Real Name: Buktir Van Tranh

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Drug lofrd, former South Vietnamese Army general

Affiliations: Chris Hoyle, the Punisher, Rockhouse Operation, South Vietnamese Army

Enemies: Bruce Ayers, North Vietnamese Army, the Punisher, Valencia

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The General

Base of Operations: Hideout in the Bolivian jungle; formerly, South Vietnam

First Appearance: (mentioned) Punisher II#1 (July, 1987); (seen) Punisher II#2 (August, 1987)

Powers/Abilities: The General was a cold, calculating, manipulating man, excellent at hand-to-hand combat, and trained in the military.

History: Buktir Van Tranh, known as "The General", served in the South Vietnamese Army during the Vietnam War.

(Punisher II#2 (fb, BTS))- After the end of the Vietnam War, the General escaped to Bolivia, South America, where he built a drug operation called "The Rockhouse Operation". He recruited Chris Hoyle for the operation.

(Punisher II#1 (BTS))- After the Punisher had taken down the New York branch of The Rockhouse he learnt that The General was the next level in the organization, and called him to have a meeting.

(Punisher II#2)- Chris Hoyle and the Punisher flew to Bolivia. There they met with The General, whom Castle recognized as Buktir Van Tranh of the South Vietnamese Army. In order to test Castle's loyalty. Tranh ordered him to kill Bolivian drug enforcement agent Valencia. But instead of killing the DEA, Castle shot down Tranh's man Fernando, blowing his cover, and began to take down Tranh and his men. He saw Tranh kill Valencia by blowing off his head, and after having taken down the rest of Tranh's men, he was about to find Tranh but Tranh surprised him by coming up on him from behind. Tranh was about to shoot Castle, but Castle managed to overpower Tranh and shot him in the head.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron & Klaus Janson.

As with all Punisher stories, references to the Vietnam War are topical.

by The Beetle

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