Membership: Clive, Rufus, Sam, Simon

Purpose: To roam the multiverse having a laugh

Aliases: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Cosmic Quartet™ (Clive, Rufus, Sam, Simon);
   competed against their interdimensional Survival Geek counterparts

Base of Operations: Four Freedoms Plaza, mobile across the multiverse;
    originated on unspecified alternate Earth

First Appearance: 2000A.D.#2177 (15th April 2020)

2000A.D.#2175/3 - BTS) - The "Fantastic Geeks" were interdimensional travelers who possessed the same powers, and perhaps codenames, as Earth-616's Fantastic Four, as well as a surfeit of geeky knowledge. Like their other interdimensional counterparts, the Survival Geeks, they wandered across the multiverse in their home, which appeared to be a version of Four Freedoms Plaza, suggesting they probably gained their superpowers before they began their interdimensional wanderings. Eventually they and all their counterparts received a summons delivered by the "Poundshop Silver Surfer on a scooter" that then drew their domiciles to the Cosmic Fulcrum, a pan-dimensional meeting point where the multiverse's assembled geeks were informed by the Celestial-like Cosmic Quartet™ that they were there to compete in the Trials of the Chosen™ as part of the greatest multiverse crossover of all, the Celestial Synchronicity Conundrum™. 

(2000A.D.#2177/2 - The Trials proved to be literal death matches pitting the various alternate Geek groups against one another in contests based on game shows from across the multiverse. In the Rest and Recuperation Zone between rounds, the "Fantastic Geeks" wandered past Reality-3964's Survival Geeks, their gender-reversed counterparts (the "Geek Fatales" - Clara, Ruby, Sam and Simone), their "Josie and the Pussycats" counterparts and their "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" counterparts. 

(2000A.D.#2178 - BTS) - The "Fantastic Geeks" were killed in one of the contest's games while playing against unspecified counterparts.

Comments: Created by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby and Neil Googe.

    This incarnation of the Geeks matched to the F4 thusly: Clive=Mr. Fantastic; Rufus=Thing; Sam=Invisible Woman; Simon=Human Torch.

    The Survival Geeks strip in 2000A.D. is replete with references to various shows, movies and comics, and has another tangential tie to Marvel via cameos of the Doctor in another of the stories. This particular story has a number of other nods to Marvel outside the presence of the "Fantastic Geeks." There's the visible visual of Four Freedoms Plaza in the background of the shot showing all the various Geeks' parked domiciles, the stewards that welcome the multiversal Geeks to the event as clearly H.E.R.B.I.E.s, one of the games is a quiz show which includes the question "What was the name of the wife of Doctor Strange and the niece of the dread Dormammu?" among the other genre-related queries (and the contestant gives the right answer too: "Clea"), and the Cosmic Quartet™ visibly resemble Celestials - which isn't surprising once their real identities as the Uber-Geek counterparts of the Survival Geeks is revealed; having gained such overwhelming cosmic power, of course a bunch of geeks are going to pick forms for themselves that fit the bill. Their love of all things geek probably also explains why the steward robots look like they do, and their choice of delivery being for the summons. Oh, and when the three surviving Geek Fatales win the cosmic power, they eliminate the villainous Survival Griefers from existence by snapping their fingers (to the accompanying sound effect of "snap," "crackle" and "pop" respectively), at which point the Griefers dust in a manner straight out of Avengers: Infinity War.

Profile by Loki.

The "Fantastic Geeks" have no known connections to:

Four Freedoms Plaza

While most of the Survival Geeks counterparts plunged through the planes of reality on the outer limits of space/time in suburban "two up, two down" houses powered by misfiring transdimensional technologies, a few drove more distinctive domiciles, including the "Fantastic Geeks," whose Four Freedoms Plaza headquarters could be recognized by the distinctive 4 mounted on the roof.


