Real Name: Carter Shaw

Identity/Class: Human, extra-temporal

Occupation: Captain of Seeker 3000, former tutor

Group Membership: Crew of Seeker 3000

Affiliations: Cyrene, Vaun Lysander, Medusae, Ben Payton, Valida Payton, Phaedra

Enemies: Hkkkt, Jason

Known Relatives: Valida Payton (mother), Jordan Shaw (father, deceased), Jericho Shaw (brother), Ben Payton (uncle), Phaedra (godmother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Seeker 3000, mobile in space

First Appearance: Seeker 3000#1 (June, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Carter Shaw is a respected leader. In combat, he wears protective armor and wields laser weapons.

History: (Seeker 3000#1 (fb))- Carter Shaw was born to Jordan Shaw, captain of Seeker 3000, and his second-in-command, Valida Payton. Carter was the first naturally-born child (or "brat") on Seeker 3000. Jordan raised him alongside his clonal ("vat") son, Jericho Shaw, and the two regarded each other as brothers, despite their different origins.

(Seeker 3000#1 (fb, BTS))- As a child, Carter was a close friend of Cyrene, and the two would often go skinny-dipping in the ship's Aquatic Plantation.

(Seeker 3000#1)- While teaching some children on Seeker 3000 about the ship's history, Carter was informed by his mother that Jordan Shaw had perished on an away mission. At a meeting with the command staff, Carter proposed that Valida become captain, but his uncle Ben advocated a democratic election. Carter lost the election to his brother Jericho, but was not bitter. Later, when Seeker 3000 warped to the Calver Fermion Theta Cluster, he joined his friends Cyrene and Vaun Lysander on a terraforming survey. Carter noted that perhaps the fact that the three of them-- a Pathfinder, a "vat" and a "brat"-- working together was a good sign for their community's future. As they set out, they were assaulted by the god-ship Jakarah of the Hkkkt, and landed in an asteroid field.

(Seeker 3000#2)- Carter was saved from the crash by the Medusae, who befriended him, Cyrene and Vaun, telling them the origins of the Hkkkt. The Medusae Lhasa agreed to help them against the Hkkkt, and led his people into battle.

(Seeker 3000#3)- Carter, Cyrene, Vaun and the Medusae fought the Hkkkt aboard Seeker 3000. Carter and Vaun were saved from one of the Hkkkt by Cyrene, who fried its brain.

(Seeker 3000#4)- Carter was reunited with Valida, Ben, Phaedra, Jericho, and the other crewmen within the "Dead Zones" of the Pathfinders. He introduced them to the Medusae, and learned from Phaedra that Jason had returned, now controlling Jakarah. Jericho chose to lead the crew through the ship's Green Galleries, which Carter objected to, but had to abide by. When they walked into a trap, Carter struck Jericho down in anger, and assumed command. Ultimately, the Hkkkt were nearly all slain by the Pathfinders, and it was learned that Jericho had allowed Jordan Shaw to die. Carter's command was made permanent, but he took no joy in it.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton, Andrew Currie and Art Nichols.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Seeker 3000#1, page 12, panel 6
Seeker 3000#1, page 21, panel 6

Seeker 3000#1-4 (June-August, 1998) - Dan Abnett & Ian Edginton (writers), Andrew Currie (pencils), Art Nichols (inks), Timothy Tuohy (editor)

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