Real Name: Commodore Donny Planet

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Mercenary, Munitions Dealer; former US Navy Commodore (?)

Affiliations: Zilko (former employer); Al Jordan (former employee)

Enemies: Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Power Man (Luke Cage)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The fishing boat Maggie L, Pier 104, New York City

First Appearance: Power Man and Iron Fist#87 (November, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: Enhanced human strength and durability. He is a skilled unarmed combatant, and is experienced with the use of bazookas and similar weapons. It may be that he has to actively concentrate to maintain his enhanced durability. He describes this as similar to K'un L'un's Iron Fist, except that he does it with his whole body.
Also, he's a big 'un. Probably at least 6' 6" and a good 300-400 pounds.

History: Commodore Planet may or may not have actually served in the US Navy.

(MK I#26/2(fb)-BTS) - Commodore Planet was subjected to an experiment which greatly increased his strength and durability.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#87(fb)-BTS) - Planet learned a discipline to further increase his durability in an unknown part of the world.

(MK I#26/2) - Running from the law, one of the crimelord Zilko's men hid a tape cassette (containing info the cops wanted) in a Manhattan taxicab. The man told this to Zilko, but was unable to reveal which cab it was. However, they did learn that it was one of three cabs which had been repaired that night. Zilko hired Planet to destroy all three cabs to destroy the tape.
Planet, using a bazooka, targeted the cab driven my Jake Lockley, but missed when Lockley slammed on the breaks to avoid a stray dog. Zilko tried to fire Planet, but Planet refused to quit, having given his word--and Commodore Donny Planet always keeps his word. Understood?
Planet successfully blew up his second target, but another cab attack drew the attention of Moon Knight (aka Jake Lockley, among others). Moon Knight tracked the attacks down to Zilko and forced him to reveal who the assassin was. Moon Knight confronted Planet, but was surprised and nearly crushed by the powerful giant. Moon Knight managed to stun him by clapping his ears, tangle him in a fishing net, and knock him overboard. Moon Knight let Planet take in a little water and pass out before rescuing him.
"I hope the cops believe me when I tell them he's dangerous. I hope I'm not around if they don't."


(PM/IF#87) - Planet undertook a mission to sell a large arms shipment to some Latin American customers. One of his agents, Al Jordan, ran afoul of Moon Knight. As a result, both Jordan and Moon Knight were badly injured and stuck inside an empty water tower during a scorching New York heatwave. Moon Knight (Stephen Grant)'s lover, Marlene Alraune, hired Power Man and Iron Fist to locate him. They tracked the arms shipment to Planet's submarine, and engaged he and his men before they could submerge. Iron Fist took on Planet, who laughed off his blows and squashed him up against the hull. Iron Fist got free and kicked his head up against a steel pipe, knocking him out. However, Planet recovered quickly and escaped out a hidden hatch.
Jordan's wife learned that the two were looking for Moon Knight (and Jordan) and directed the Heroes for Hire to the water tower where Jordan had hidden his money. Iron Fist rescued Moon Knight (Jordan had broken his neck and was killed in the fall) and they saw Planet trying to get the money so he could escape the country. Planet punched Cage through a brick wall, but Cage was a little tougher, and dropped Planet with a shot to the breadbasket. Planet was presumably imprisoned.

Comments: Created by Denny O'Neil and Keith Pollard.

Power Man and Iron Fist#87 carries the date November, 1982, preceding by one month Moon Knight I#26/2, from December, 1982. Both stories are written by O'Neil, both ended with Planet captured for the police, and neither issue referenced the other, so I'm not sure which one would have taken place first. My gut instinct was the Moon Knight issue, so I went with my gut--although I had just eaten a whole container of 3 week old guacamole dip hours before.

His two origins, both written by O'Neil are in no way mutually exclusive. Perhaps he received both spiritual/mental training and physical augmentation, or perhaps he was unsure of the potential outcome of the training, and so he regarded it as an experiment on his part.

For some reason, I think this guy is great! I'd love to see him again, maybe as a foe of Daredevil or Elektra (although I have concerns that she would likely terminate his existence. Perhaps he could team up with King (profile pending), the Kingpin, the Fat Man, and a few others who "look fat, but are really solid muscle." They could be the Big Boned Brigade!

I'm not going to get into it, but Moon Knight used to have three civilian identities: cab driver Jake Lockley, millionaire Stephen Grant, and his true, original identity: mercenary Marc Spector. His original series is some good readin'! You can find it in the "3 for a dollar box."

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