Marketing Department: Amanda (last name unrevealed), Chris (copywriter, last name unrevealed), Jake (copywriter, last name unrevealed), Jen (last name unrevealed), Pam (last name unrevealed), Phil (last name unrevealed), "Queen Klutz", unidentified boss, unidentified copywriters, unidentified receptionist;
Public Relations: Unidentified female employees

Purpose: The profitable distribution of cutting edge pharmaceuticals.

Affiliations: Spider-Man (Parker)

Enemies: Mysterio (Berkhart)

Base of Operations: Manhattan, New York City, New York

First Appearance: Spider-Man Unlimited III#7 (March, 2005)

History:  (Spider-Man Unlimited III#7 (fb) - BTS) - A pharmaceutical company based in New York City, New York, Merx employs a large marketing department. While Merx's business practices are largely unrevealed, they allege to bring "Tomorrow's Pharmaceuticals Today!".

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7) - An average work-day went awry when an aerial battle between Spider-Man and Mysterio exploded into the Merx marketing department offices. Mysterio took Merx employee Amanda hostage, threatening to blind her as a way to avenge himself against Spider-Man's assaults. Stopped when another Merx employee, Jake, shattered his helmet with the end of a stapler, Mysterio let Amanda go creating an opening for Spider-Man to defeat him. At that point, their office in ruins, the Merx staff called it a day.

Comments: Created by Bill Rosemann & Mike Perkins

Profile by G Morrow.

CLARIFICATIONS: Merx Pharmaceuticals has no known connections to


(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7 (fb) - BTS) - Joining her co-workers for drinks at Houlihan's, Amanda started dancing on the bar and took off her bra (without removing her shirt). Unbeknownst to her, co-worker Chris snapped several photos of Amanda's impromptu dance and sent them to his cubicle-neighbor Jake.

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7) - Delivering a series of notes for revision to Jake, Amanda arrived just as he was seeing Chris's emailed photos. Implying that the pictures constituted sexual harassment, Amanda curtly left the notes, informing Jake they were due back by lunch.
   When a fight between Spider-Man and Mysterio crashed into the Merx offices, Amanda was taken hostage by Mysterio who threatened to blind her as a way of getting back at Spider-Man for his continued interference in his plans. Freed when Jake attacked Mysterio with a stapler, Amanda later berated Jake (who was expecting her gratitude for the rescue) for endangering her life further with his actions.






--Spider-Man Unlimited III#7


(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7 (fb) - BTS) - A copywriter with Merx Pharmaceuticals' marketing department, Chris joined several co-workers out for a wild night at Houlihan's. When some of his female co-workers in Merx's public relations department started acting out and dancing on the bar, Chris took plenty of pictures.

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7) - Referring to the previous night's events as "P.R. girls gone wild" to fellow copywriter Jake, Chris told him to check his email to see photos of co-worker Amanda. Arriving at a picture of Amanda removing her bra without removing her shirt, Chris spotted Amanda approaching Jake's cubicle and made a quick exit.
   When a fight between Spider-Man and Mysterio spread into their offices, Chris suggested they call the police when Mysterio took Amanda as a hostage.







--Spider-Man Unlimited III#7


(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7 (fb) - BTS) - A writer for his college newspaper, Jake worked a number of menial jobs on campus to pay for his tuition, including a stint in the cafeteria. Working over the summer months to accrue the funds for school, Jake missed out on the opportunity to become an intern with the Daily Bugle or Daily Globe. Named "Most Likely to be the Next Hemmingway" by his peers, Jake took note of the chatter as he penned his final column.
   Six years ago Jake took a job with the Merx Pharmaceuticals marketing department as a copywriter, hoping that "churning" out marketing copy by day would free up his nights for work on his novel (which by then was mostly used to prop up a coffee table leg).

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7 (fb) - BTS) - Jake participated in a fantasy superhero league with his friend Robert, drafting heroes and using their victories and defeats for points. Among Jake's picks were Moon Knight.

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7 (fb) - BTS) - Learning of Random House's "New Voices" Competition for writers trying to break into publishing, Jake prepared a submission.

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7 (fb) - BTS) - Jake worked on an ad for "Fitz" with several co-workers, including Pam.

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7 (fb) - BTS) - Jake recently had a haircut.

