Real Name: Benjamin Payton

Identity/Class: Human, extra-temporal

Occupation: Terraformist, life-scientist, cryonics/cloning engineer

Group Membership: Crew of Seeker 3000

Affiliations: Valida Payton, Phaedra, John Running Bear, Carter Shaw, Jericho Shaw, Jordan Shaw

Enemies: Hkkkt, Jason, The Six

Known Relatives: Valida Payton (sister), Carter Shaw (nephew), Jordan Shaw (brother-in-law, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Seeker 3000, mobile in space

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere#41 (April, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Ben Payton is a brilliant scientist, and a trusted advisor to the crewmen of Seeker 3000. In battle, he has access to a variety of laser weapons.

History: (Marvel Premiere#41)- Ensign Ben Payton was assigned to Seeker 3000 along with his twin sister Valida. Ben was summoned by Captain Jordan Shaw, along with Valida and John Running Bear to hear his plan to rescue the telepath Phaedra from the Six so that they could use the ship's warp-drive to escape Earth's solar system before it went nova. Ben agreed to Jordan's plan, and aided in Phaedra's rescue.

(Seeker 3000#1)- 25 years later, after Jordan Shaw died on an away mission, Ben met with the rest of the command staff, and agreed with them that the selection of their new captain would have to be made democratically. Ben guessed that Jericho would win the election, and was proven correct. As Seeker 3000 arrived in the Calver Fermion Theta Cluster, Ben was reunited with Phaedra when she ventured out to warn the crew of the Hkkkt.

(Seeker 3000#2)- Ben helped advise Jericho as he commanded Seeker 3000, attempting to avoid an altercation with the Hkkkt. Ultimately, the Hkkkt caught up with Seeker 3000, and Ben witnessed a holographic transmission from Lamia, the Hkkkt queen, demanding their surrender.

(Seeker 3000#3)- Ben assisted in battling the Hkkkt who boarded Seeker 3000, but found them to be immune to most of their firepower. He joined the crew in hiding from the Hkkkt in the Pathfinders' "Dead Zones."

(Seeker 3000#4)- Ben joined in the final battle with the Hkkkt, as nearly all of the Hkkkt were slain by a powerful psychic assault unleashed by the Pathfinders.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench and Tom Sutton.

by Prime Eternal

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