Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Skrull)

OccupationSkrull spy
   (cover identity) Member of the Kree Science Council

Group Membership: Skrull Imperial Intelligence (actual name of this organization has not been revealed)
   (cover identity) infiltrated the Kree Science Council

Affiliations: The Skrull Empire;
    formerly Phae-Dor and other members of the Kree Supreme Science Council

Enemies: Black Bolt (Blackagar Boltagon), Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Kree race, Phae-Dor

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of OperationsLast seen on the Kree homeworld, the planet Hala in the Pama system of the Large Magellanic Cloud

First Appearance: Captain Marvel I#53 (November, 1977)porbatcm-face

Powers/Abilities: The being known only by his Kree cover identity of "Por-Bat" was a Skrull who possessed all of the standard capabilities and weaknesses of a normal member of his species. Specifically, "Por-Bat" had the ability to alter his size, shape, and color through mental concentration. Presumably the shapes which "Por-Bat" could assume were to some degreee limited by his original mass and volume.

   Despite having assumed the appearance of a male Blue Kree, "Por-Bat" (probably) did not possess the standard Kree abilities of enhanced strength, durability, endurance and speed (compared to a male human of his size and age) and also (probably) did not require an atmosphere with a higher nitrogen content (similar to that of Hala) in order to breathe comfortably. 

    He was "specially conditioned" to defy the most sophisticated Kree screening procedures, which may mean that he has been altered physiologically so as to mimic their abilities and weaknesses as well.

    He had skill and experience in espionage.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'6" as Por-Bat; variable)
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 150-170 lbs.
; variable)
Eyes: Green (unrevealed as Por-Bat; variable)
Unrevealed (most likely green or bald in true form; black with male pattern baldness as "Por-Bat"; variable)
Skin: Green (light blue as "Por-Bat"; variable)

(Captain Marvel I#53 (fb) - BTS) - An unidentified male Skrull was trained to be a spy for the Skrull Empire. 

    As part of his training, this Skrull was specially conditioned so that he could defy the most sophisticated Kree screening procedures.

porbatcm-sciencecouncil (Captain Marvel I#53 (fb) - BTS) - This unidentified Skrull was sent to the planet Hala to infiltrate the Kree Science Council. Assuming the identity of Por-Bat, the Skrull eventually gained a seat in the Kree Science Council under the leadership of Phae-Dor. 

(Captain Marvel I#53 (fb) - BTS) - Por-Bat remained in place on the Kree Supreme Science Council for years without being detected. During that period, an uneasy peace existed between the Kree Empire and the Skrull Empire, a "cold war" in which both galactic empires were hostile to one another but neither were willing to engage in large-scale fighting or widespread open warfare.

(Captain Marvel I#53 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Por-Bat began to influence the Kree Science Council to implement a plan for what would become known as the War of the Three Galaxies. Their intended result was that the Kree would instigate a war with the Skrulls that would use a third galaxy, the Milky Way, as a strategic battleground. Por-Bat played a significant part in convincing the rest of the council that the time was right to end the Skrull threat forever!

    Por-Bat believed the Kree would have no hope against the Skrulls in an all-out war but wanted to force the Kree to make the first strike.

(Captain Marvel I#53 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Por-Bat was presumably directed to manipulate the war plans so as to send the Kree forces into an ambush where the Skrulls would be lying in wait for them.

(Captain Marvel I#53) - At a meeting of the Kree Supreme Science Council on Hala, Por-Bat was seated beside Phae-Dor when he began to report on setbacks regarding the council's Earth operations. As Phae-Dor mentioned Captain Mar-Vell's defeat of his energy manifestation, Por-Bat interrupted, saying, "Is meaningless, Phae-Dor! As is our failure to draft the Inhumans into this affair as Kree soldiers! We need neither Mar-Vell nor the Inhumans to crush the Skrull! We can do it without their help! Our forces are poised to strike at the Skrull galaxy. The time to attack is now! I, Por-Bat, shall press the button and launch our attack!" When Phae-Dor asked if he believed that this irreversible step should be taken immediately, Por-Bat replied, "YES!" As Por-Bat held his right forefinger just above the red button in front of him on the council table, Phae-Dor asked what the rest of the council said and they agreed with Por-Bat that now was the time to attack and turn the Skrull into cosmic ash.

