks until the Dark Gods stood triumphant. The ruler of the Dark Gods, Majeston Zelia, offered Odin a position as her consort, and if he took it, she would spare his people. He refused, and Perrikus was about to kill Odin, when a young Thor inspired his father to keep fighting and threw him a broken spear. Odin triumphed, and defeated the Dark Gods. Odin banished all of them, but kept Perrikus in a special cell in Asgard. He then erased the memories of the war from everyone's mind but his since it was so traumatic.

(Journey into Mystery I#513 - BTS) - Sensing an opportunity for revenge upon the Asgardians, Zelia joined the Dark Gods in assaulting Asgard and taking most of its population as their captives.

(Thor II#4)- Zelia addressed Perrikus through a link. Zelia told him to speed it up.  He promised her that Asgard would be ready for her arrival tomorrow. Odin is seen in chains.

(Thor II#5) - Majeston Zelia entered Asgard through a portal that Adva created. She screamed in triumph that Asgard was hers.

(Thor II#7) - Majeston Zelia taunted Odin as he was chained. She said that he refused her love and now he would suffer. Odin said she hadn't won yet, and Zelia pretty much said she had. Odin spat at her, and she smacked him a few times. She revealed that she had D'Chel the Deceptor trick Zeus into thinking that the Asgardians destroyed Olympus, when indeed it was the Dark Gods.

(Thor II#8) - Zelia wanted to be amused and called in for Balder to fight Perrikus for her amusement. Tokkots wanted to kill Odin and she became annoyed with him. When Perrikus said Balder wouldn't be a challenge Tokkots wanted to kill Balder, and Zelia became annoyed and blasted him. She watched as Perrikus made very quick work of Balder. Zelia taunted Odin some more.

(Thor II#10) - When Perrikus learned that Thor was alive, he wanted to find a way to lure him to a fight. Zelia told Perrikus to lay the right bait, which he did in the form of the goddess Sif. When Thor arrived on Asgard, he was welcomed by Majeston Zelia, alongside the other Dark Gods. She called for Perrikus to take Thor, and after a battle, which ended in Thor being separated from his hammer, and transforming to his mortal guise and escaping, Zelia basked in triumph in seeing Thor flee.

(Thor II#11) - Zelia told Perrikus to find Thor, and forbade Tokkots to kill Thor himself. Later, when Thor could not be found, Zelia searched for him using her infinite vision, which checked every inch of Asgard, but to no avail (she couldn't detect him in his mortal guise).  After Thor recovered his hammer and transformed back, he teleported away, and Zelia enjoyed seeing him flee twice.

(Thor II#12) - Zelia was telling Perrikus that he should have killed Thor while he had the chance, when Thor, Hercules, and the Destroyer arrived, and began to battle hundreds of Dark Gods. During the course of the battle, Majeston Zelia shot beams out of her hands that cut through the crust of Asgard, in hopes to deter the heroes. When the heroes started winning, she called the union, and all of the Dark Gods were merged together into one giant monster. The monster did some damage, but Odin tackled Majeston Zelia and took back the power that she stole from him, which allowed her to do all this apparently. She and the Dark Gods were then scattered throughout the universe, and disappeared. 

(Avengers Prime#5 (fb) - BTS) - After her death Zelia ended up in Hel.

(Avengers Prime#5) - Zelia was among the deceased warriors Hela sent against Thor. After a short battle she witnessed Hela stabbing Thor through the chest with the Twilight Sword before Enchantress helped him escape.


Comments: Created by Dan Jurgens and John Romita Jr.

I'm not sure if Majeston Zelia is supposed to be dead or not.  Perrikus and Adva survived, so it is my guess that she could very well still be alive. I wonder what she is up to. You don't rule a pantheon of powerful gods and then just go away. At least not in the comic books, and not with a character like Majeston Zelia who held a grudge against the Asgardians for thousands of years. There's also one thing that confused me. Majeston Zelia is Perrikus's mother. Now, look at Majeston Zelia. Um...without going into a lot of detail, the question is how? How could she be the mother of anything? I'd also think it would be interesting to know what Perrikus's father looked like. I bet we could all get a good laugh out of it.
Young grasshopper, you're limiting your mind to human anatomy. Look at the animal kingdom, imagine a little bit of magic, and stop trying to figure out where Zelia's daisy is!--Snood.

She ended up in Hel, so she seems to have died when Odin sucked her dry.
--Markus Raymond

I believe that the title majeston is made up, since it isn't in the dictionary. Still a cool title.

Profile by Stunner. Avengers Prime update by Markus Raymond

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