Type: Divergent Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Humans

Significant Inhabitants: Controller, Living Laser (Arthur Parks), Erica Sondheim, Tony Stark, Technovore, Iron Man/War Machine (Jim Rhodes), Abraham Zimmer

Significant Locations: The Andromeda Galaxy, Stark Enterprises

First Appearance: What If? II#63 (July, 1994)

History: (What If? II#63/3) - When Tony Stark was thought dead, Jim Rhodes offered a position at Stark Enterprises to Iron Man's old enemy, the Living Laser. Once the Laser accepted, he found that none of the other employees trusted him. In order to prove himself, he impersonated Jim Rhodes and was called to the Medlab, where he found that Tony Stark was, in fact, alive. Seeing the Laser, Abe Zimmer hit the security button which called Iron Man to the scene. When Iron Man arrived, Tony begged him to get the Living Laser away before he killed him. Stark then explained how he didn't mean to deceive him by faking his death, but he was worried about his enemies like the Living Laser attacking him in his weakened condition. Rhodes grabbed Tony and exclaimed that the Living Laser had been a model employee during his time at Stark Enterprises and threatened to quit until Stark agreed to leave the Laser employed at Stark Enterprises, but warned that the Laser was now Jim's responsibility.
    Later, when the employees at Stark got in line for their paychecks, the Laser threw a fit about the small amount of his paycheck. War Machine quickly explained that a lot of their money earned went to taxes and such, but offered overtime work for the Laser. The Laser agreed and soon, both he and War Machine were battling terrorists side-by-side. During their battle, the Laser noticed that some of the fire chipped a piece of War Machine's armor. Realizing that War Machine had lied to him earlier about removing the Prisma-Polymer Laser-Proofing from his armor, the Laser left. Days later, the Living Laser attacked the Medlab to go after Tony Stark, but was stopped by War Machine who shot the Laser with a weapon designed to keep his energy form unstable. Tony then informed War Machine that the medical staff of the Medlab had been taken over by the Controller and that the Living Laser was actually saving him.
    Days after the incident, War Machine kept a vigil as Stark's Laser-Accelerator reconstituted the Living Laser's form. While Jim was waiting, Tony approached him and asked him to help in recovering the Stark Enterprises Orbital Facility, which recently went offline. War Machine agreed to help and Stark replied that with boosters, he could hit orbit in an hour. The Living Laser interrupted them and explained that he could be there at the speed of light. Stark released the Laser and he flew off into space, where he entered the Orbital Facility. The Living Laser was surprised at the amount of damage and injured people. He was soon attacked by the Technovore, who was trying to assimilate the Laser into himself. After making quick work of the Technovore, the Laser reported back to Stark explained what had happened to the Orbital Facility. He then explained that he would stay aboard the Facility, given that he was neither tech, nor organic, so he was in no risk of infection from the Technovore.

Comments: Created by Dan Slott, Manny Galan, Jim Amash, Mark Stegbauer, Kane, and Lewis.

This Earth diverged from the events seen in Iron Man I#289 (February, 1993).

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After being employed by Stark Enterprises and discovering that Tony Stark was actually alive, the Living Laser continued to work for Stark at the request of James Rhodes. He eventually discovered that no one trusted him, but continued his work until the Controller took over the minds of Tony Stark's medical staff. The Living Laser jumped in to save Stark, but War Machine thought he was attacking Stark and blasted him with a weapon that dispersed his energy. Stark managed to reconstitute his form in time for the Stark Enterprises Orbital Facility to go offline. The Laser agreed to help and traveled into space, where he confronted the Technovore. He then reported back to Stark and explained the situation, at which point he agreed to stay aboard the Facility to prevent any further infection from the Technovore.

--What If? II#63/3






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What If? II#63, p24, pan1 (Living Laser)

 p27, pan2 (Living Laser aboard the Orbital Facility, main pic)

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