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Real Name: Peter Parker

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-901220) human mutate clone

Occupation: Adventurer, mercenary;
    formerly photographer for the Daily Bugle, college student

Group Membership: Silver Sable's Wild Pack

Affiliations: Silver Sable (lover), Mary Jane Watson (ex-lover, almost wife) and her aunt Anna, Gwen Stacy (ex-lover, deceased), J. Jonah Jameson (employer), Nick Katzenberg, Mrs. Muggins, Harry Osborn (very close friend), Joe Robertson (friend and colleague), Flash Thompson, other people of the Wild Pack (Paladin, Sandman/William Baker, other operatives)

Enemies: Electro (Max Dillon), Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), Alistaire Smythe, Venom (Eddie Brock and symbiote), Vulture (Adrian Toomes),

Known Relatives: Black Cat (Felicia Hardy, wife), May Parker (aunt), Benjamin Parker (uncle, deceased)

Aliases: Peter Palmer (used to marry the Black Cat)

Base of Operations: New York, NY

First Appearance: What If II#20 (December, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Spider-Man had the same super-powers and super-abilities of Spider-Man of Earth-616, including superhuman strength, agility and a "spider-sense" that warned him of almost any danger.

Height: 5'10"
: 167 lbs.
: Brown
: Brown

Peter Parker, head shot


(What If II#20 (fb) ) - Earth-901220 Spider-Man's existence was identical to his counterpart of Earth-616, until his fight against Alistaire Smythe's Spider-Slayer, when Smythe hurt Mary Jane Watson.

    In his previous life, Peter had already lost the girl he loved, Gwen Stacy, killed by one of Spider-Man's enemies, the Green Goblin, Norman Osborn.
    He had managed to go on, and found a new love and possible mate in Mary Jane Watson.
    Few days before his fight with the Spider-Slayer he asked Mary Jane to marry him.

(What If II#20 (fb)) - Surviving to the trauma caused by the Spider-Slayer, Mary Jane accepted the danger of being the mate of a super-hero. On the contrary, the shocking event convinced Peter Parker that he could not share his super-hero life with a normal person, because that danger would cost his loved one's life.

    The decision was so hard to take, that Peter confessed it on the altar, with great astonishment of the guests (her aunt May, Anna Watson, Harry Osborn, Flash Thompson, J. Jonah Jameson, etc.) and deep sorrow of Mary Jane. MJ broke the relationship. (on Earth-616 the Marriage happened in Amazing Spider-Man Annual I#21)

    Free from any bond with M.J., Spider-Man intensified his fight against crime, unconsciously trying to fill the void he had inside. He even joined the ranks of the Wild-Pack.

    Silver Sable guessed that something had changed into Spider-Man, he had become impulsive and too prone to action ad none to thinking. However, Sable hold him in line as she did with the other Packers.

    Several days later, probably conditioned by Aunt May's worries about his solitude, Peter wrote to Felicia Hardy. He supposed that the Black Cat would be happy to share the adventuring life he had chosen.

    He was right. Half a month later, the Black Cat greeted Peter on his doorstep: "Face it tiger... you just hit the jackpot!". Mrs. Muggins spotted the meeting.

the black suit   The two restarted the relationship that had been broken months before, intensifying their super-heroes life and their attacks to the criminals. Felicia, however, was more prone to violence than before and Spider-Man had to restrain her.
    Months passed, it was Felicia's turn to save Spider-Man, when he was defeated
(see Web of Spider-Man I#31) and buried alive by Kraven the Hunter (on Earth-616, Peter managed it by himself, helped by his love for MJ, see Amazing Spider-Man#293). The worry for her lover made the Black Cat so violent and reckless that she badly beat Kraven. Digging out Spider-Man from the tomb, Felicia heard him muttering some words about Mary Jane. Peter was heavily drugged and stunned, but something told Felicia that those words weren't only caused by that.

    Their super-relationship led them to defeat Electro and Venom. Still more reckless, Felicia saved Peter's life again. She was shooting a lethal sonic blast at Brock, and had to be stopped by Spider-Man (on Earth-616, Peter, fighting alone, spared Venom thus he was beaten and defeated, see Amazing Spider-Man I#300).

