Membership: Ashley Crawford (Big Bertha), Paulo, presumably numerous others

Purpose: To present models to the public and help models get modeling gigs

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: None known

Base of Operations: Wisconsin

First Appearance: GLA#2 (July, 2005)

History: (GLA#2) - Following the funeral of Dinah Soar, the Great Lakes Avenger known as Big Bertha returned to her civilian identity of Ashley Crawford and her job at Mirror Modeling. She spoke with her agent Paulo about how he could not get her a higher paying gig than what he offered her. He explained that because she limited herself to modeling only in Wisconsin, she also limited herself to the gigs she could do. He recommended that she cut her ties to Wisconsin and model places like Paris or Milan.

 (GLA#3) - After saving a group of children from a runaway truck, Big Bertha returned to Mirror Modeling as Ashley Crawford, where she was late for a photo shoot. Following the shoot, Paulo spoke with Ashley about how he had an agency in London dying to snatch her up and asked again what was tying her to Wisconsin. Later, as Ashley left for the night, her photographers were developing her pictures and complementing her on her body.

Comments: Created by Dan Slott, Paul Pelletier, and Rick Magyar.

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Mirror Modeling has no known connection to:


Paulo was Ashley Crawford's modeling agent. He was constantly trying to get her to move from Wisconsin to better her career.

--GLA#2 (#3,

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GLA#2, p6, pan1 (Mirror Modeling main pic)
GLA#3, p5, pan2 (Paulo)

GLA#2-3 (July, 2005-August, 2005) - Dan Slott (writer), Paul Pelletier (penciler), Rick Magyar (inker)

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