Real Name: Jaromel

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (Earth-69901) human technology user

Occupation: Freedom figher;
former adjutant of Korvac

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Captain America (Steve Rogers) of Earth-616, many other freedom fighters;
formerly Korvac of Earth-691

Enemies: Badoon Empire, Korvac;
formerly Captain America of Earth-616 and his followers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Captain America

Base of Operations: Mobile on Earth-69979 and various divergent realities before that

First Appearance: Captain America III#18 (June, 1999)

Powers/Abilities: Primax was transformed by Korvac to his means. He possessed metallic skin and was for a long time the only living being to which Korvac granted the ability to retain his memory throughout Korvac's many time reboots. Besides that he had been, for the longest time, a loyal slave until he felt inspired by the actions of Captain America and turned against his master Korvac. After Korvac's disappearance Jaromel used the energy shield glove Captain America had given to him. It could transform into different forms, easily be turned into a force field or used as a projectile in shield form.


(Captain America III#18 (fb) - BTS) - Soon after Korvac had saved humanity from the tyranny of the Badoon Empire, he turned Jaromel into his adjutant Primax. In front of Primax's eyes, Earth's population was recreated by Korvac into a perfect society without free will. Captain America, who had followed Korvac into the future, caused problems over and over again as he couldn't accept Korvac's totalitarian rule over humanity. His interferences and continuing rebellions resulted in 71 reboots of the timeline by Korvac. Primax and Korvac were the only ones, who retained the memories of the reboot and the time before it.

(Captain America III#18) - In the year 3007 Primax overlooked and coordinated the working humans on Korvac's utopian Earth. Primax soon joined Korvac's side after Korvac demonstrated once more his power by killing three Badoon. A short time later Primax was tackled by some rebels and Captain America then attacked Korvac. Hope was seen in people's eyes until Captain America was killed by Korvac, who made the mistake to let one of Cap's rebels speak to the people and they once again felt the desire to be free and followed them into fight against Korvac. Once again Korvac restarted and Primax told him afterwards that this was the 72nd reboot. Korvac told Primax who Captain America was and how he had followed him through the timestream. Korvac and Primax then flew to the rebel's secret base to stop the rebellion at its roots. Primax watched silently as Korvac killed the rebels in front of Captain America and then rebooted the timeline again, but this time he let Captain America retain his memories.

  On July 4th after the reboot, on Earth's first Independence Day of the Badoon Empire, Primax watched the arrival of gifts for Korvac, who ordered Primax to dispose of them. Inside the last gift were Captain America and some rebels. Captain America asked Primax for his help, but Primax told him that he served Korvac. Captain America told him to remember who he was before he became Korvac's pawn and Primax started to think while Korvac killed Cap's rebels. Once again Korvac rebooted time itself.

  Primax continued to serve Korvac until the year 3052. For half a century Captain America hadn't interfered with Korvac's plans and Korvac's influence had grown throughout the galaxy. Primax informed Korvac of the arrival of Valeron's ambassador ship and they went to greet it, but it was a trap. Inside the ship were Captain America, who had organized an army against Korvac over the last half century. They attacked and Korvac just rebooted time.

  Back in the year 3014 Primax stood silently at Korvac's side. He thought about the recent acquisition of the Kree Empire and the double shifts for the workers, but suddenly Captain America and his rebels appeared among the workers with the help of a Zenn-La Interspatial Transporter. Captain America tried to shoot Korvac, but Korvac hit him and silently rebooted time again.

  In the year 3023 Primax heard that Captain America tossed cargo from a supply craft into space as a political protest. Others copied this act and Korvac had to reboot time again.

  In 3017 Primax realized that Korvac had become tired of Captain America's attacks. One night Primax and Korvac witnessed several explosions in buildings near them. They knew that Captain America and his rebels were responsible. Korvac tried to maintain order with the help of Primax and was shocked when the people stopped listening to him. Primax watched as Captain America once again fought Korvac. He was going to loose again, but Primax turned against his master Korvac and stabbed him with Captain America's photonic shield, which Primax had turned into a sword. Angered by this treachery Korvac attacked Primax, who was saved by Captain America from Korvac's fist. Korvac dropped both his enemies as Captain America made him realize that his first mistake was to allow too much of his humanity remain when he absorbed the Red Skull's Cosmic Cube enhanced power. Korvac returned with Captain America to the past of Earth-616 where all began. Before Cap left he gave Jaromel his energy shield glove. Jaromel, who still possessed the memories of everything that had happened since becoming Korvac's adjutant Primax, became the Captain America of his era and fought along with other freedom fighters against the Badoon. (see comments)

Comments: Created by Mark Waid, Lee Weeks and several inkers.

OMG Korvac! Rebooting time? How many divergent realities did he create that way? I count 79 (including Earth-69901).

Captain America's political protest in the year 3023 was most likely an homage to the Boston Tea Party. Search for it on the Internet if you want to know more about it.

In the end Jaromel was Captain America and his enemies were most likely the Badoon, since Korvac had never defeated them in this reality.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Primax should not be confused with:

images: (without ads)
Captain America III#18, p31 (main image)

p18, pan5 (head shot)
p30, pan5 (original costume)

Captain America III#18 (June, 1999) - Mark Waid (writer), Lee Weeks (pencils), Robert Campanella, Jesse Delperdang, Bob McLeod, Al Milgrom & Tom Palmer (inks), Matt Idelson (editor)

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