   However, before Por-Bat's finger could stab the button, a captain burst into the council chambers to warn the councilmen that an unidentifiable bolt of energy was heading towards them and shattering their every defense. Although one of the council members called out that it must be Mar-Vell, Phae-Dor only had enough time to call for guards before the energy bolt arrived and Mar-Vell and the Inhuman called Black Bolt materialized in the council chamber. Mar-Vell confronted Phae-Dor and demanded to know the reason for their "sudden thoughtless dash to destruction in an insane war," and Phae-Dor replied that the council did not need to explain its policy to a traitor, Por-Bat ordered the guards to attack and kill both of the intruders.porbatcm-thrown

   Once those guards were quickly felled, Mar-Vell confronted Phae-Dor again who mentioned that the council were convinced that the time was right to end the Skrull threat forever. After Black Bolt left the room to delay the rest of the Supreme Guard, Phae-Dor insisted that the council would use Mar-Vell for the good of the Kree and Mar-Vell replied that he was not just a Kree, he was the Protector of the Universe. Por-Bat responded to that declaration by saying, "You'd best protect yourself! For once our troops have finished with your friend, they'll overpower you and put you in there -- the Truth Chair! There we'll have you help plot our strategies of war! So wracked with agony will the chair keep you that your disloyal mind will be unable to withhold from us the knowledge we desire!" Mar-Vell replied that he well remembered the Truth Chair and refused to be grasped in its painful embrace again.

   As he continued to grapple with Phae-Dor, Mar-Vell wondered aloud who had convinced the council that the war was wise and his cosmic awareness alerted him that something nearby was not what it seemed. After the soldiers who had overcome Black Bolt entered, Mar-Vell taunted them about not being true warriors, thereby enraging them so that their attack would carry him toward the Truth Chair and Por-Bat. Unaware of what the seemingly-helpless Mar-Vell was planning, Por-Bat taunted him, saying, "This is the end fate holds reserved for rebels! The war will be won and the Kree will reign supreme whether you like it or not! But you'll be in no state to care - - HALF-BREED!" 

    Mar-Vell responded by congratulating Por-Bat for playing his role well, even mimicking the racial hatreds of the Kree people, but then revealed that he was aware that Por-Bat was the enemy. As Mar-Vell broke free, Por-Bat rushed towards the button, saying, "So...you know! But it's too late, Mar-Vell -- for this button will irrevocably begin our war on the Skrulls!" However, although gain hovered his finger over the button, Mar-Vell managed to grab Por-Bat before he could press the button and hurled him into the activated Truth Chair.

   After landing in the Truth Chair, Por-Bat cried out, "AKKKK! NOOOO! Shut off the chair!" As the Truth Chair performed its function, Mar-Vell called on Phae-Dor to look on he who would have made them destroy them all, the person who was sitting in the Truth Chair. Unable to withstand the agony induced within him by the chair, Por-Bat confessed, saying, "I...I...admit it! I was planted here years ago...Specially conditioned to defy the most sophisticated Kree screening procedures!" Then, unable to hold his assumed form, Por-Bat's face shimmered, dissolved and reformed into his true-face as he declared, "I am a Skrull!" porbatcm-revealed

    Mar-Vell then called the stunned Kree onlookers "fools" and told them that Por-Bat was a Skrull imposter who had been placed on the council to provoke them into a battle they could not win and that the Skrull were lying in wait for them, ready to wipe them out in a cosmic rout.porbatcm-languish

   Phae-Dor reacted to this revelation by ordering the cancellation of all battle plans, the abandonment of the Earth Sabotage Project and the recall of the Pursuer; however, he made no particular haste to release the Skrull from the Truth Chair.. Phae-Dor then told Mar-Vell that the war was over, but just for now because the Kree-Skrull hatred would never die!

   As Mar-Vell and Black Bolt then left the chambers of the Kree Supreme Science Council, the exposed Skrull spy remained trapped in the Truth Chair.

Comments: Created by Scott Edelman, Al Milgrom, Terry Austin, Bob Wiacek and Jack Abel.

   What happened to "Por-Bat" after his last appearance has never been revealed.
   An intense and long-lasting interrogation, followed by torture, death and dissection (not neccessarily in that order) seems likely.
   Or he could have been held captive until a prisoner exchange occurred, like Talos.
    --Donald Campbell

    There's no indication as to whether Por-Bat was an actual Kree scientist impersonated by the Skrull or a fabricated identity.
    It has also not been revealed if "Por-Bat" joined the Kree Supreme Science Council after beginning his mission or if the real Por-Bat had already become a member of that council when he was replaced.
    --Donald Campbell

    Based on his revelations in Captain Marvel I#53, it seems like Por-Bat was supposed to have been part of the War of the Three Galaxies plot for a long time. We saw the Kree Science Council in Inhumans I#3 in a scene virtually identical to the Council as it appeared in Captain Marvel I#53 - but Por-Bat wasn't one of the councilmen in that issue so we don't actually know when he infiltrated the Council.

    So, this Skrull ran his undercover operation for years. Its fulfillment required him to just press his finger on a button directly in front of him. He hovers his finger over the button no less than two times in Captain Marvel I#53 yet both times fails to press it. You oughta see a doctor about your arthritis, Skrully.

