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Real Name: ZZ Phalen

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Adventurer, presumably student

Group Membership: Next Mutants (Aphelion/Reed Fox, Bad Guy/Gabe, Faceshopper/Soph, Good Arson/Rex Ridley, Mojo Junior, Pity Girl/Nora Kuang), Super Trans support group

Affiliations: D-Man (Dennis Dunphy), X-Men (Cyclops/Scott Summers, Forge, Iceman/Robert Drake, Jubilee/Jubilation Lee, Magik/Illyana Rasputin, Marvel Girl/Jean Grey, Synch/Everett Thomas, Wolverine/Laura Kinney)

Enemies: Mojo, Sentin-Ally (Mitch);
    formerly Mojo Junior

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Matt Baker House, Ridgewood, Queens

First Appearance: X-Men Unlimited III#80 (March, 2023)

Powers/Abilities: Harmonize is a mutant with the ability to force other people to sing along with them, thus forming a choir of sorts. Although unrevealed it's likely their powers are a form of mindcontrol which, with proper training, could allow Harmonize to use their powers in different ways.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'5")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 200 lbs.)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


(X-Men Unlimited III#80 - BTS) - At an unrevealed point in time, the non-binary ZZ manifested their mutant ability which allowed them to have other people sing along with them.

(X-Men Unlimited III#81 - BTS) - ZZ would later join a support group called Super Trans lead by former superhero D-Man (Dennis Dunphy) from the Matt Baker House, a LGBTQIA+ youth center in Queens.

(X-Men Unlimited III#80 (fb) - BTS) - When the Super Trans kids were seemingly attacked by a Sentinel, Harmonize used their mutant ability to keep innocent bystanders safe by having the people sing along with them.

(X-Men Unlimited III#80) - Harmonize was seen using their powers to keep the innocent bystanders safe while both Aphelion and Good Arson fought the Sentinel. However, it wasn't until Faceshopper arrived and Aphelion became injured that the group learned the Sentinel was in fact a boy named Mitch who wanted to join their group, seeing himself as an ally. When the discussion between the trans group and Mitch became heated Faceshopper used her shape-shifting gifts to turn into X-Man Wolverine and cut the Sentinels arms and legs off. With Sentin-Ally dealt with the group declared themselves to be a group of X-Men, something which the real X-Men weren't to happy about and decided to send Jubilee to talk to them.

(X-Men Unlimited III#81) - Following their conflict with Sentin-Ally, Faceshopper and the other superpowered teenagers attended another meeting of Dunphy's Super Trans support group where a new attendee had joined; Mojo Junior, supposed grandson of the otherdimensional media tyrant Mojo. Although Mojo Junior had been sent to kidnap the mutant teenagers for a new show he pretended to belong with the support group as "trans-dimensional". Just then Soph had an outburst, revealing she had no interest of ever becoming a real superhero. However, just then X-Man Jubilee came into the room as she'd been sent by Krakoa's Quiet Council to make the teenagers stop using their official name. Seeing Jubilee, Mojo Junior used his otherdimensional technology to kidnap both Jubilee and the trans teenagers leaving Dunphy behind alone.

(X-Men Unlimited III#82 (fb) - BTS) - Fearing his subjects would follow the X-Men's example and turn against his rule, Mojo reasoned it was best to use the marginalized mutants who wished to become heroes that would fall in line because they'd be happy for the opportunity. As such Mojo and Mojo Junior trapped Faceshopper, Jubilee and the other teenagers in a time bubble and prepared to film thousands of episodes of their newest reality soap "the Morally Superior X-Men".

(X-Men Unlimited III#82) - Faceshopper and her friends found themselves trapped on a filmset inside a timebubble on Mojoverse where she and her friends now wearing X-Men costumes. The teenagers were in for a shock when the grotesque Mojo and Mojo Junior appeared before them ready to start the pilot of the reality soap "the Morally Superior X-Men". Partly under his hypnotic influence, Faceshopper and her friends smiled when Mojo asked them to, shocked by this, Faceshopper and Aphelion demanded he tell them what was happening. Impatient and eager to escape, Faceshopper and the others prepared to attack Mojo as she shapeshifted into X-Man Wolverine. Mojo, however, simply teleported several real humans onto the set as Sentinels appeared to kill them to force the "Morally Superior X-Men" to fall into line. Mere moments later Faceshopper was hit by a powerful blast from one of the Sentinels, seemingly killing her.

(X-Men Unlimited III#83) - Unbeknownst to both Mojo and the Super Trans kids, Mojo Junior secretly pulled Faceshopper through a portal into Mojoworld's writer's room. Severely injured, Faceshopper had retreated into her own mindscape which resembled her bedroom filled to the brim with costumes of superheroes she adored. Realizing she needed a healing factor to survive the Sentinel's blast, Faceshopper searched her mindscape for Wolverine's costume. After contemplating wether or not she truly wanted to be a hero she eventually found Wolverine's costume foreshadowing she was meant to become a real superhero. Faceshopper woke up back in the real world just as Mojo came back from the set, seeing the young mutant had survived her injury he revealed he would make her a gigantic superstar.