    The stunts of the two superheroes became of public domain, Mary Jane learned about the love between the two super-heroes through an article of Jack Smith on the Daily Bugle. Mary Jane called Peter but it was Felicia to lift the phone. That very night Peter took a fundamental decision: he asked Felicia to marry him. The Black Cat joyously accepted, even if she slightly suspected not to be Peter's real love. Sprung by Peter's declaration, the Black Cat reached Mary Jane while she was going out from home. Felicia spate up M.J.'s face that she was to marry Spider-Man, the man that had left her on the altar. Unfortunately a man who knew Mary Jane Watson (probably for her past of top model and actress) spotted them and overheard the conversation, so guessing Spider-Man's civilian identity.
    The man contacted the Vulture to sell him the information.

    Few days later Peter Palmer and Felina Harvey married at Niagara Falls, NY.

(What If II#21) - After some days had passed from the marriage, Peter understood that Felicia still loved Spider-Man but not Peter Parker. On the other hand, Felicia was unhappy of his civilian identity, because it forced her to live apart from him. Of course, Peter did that to protect his friends and relatives.

    That night, the Vulture learned Spider-Man's secret identity, and killed the informer.
    Seeking vengeance against Spider-Man, the Vulture made May Parker's house explode, killing some people, harming others. His hatred was so strong that he phone-called Peter Parker to boast about his crime and telling him that he knew his secret.
    Spider-Man found May wounded. Guilt-stricken, he, too, sought vengeance. Meanwhile, the Vulture ambushed the the Black Cat and stunned her using gas, but Spider-Man stopped him right before he could shot the deadly bullet. Spider-Man's wrath was strong, luckily, also the Wild Pack arrived there to capture the Vulture, and stopped Spider-Man from committing homicide.
    In the quarrel that followed, Peter learned from Felicia that she was the one that spoiled his secret identity. Still full of guilt and rage for her aunt's health, Peter broke with Felicia.

head shot, the webbed costume    Few days later, Silver welcomed Spider-Man to the Symkarian Embassy and listened his confession. While Peter exposed his guilt about his uncle's death, Silver confessed her sense of impotence when she was a child and her mother Anastasia died in her arms because Silver had unwittingly led some Nazis to her mother. There could have been a connection between the two feelings had they not been interrupted by a mission call. Running to the mission, Silver Sable reckoned that she had never met a person with a so burning inner pain. She feared that he might explode.

    Several days later the Vulture shot to a guard and evaded from Ryker's Island. But the Black Cat was there and slew him. In that way, she wanted to protect her lover's secret identity.
    When the news reached Silver Sable, she unleashed the search for her agent Spider-Man, suspecting he was the murderer. Sable led Sandman, Paladin and many other operatives and they found the Wall-crawler out of Mary Jane Watson's apartment. Peter, still in pain, still enraged, escaped from Sandman's grasp but some Packers shot at him and some bullets ricocheted near Mary Jane. The Black Cat saved her, dragging MJ up on the eaves of the building, then she confessed her crime. In that moment Mary Jane tripped and fell down. Peter's memories recalled Gwen Stacy's fatal fall, but this time he jumped in time to save MJ. Paladin arrived on the scene, mistaking the situation and shot at the Black Cat, fatally wounding her. She fell from the eaves. Peter could only hear her last words, then she died.

    In the months that followed, Silver Sable and Spider-Man kept on working together, more as as a couple than in solo missions.

    Eventually they became closer, their thoughts and their feelings were shared and they fell in love each other.

Comments: Spider-Man created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko;
    divergent version created by Danny Fingeroth, Jim Valentino and Chris Ivy.

    Until the diverging point (and probably after, too), Peter had the same physical characteristics as his Earth-616 counterpart.
    Topical information: The Bugle published the kiss between the Spider and the Cat on April 26th, 1990.

Profile by Spidermay.

Earth-901220's Spider-Man has no known connections to:

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What If II#21, cover (Spider-Man and the Black Cat)
What If II#20, p22, pan2 (head shot, Peter asking Felicia to marry him)
What If II#20, p7, pan1 (Spider-Man in the black costume going to fight crime)
What If II#21, p20, pan1 (web-head shot)

What If II#20 (December, 1990) - Danny Fingeroth (writer), Jim Valentino (pencils), Chris Ivy (inks), Nel Yomtov (colors), Craig Anderson & Tom deFalco (editors)
What If II#21 (January, 1990) - Danny Fingeroth (writer), Jim Valentino (pencils), Chris Ivy (inks), Tom Vincent (colors), Craig Anderson & Tom deFalco (editors)

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