   "Por-Bat" is not listed in the SKRULLS! one-shot. Presumably this is because he was never directly involved with Earth.
    --Donald Campbell
    Or, more likely, an omission. The project did not involve the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe team...it focused a lot on Skrull propaganda, which was appropriate given the in-universe nature of the project, but it was lacking in useful information and so much clarification that could and should have occurred. All of the unknown names, etc., would have been known by the Skrull government, for example.

Further comments by Donald Campbell:

    Although all female Skrulls have always been depicted as having green hair, only a very few male Skrulls have been shown having hair (aside from facial hair) in their true forms. These few include Prince Dezan, Myrn, Prince Klundirk and the scientists who helped Empress R'Klll transform into Tanalth of the Kree. Every other male Skrull has always been depicted as either being bald or wearing headwear that looks like a skullcap. In the absence of any definitive statement that cranial hair is truly a rarity among male Skrulls, I have chosen to believe that all male Skrulls do have hair on their craniums but chose to hide it, either for some societal reason or because the headwear is part of the standard Skrull military uniform.

   In Captain Marvel I#53, the enemy of the Kree are referred to as "the Skrull" on three different occasions. This is odd because that race is usually referred to as the Skrulls.

   If the Truth Chair could so easily identify even a Skrull who had been specially conditioned to avoid being detected by even the most sophisticated Kree screening procedures, then one has to wonder why it wasn't standard procedure for ALL Kree to regularly sit in a Truth Chair. Surely the need for security would outweigh the pain that each Kree would have to briefly endure? Or aren't Kree warriors tough enough to take it?

   Considering that the Skrull shape-shifting ability is limited to them only being able to alter their forms to take on the appearance of anyone or anything they can imagine, the idea that they would ever be able to successfully infiltrate races who knew of them now seems somewhat unlikely. It reminds me of the episode "The Trouble with Tribbles" from the second season of the original Star Trek series. In that episode, Arne Darvin was a Klingon spy who had been surgically altered to make him look human and had managed to become the aide to Federation Undersecretary Nilz Baris. And yet, Doctor McCoy was able to identify him as a Klingon simply by using his medical tricorder. Given how easy it was to expose him, it always seemed somewhat implausible to me that Darvin was ever able to get as close to Baris as he did. After all, if one assumes that the Federation provided health care to its employees, then ANY routine medical exam would have exposed Darvin as a Klingon.

   Applying this reasoning to the Marvel Universe, it's absolutely certain that the Kree Empire would have taken great precautions to prevent infiltration by the Skrulls. Given the officially-stated limitations to their shape-shifting ability, one would expect that any detection method beyond a simple naked-eye visual examination would easily expose the true nature of a disguised Skrull, and certainly more advanced methods, like blood tests or genetic scans, would make it impossible for Skrulls to escape detection. After all, Reed Richards was able to use "electron photos" of the Invincible Man to detect that his molecular body structure was in a constant state of instability, thereby identifying him as a Skrull. The idea that the Kree, whose technology is far more advanced than that of Earth humans, would not have been able to develop a similar means of detecting Skrulls seems so very improbable as to be ridiculous.

   And, yes, I know that Por-Bat claimed to have been specially conditioned but really, how could that have fooled a genetic scanner? Sure, Empress R'Klll would later be able to use Skrull technology that functioned like Shi'ar image inducers to mask her Skrullian DNA but it seems that that tech was developed not too long before Throneworld was consumed by Galactus and thus would not have been available years earlier, when Por-Bat was placed on the Kree Council. Also, if Por-Bat had been using that technology, then one would expect that the Kree would presumably have learned about it after his interrogation (and/or dissection) and then would have developed counter-measures against it...but they didn't.

The Profile of Three Writers!
    Donald Campbell had dibbed this profile to me (Snood), but I failed to make a listing of it. After a significant period of time, Prime Eternal wrote the profile for the Event, after which I recalled that Donald had been working on it...at which point I talked to Donald and had him submit his profile to me, and I combined the information to make sure the profile had everything each writer had contributed.

Profile by Prime Eternal and Donald Campbell, and all data by both profiles was combined into a single profile by Snood.

Por-Bat should not be confused with:

images: (without ads)
Captain Marvel I#53, page 15, panel 8 (main image)
      page 9, panel 5 (head shot)
      page 9, panel 4 (with the Kree Supreme Science Council)
      page 16, panels 1-2 (thrown into the Truth Chair)
      page 16, panels 5-7 (exposed as a Skrull)
      page 17, panel 4 (left suffering in the Truth Chair)

Captain Marvel I#53 (November, 1977) - Scott Edelman (writer), Al Milgrom (pencils, inks), Terry Austin (inks), Bob Wiacek (inks), Jack Abel (inks), Archie Goodwin (editor)

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