(X-Men Unlimited III#85 (fb) - BTS) - Although Mojo ordered for Faceshopper to be put into a cell she was once again rescued by Mojo Junior which lead to an unlikely partnership. The duo devised a plan for the real X-Men to visit Mojoworld and have them rescue the Super Trans kids. As such Faceshopper was able to transform into Mojo Junior and become the host of Mojoworld's newest reality gameshow "X-Periencer" (a take on Survivor) as the real X-Men accepted the offer to compete in an effort to rescue the mutant teenagers.

(X-Men Unlimited III#84) - Posing as Mojo Junior, Faceshopper presented Mojoworld's newest reality gameshow "X-Periencer" as the real X-Men had already arrived on the fake island. However, unbeknownst to Faceshopper and Mojo Junior, Mojo had become tiresome of his "Morally Superior X-Men" and send them to kill the real X-Mn, hoping they'd finish each other off.

(X-Men Unlimited III#85) - Seeing her real friends again, Faceshopper tried but found she was unable to return to her true shape as the "Morally Superior X-Men" were eager to destroy what they thought to be more of Mojo's holograms. While her friends fought the real X-Men, Faceshopper (still posing as Mojo Junior) approached her friend Harmonize who'd abstained from the fight as her powers wouldn't work on holograms. As such Faceshopper convinced Harmonize to try and use her powers on the X-Men to proof they were in fact real but when she did both Mojo and the real Mojo Junior arrived to the island as well. Both Faceshopper and Mojo Junior stood up to Mojo wanting to send the teenagers home with the X-Men. Mojo, however summoned holograms of Apocalypse, Magneto, Mister Sinister, Onslaught and a Sentinel to attack and kill the mutants and his supposed grandson. Seeing Mojo Junior struck down, Faceshopper realized she really admired Mojo Junior after which she didn't only revert back to her normal form but also kissed the otherdimensional teenager. Moments later Mojo was defeated after which Faceshopper and the others were returned home.

(X-Men Unlimited III#85) - After several weeks, Faceshopper, Mojo Junior and the other teenagers returned to Dunphy's Super Trans program as they were joined by Jubilee who asked to teenagers to stop using the X-Men's name. Faceshopper and the other revealed they would now use their newest name, the Next Mutants.

Comments: Created by Grace Freud and Alberto Alburquerque.

Faceshopper is one of the many new mutants introduced during the Krakoan age, but one of the few who's been identified. Others include Abeni, Aphelion (Reed Fox), Markos Argyros, Bad Guy (Gabe), Brutha Nature (Jacob Williams), Aura Charles, Paulie DiCosta, Curse, D-Cel (Miranda Manuel), Leonara Eng, Escapade (Shela Sexton), Faceshopper (Soph), Fauna (Desmond Ochoa-Diaz), Fish, Galura (Gabrielle Diwa), Gimmick (Carmen Cruz), Good Arson (Rex Ridley), Jellick, Jersey Devil (Joshua Engelhard), Julia, Kafka, Kappa (Megan Ogawa), Kayla, Lash, Liana, Christopher O'Leary, Cam Long, Lost (Marinette), Pity Girl (Nora Kuang), Morgan Red, Rosie Rodriguez, Monica Sellers, Sights, Soft Serve, Somnus (Carl Valentino), Sonos Rex and Wrench.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Harmonize has no known connections to

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X-Men Unlimited III#85, pan12 (main image)
X-Men Unlimited III#81, pan17 (closeup)
X-Men Unlimited III#80, pan22 (with the Super Trans kids)
X-Men Unlimited III#85, pan16 (using their powers)

X-Men Unlimited III#80 (March, 2023) - Grace Freud (writer), Alberto Alburquerque (pencils, inks), Lauren Amaro (editor)
X-Men Unlimited III#81 (April, 2023) - Grace Freud (writer), Alberto Alburquerque (pencils, inks), Lauren Amaro (editor)
X-Men Unlimited III#82 (April, 2023) - Grace Freud (writer), Alberto Alburquerque (pencils, inks), Lauren Amaro (editor)
X-Men Unlimited III#83 (April, 2023) - Grace Freud (writer), Alberto Alburquerque (pencils, inks), Lauren Amaro (editor)
X-Men Unlimited III#84 (April, 2023) - Grace Freud (writer), Alberto Alburquerque (pencils, inks), Lauren Amaro (editor)
X-Men Unlimited III#85 (May, 2023) - Grace Freud (writer), Alberto Alburquerque (pencils, inks), Lauren Amaro (editor)

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