Real Name: Buel

Identity/Class: Extradimensional magic user

Occupation: Monarch;
    formerly nobleman

Affiliations: Ruler of the Gremlyns

Enemies: Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Dr. Strange, Technomancers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Plasmage, Plasmmage, Gremlyn-Lord, God

Base of Operations: A "dark, deviant and aberrant backwater dimension";
    formerly his own dimension

First Appearance: Sensational Spider-Man I#21 (November, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Buel had the ability to control flesh. Among the ways he demonstrated this power was contorting flesh and energy blasts which transformed flesh into liquid. He also had a vast knowledge of magic. He demonstrated teleportation abilities on at least one occasion, but presumably could not teleport across dimensions.


(Sensational Spider-Man I#22 (fb)) - Buel was a well-respected nobleman in his home dimension, and lived an idyllic life. However, he soon grew bored. He began to study magic, and swallowed a potion to grant him great powers. However, this mutated him, and the governing council of his dimension banished him to another dimension, where he gained control of the dimensions primary inhabitants, the Gremlyns.

(Sensational Spider-Man I#21) - The mystical group known as the Technomancers gained the powerful talisman known as the Sphere of Sara-Kath. Their leader, Gunther, was so excited that he forgot to turn off their creation, the Babylon Portal. Buel used this to break through. He and his Gremlyns took over the building.

(Sensational Spider-Man I#22) - Buel's arrival gained the attention of both Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, who discovered that the Babylon Portal was being powered by the Sphere, which was causing all the evils of the Nether-Realms to spread to Earth. Buel, meanwhile, wished to use it to return to his home dimension. Sensing their approach, Buel attempted to stop them with his Gremlyns, but Strange, in his astral form, guided Spider-Man. When Spider-Man arrived, he battled Buel, but was hugely out of his depth. When Buel learned of Strange's presence, however, he teleported away, preformed a spell of transmogrification to make two Gremlyns to appear as an ogre and attack Strange, who was forced to withdraw his astral form. Buel then returned to Spider-Man.

(Sensational Spider-Man I#23) - Buel continued his battle with Spider-Man, during which Spider-Man tricked Buel into entering the dimension of the Snowsnakes, whom he presumed would kill Buel. The now returned Strange then left with Spider-Man to find the sphere. However, Buel escaped, and gained the sphere first, where he changed his mind, and planned to bring his world to this world. Strange, in his physical form, then attacked Buel, while Spider-Man destroyed the sphere. This shocked Buel, who stopped fighting, and was obliterated by Strange.

Comments: Created by Todd Dezago (writer), Mike Wieringo (pencils) & Rob Stull (inks).

Original images provided by Changeling. Updated images by Markus Raymond.

Profile by Voice of Doom.

Buel has no known connections to:

The Gremlyns have no known connection to:


The Gremlyns were the inhabitants of a dark dimension, and were conquered by Buel. Presumably they returned home after Buel's death.

--Sensational Spider-Man I#21 (22(fb), 21-23

images: (without ads)
Sensational Spider-Man I#22, p6 (main)
Sensational Spider-Man I#22, p7, pan2 (head shot)
Sensational Spider-Man I#23, p18, pan3 (magic attack)
Sensational Spider-Man I#23, p4, pan4 (Gremlyns)

Sensational Spider-Man I#21 (November, 1997) - Todd Dezago (writer), Mike Wieringo (pencils),  Rob Stull (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Sensational Spider-Man I#22 (December, 1997) - Todd Dezago (writer), Mike Wieringo (pencils) Rich Case & Scott Hanna (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Sensational Spider-Man I#23 (January, 1998) - Todd Dezago (writer), Mike Wieringo (pencils) Rich Case (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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