Real Name: Theresa Kung-Fu-Chick...mmm...make that unknown (or perhaps it really is Harmony Killdragon)

Identity/Class: Human, martial artist, Chinese citizen

Occupation: Actress; Mercenary

Affiliations: Master Kee (trainer); Bernie Kleig (former employer)

Enemies: Bernie Kleig, Meltz, Dolly; Lotus Shinchuko, Lin Sun (former enemies)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: currently unknown; formerly Hong Kong; Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu#32 (January, 1977)

Powers: None. Harmony is a master of various forms of the martial arts, esp. Kung-Fu. She is highly skilled at hand-to-hand combat, as well as the use of the bo (staff) and the shuriken (throwing stars). She wears shuriken in her long braids of hair that can be swung with great speed and force. Yes, really.


History: BTS-Harmony Killdragon was trained in the martial arts by Master Kee




(DHoKF#32/3)-Harmony was hired Bernie Klieg, Bob Diamond's agent, under the guise of becoming Diamond Feature Film's newest Martial Arts find. Klieg somehow convinced Harmony that Master Kee had become a traitor to his people, and that Lin Sun and Lotus Shinchuko were traitors as well (Klieg did all of this when Abe Brown and Bob Diamond were both missing in action and believed dead--Klieg wanted the rights to the profits to become his). Klieg and his crew followed her to film the battle for their next movie.
Harmony ambushed and attacked Lin and Lotus, using her skills and weapons to hold both martial artists at bay. Lin denied her accusations, but she continued to attack them savagely. Klieg cheered her on, and she thought, "or perhaps you are lying" and she attacked him instead. Klieg's men pulled out their guns and one of them fired on Harmony, but Klieg's ladyfriend, Dolly, got in the way and was killed. Harmony was enraged and attacked Klieg's men, alongside Lin and Lotus. Lin saved Harmony from being shot in the back by one of Klieg's men.
Harmony was most confused by the series of events. She took Dolly's body to the police and then planned to meet up with Lin Sun for further discussion.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo, Joe Staton, and Sonny Trinidad.

Harmony is easily deceived and easily swayed. If she attacks you, point someone else out and say, "No, he's the bad guy!"--She'll be all over that guy like ugly on an ape.

I'd ASSume there were further plans for Harmony, but like the series, she was dropped like a hot potatoe potato when the Kung-Fu craze started to fade.

Master Kee, the trainer of the Sons of the Tiger and Harmony Killdragon, should not be confused with:
Master Ch'aaj, who trained Howard the Duck in Quak-Fu, @ Howard the Duck I#3

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