Real Name: Kee

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Kung Fu master and trainer

Affiliations: Lin Sun (former ward); Sons of the Tiger (Abe Brown, Bob Diamond, Lin Sun), Harmony Killdragon (former students); other unnamed former students

Enemies: Paan, Silent Ones, Sui Ti Kama and his band of ninja assassins (at the bottom of the Silent Ones profile)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A dojo in Greenwich Village, Manhattan; formerly China

First Appearance: Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu#1 (April, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Master Kee was apparently a master in the art of Kung Fu, although in his later years he only taught and did not use his abilities in combat. He apparently had some knowledge of the occult and held the Amulets of the Tiger.

History: Master Kee's origins are unknown

(DHoKF#1/7(fb)) - In China, Master Kee rescued the infant Lin Sun from his dead mother's arms--both his parents had just been shot and killed for resisting the revolutionaries. Kee adopted Lin and became his guardian. Kee brought Lin to America, and they settled in New York City.
As Lin grew older, Kee trained him in the arts of the ancients.

(DHoKF#32/3(fb)-BTS) - At some point, Master Kee trained the woman who would become Harmony Killdragon.

(DHoKF#1/7(fb)) - Kee opened a Dojo and trained others in Kung Fu. Although Lin was the best and brightest of his pupils, Bob Diamond and Abe Brown also rised to a level significantly above the rest of the students.

(DHoKF#6 (fb) - BTS) - Kee developed a bitter rivalry with the sensei Paan, who taught his students brutality

(DHoKF#7(fb)) - Kee tutored Lin, Brown, and Diamond, apparently preparing them to accept the Amulets of the Tiger.

(DHoKF#1/7) - Sui Ti Kama, an agent of the Silent Ones, led a band of ninja assassins to Kee's Dojo, and beat him to death. Lin arrived too late to save his master, but did get there in time to receive his gift. Kee told Lin that there were "forces in this world which would destroy us all...and only you...and your two friends...may find the power to stop that destruction. There, Lin Sun, on that stand...there lies the your questions...there lies the...secret...of your...destiny..."
And then Master Kee died. On the stand Lin found the Amulets of the Tiger and he shared them with Brown and Diamond to become the Sons of the Tiger.

Comments: Created by Gerry Conway and Dick Giodiano.

We never learn how Kee got the Amulets of the Tiger, or what he was hoping to accomplish. Later issues (by a different writer--Bill Mantlo) indicate that he was but a pawn of the Silent Ones, who wished have three humans trained to be unified and empowered by the Amulets to become vessels powerful to contain the energies of the sleeping Silent Ones, allowing him to resurrect their race.

Don't fall for the "volume 1, number 4" trick error on DHoKF#1. The one with the side view of Bruce Lee kicking some bald guy in the face with four other guys laying on the ground--that's it.

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