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7) - Arriving for work brow-beaten, Jake's day began with his haircut put-down by the front desk receptionist, a panicked co-worker telling him that their boss had a problem with their draft for the "Fitz" ad, and another co-worker spilling coffee all over his shirt. Recounting his potential as a young writer and his current situation, Jake attempted to explain John Steinbeck to a co-worker before moving onto preparing his submission for the "New Voices" competition, which due to self-doubt he stopped himself from completing. After briefly talking about the fantasy superhero league with Robert over the phone, Jake was regaled with stories of his co-worker's rowdy night out. Moving back to his work, Jake began searching the office for a stapler, before the chaos caused by Spider-Man and Mysterio's sudden arrival. As the two enemies continued their fight, Mysterio took Merx employee Amanda hostage, threatening to blind her. Stopped by a stapler-wielding Jake who used it to shatter Mysterio's helmet, Spider-Man found an opening to defeat his foe and, smothering him with webbing, took him away. Complimented on his heroism by the co-worker who spilled coffee on him, Jake was encouraged to write about his experiences. Offered to discuss this further by the co-worker, a freelance editor with the Village Voice, the support gave Jake the push to drop off his contest submission in the outgoing mail box.

--Spider-Man Unlimited III#7


(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7) - Jen told her co-worker Jake he could borrow her stapler, but only if he refilled it before returning it. Asked why this was necessary when her desk was next to the supply closet, Jen offered a complicated explanation that caused Jake to roll his eyes.









--Spider-Man Unlimited III#7


(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7 (fb) - BTS) - Pam presented a rough draft of the "Fitz" ad to her boss at Merx Pharmaceuticals Marketing Division. When the presentation went bust, she placed the blame on her co-workers who were called to a staff meeting.

--Spider-Man Unlimited III#7


(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7 (fb) - BTS) - Merx Pharmaceuticals Marketing Department employee, Phil had his lunch accidentally eaten by co-worker Jake

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7) - Jake asked Phil if he could borrow his stapler. Phil replied that he could borrow his stapler as soon as his sandwich was returned.









--Spider-Man Unlimited III#7

"Queen Klutz"

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7 (fb) - BTS) - The self-proclaimed "Queen Klutz" works as a freelance editor at the Village Voice in addition to her job in Merx Pharmaceuticals's marketing division.

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7) - "Queen Klutz" bumped into co-worker Jake, spilling coffee on his shirt. She immediately suggested he use soda water to get it out, before wondering aloud if soda water was still being made.
   Following the fight between Spider-Man and Mysterio that spread into the Merx offices, "Queen Klutz" suggested that Jake chronicle his involvement in the fight in a guest column for the Village Voice. Expressing his appreciation for the opportunity, Jake joined "Queen Klutz" out for a drink (provided she promised not to spill any more coffee on him).







--Spider-Man Unlimited III#7

unidentified boss

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7 (fb) - BTS) - Shown a rough draft of the "Fitz" ad by marketing department employee Pam, the boss, seemingly displeased with the presentation, called a meeting of copywriters at 10 that morning.

--Spider-Man Unlimited III#7

unidentified copywriters

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7) - Two of Merx Pharmaceuticals's copywriters, the first informed his co-worker Jake about a potentially disastrous meeting that day at 10am; the second remarked on Jake's calender displaying a photo of John Steinbeck, offering a vacant look when told more about the writer.









--Spider-Man Unlimited III#7

unidentified public relations department employees

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7 (fb) - BTS) - Several female employees from Merx's public relations department (based on the 9th floor of their office building) joined some of their co-workers, including Amanda and Chris, for drinks at Houlihan's the night before the incident involving Spider-Man and Mysterio. Chris later emailed photos of the rowdy co-workers to fellow copywriter Jake.

--Spider-Man Unlimited III#7

unidentified receptionist

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#7) - The Merx Pharmaceuticals receptionist greeted copywriter Jake on his to work, backhandedly complimenting his haircut.









--Spider-Man Unlimited III#7

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Spider-Man Unlimited III#7, p1, pan1 (main image)
Spider-Man Unlimited III#7, p10, pan4 (Amanda)
Spider-Man Unlimited III#7, p5, pan1 (Chris)
Spider-Man Unlimited III#7, p1, pan4 (Jake)
Spider-Man Unlimited III#7, p6, pan4 (Jen)
Spider-Man Unlimited III#7, p6, pan3 (Phil)
Spider-Man Unlimited III#7, p11, pan2 ("Queen Klutz")
Spider-Man Unlimited III#7, p1, pan2 (male copywriter)
Spider-Man Unlimited III#7, p2, pan5 (female copywriter)
Spider-Man Unlimited III#7, p1, pan1 (receptionist)

Other Appearances:
Spider-Man Unlimited III#7 (March, 2005) - Bill Rosemann and Matthew K. Manning (writers), Mike Perkins (pencils), Drew Hennessy (inks), Karl Moline (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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