Real Name: General Pollock

Identity/Class: Human, technology user

Occupation: Mercenary

Group Membership: None
formerly: US Army

Affiliations: Living Laser (former employer), Nuklo (pawn)

Enemies: Beast, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Colonel Nick Fury, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Nuklo, Thing, Vision, Wasp, Wonder Man, Yellowjacket (Henry Pym)

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Currently unknown; formerly the Sky Dragon; formerly mansion in California.

First Appearance: Avengers I#151 (September, 1976)

Powers: None. He has access to military weaponry, and enough military knowledge to gain the rank of General. He is trained in military forms of armed and unarmed combat.

History: Much of General Pollock's life is unknown. He joined the United States military and eventually gained the rank of General.

(Avengers Annual#6) - Deciding that he wasn't satisfied with what the government was paying him, he decided to go freelance. When he made this decision is unknown, but he kept it secret from his superiors.

After Nuklo, the radioactive son of the wartime heroes Miss America and the Whizzer, first escaped and was then recaptured by the Avengers, he was placed in Pollock's care. Arthur Parks, the Living Laser, then hired him.

(Avengers I#151) - General Pollock and the Living Laser watched a report on the Avengers, who were then deciding on a new roster. When the Laser called Yellowjacket (Henry Pym) an imbecile in a fit of jealousy (he was obsessed with the Wasp), Pollock informed him that it showed a lack of self-control, and that if they were to be partners, he should learn some. The Laser then left in a fit of rage.

(Avengers Annual#6) - Pollock's men opened fire on Captain America and Iron Man, who had discovered the location of the Living Laser, whom they knew had the Serpent Crown. The heroes defeated his men, but the Laser blasted them into unconscious. They brought them inside, where they explained their plans, when the Avengers (Beast, Vision, Wasp, Yellowjacket) and Wonder Man burst in. The Vision took the Crown and escaped with it. Pollock had Nuklo released, but the radioactive man was uncontrollable and swatted the general into a bookcase.

BTS - Pollock, exposed, left the country.

(Marvel Two-In-One#51) - General Pollock and his men broke into SHIELD, and stole the Sky Dragon, the flying headquarters formerly belonging to the Yellow Claw robot built by Doctor Doom. Nick Fury was having a poker game in Avengers Mansion at the time, and as such the Beast, Ms. Marvel, Thing, and Wonder Man accompanied him when the Sky Dragon attacked the helicarrier. When Fury confronted Pollock, the general revealed he was after the final component of the Ultimate Annihilator. However, the other heroes surrounded him, and he was brought into custody.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway, Jim Shooter, Steve Englehart, George Perez, and John Tartag.

In Pollock's first appearance, his hair was yellow; then it became grey. I guess he ran out of hair coloring.

It was never explained who his men were. For the Avengers incident, some of them may have just been following orders, but by the time of Marvel Two-In-One, they clearly knew what they were doing.

Pollock would be a great way to have heroes fight the military without having to frame them.

Clarifications: General Pollock is not to be confused with

The Yellow Claw robot was built to resemble

Avengers I#151: Page 7, panel 4
Avengers Annual#6: Page 24, panel 5, Page 30, panel 2

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Avengers Annual#6 (1976) - Gerry Conway (writer/editor), George Perez (pencils), Mike Esposito, Duffy Vohland & John Tartaglione (inks)
Marvel Two-In-One#51 (May, 1979) - Peter Gillis (writer), Frank Miller (pencils), Bob McLeod (inks), Roger Stern (editor)

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