   Cosmic Quartet™

    The Cosmic Quartet™ were the Uber-Geeks, primeval versions of the Survival Geeks from a much older timeline who possessed omnipotent cosmic powers. For many millennia they had held the cosmic balance of the multiverse, until they finally came to the conclusion that it was a "right pain in the knackers" doing so, and thus decided to swap places with one of their many counterparts. To choose who to leave in charge of the universe they staged a series of death matches between the multiversal Geeks, until only members of three groups remained - the Survival Geeks of Reality-3964, the "Geek Fatales," and the malevolent and ruthless Survival Griefers.

    After Clive-3964 correctly deduced the Quartet's true identities, the entities dropped their Celestial disguises and the remaining groups voted on who the Quartet should empower, with the Fatales winning thanks to the Survival Geeks backing them. Telling the newly empowered Fatales to "look after the multiverse and try not to mess it up. After all, we've put a lot of work into it," the Quartet departed to wander the multiverse in search of fun. 

--2000AD#2175/3  (2000AD#2176-2182

Survival Geeks

(l to r): Simon, Rufus, Clive, Sam

    The Survival Geeks are the Reality-3964 counterparts of the "Fantastic Geeks" and so probably look broadly like the "Fantastic Geeks" did before gaining their powers. They cross realities in their house, which Clive, the scientific genius of the group, equipped with a jury-rigged transdimensional travel device. All massively into SF, fantasy, horror, tabletop RPGs, computer games, comics and basically anything and everything considered geeky, Clive, Rufus and Simon were housemates to begin with, sharing their home with Evan, a non-geek who was instead into extreme sports. Clive launched them on their journey while Evan was away traveling, inadvertently including Sam in their group as she had picked Simon up the night before at a bar for a drunken one-night stand, something she regretted upon waking even before she discovered she'd been shanghaied across the multiverse. Though she tries to deny it, she's just as into geek culture as the men of the group. Ever since their departure from their home reality, the group have been lost, doomed to wander the multiverse until they can find a way home - or at least, that's what Clive has told the others. In truth, he's perfectly capable of returning them home any time he feels like, but is having too much fun to do so. Generally speaking, the others are enjoying the ride too, and so don't press Clive too hard to "fix the problem" - Rufus's biggest complaint is that they haven't run into zombies yet. Even Sam tends to enjoy exploring strange new worlds; it's her new housemates she finds annoying.

--2000AD#1824  (numerous other issues of 2000AD

Cosmic Fulcrum Stewards

The multiversal Geeks arriving at the Cosmic Fulcrum were met by flying robotic stewards who validated their tickets and advised them to remember where they parked and which of the mostly identical looking houses was theirs.


   They were later tasked with informing the contestants what game they had been assigned to take part in next.

Comments: That the robots resembled H.E.R.B.I.E.s was presumably not a coincidence, given they were in the service of the Uber-Geek Cosmic Quartet™.


--2000AD#2175  (2000AD#2178


Poundshop Silver Surfer on a Scooter

    Able to traverse the multiverse and the void between realities aboard his trusty scooter, a silver figure delivered the Cosmic Quartet™'s summons to the transdimensionally-traversing domiciles of the multiversal Geeks. When he did so at the house of the Survival Geeks of Reality-3964, Rufus spotted him as he flew away and noted his resemblance to the Silver Surfer.




images: (without ads)
2000A.D.#2177, p4 of Survival Geeks, pan1 (main image)
2000A.D.#2175, p2/3 of Survival Geeks, pan1 spread (
Four Freedoms Plaza and other Geek houses)
2000A.D.#2175, p5 of Survival Geeks, pan2 (Cosmic Quartet™ in armor)
2000A.D.#2182, p2 of Survival Geeks, pan4 (Cosmic Quartet™ showing true faces)
2000A.D.#2175, p4 of Survival Geeks, pan2-5 (Survival Geeks)
2000A.D.#2175, p1 of Survival Geeks, pan3 (Cosmic Fulcrum Stewards)
2000A.D.#2127, p5 of Survival Geeks, pan1 (Poundshop Silver Surfer and close-up of text naming him)

2000A.D.#2175-2182 (1st April 2020-20th May 2020) - Gordon Rennie & Emma Beeby (writers), Neil Googe (art), Matt Smith (editor)

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